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Suicide and Violence: A to C

November 23, 2010

Entries by surname from A to C, then by first name

There are two things to consider: Time and Intensity. Jim Jones was intense and took 900 people all at once. CoS has taken people over time. No one knows the actual number of people CoS has killed or driven to suicide because CoS works over time as opposed to a single intense event. The mere fact that CoS is associated with death and suicide is alone sufficient to brand it as a dangerous cult.  J. Swift, OCMB, 20 November 2010

A for Anonymous Aborted Sea Org Children. “I felt that it was strange that they would all make the same decision. Independent of their individual circumstances, they had all made the decision to have an abortion.” Who can say how many hundreds of beautiful children have died, so that their parents could pursue immortality and their “church” could save the cost of their upbringing? Even the most debased of cults recognises that children grow up to be the next generation of workers for the cause. It is above all revealing that a “church” which purports to believe in reincarnation should deny the right of children to be born to loving parents.

A for Anonymous Alain X, Swiss, now aged 32, who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of Scientologists at the age of 14 when his mother, badly informed, thought that Hubbardian analysis would help him. He spent most of a year at the notorious Mace Kingsley Ranch in New Mexico. In 1994 aged 18 he tried to kill himself by jumping off a road bridge but instead killed a passer-by. At the ranch they had recommended suicide as the best solution to his problems. Since his encounter with Scientology he has not been able to live an independent life.

A for Anonymous in Switzerland who died c.1996 when his father (a Clear) threw him over a cliff because he could not afford to pay for courses and maintain his family. He served a prison term but CoS stole his confession and so avoided publicity.

A for Anonymous Child in Florida. In the 1980s, an unidentified child died playing unsupervised in the car-park of the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater. It is adjacent to the area where children were kept.

A for Anonymous Elaine X who killed herself when told to disconnect from her family who were Salvation Army people. This was in 1979 or 1980 in Sydney. There was a massive cover up.

A for Anonymous Ernie X, a Scientologist who killed himself in 1978 or 1979 in Los Angeles.

A for Anonymous Francois X, who killed himself mid-July 1991 aged 30 having spent 80,000 FF on auditing and the Purification rundown without gaining anything of value. Still hounded by the cult he killed himself, leaving a note in which he imagined the happiness he could have had ‘had the church of Scientology not existed.”

A for Anonymous French Scientologist aged 25, who cut his wrists leaving a note which said: “Allez à la Scientologie et vous comprendrez tout! ” – “Go to Scientology and you will understand everything.”

A for Anonymous Gifford X (New Zealand), suicide circa 1978.

A for Anonymous Gitte X from Lyngby Mission, Denmark, who commited suicide at FLAG.

A for Anonymous Jean-Louis X, Swiss, who died in his car in Paris on 3 December 1990, after two years in the cult.

A for Anonymous Larry X and his wife; long-time Scientologists who lived in Washington State. In 1986 or 1987, Larry arrived at the home of other Ex-Scis in Los Angeles. He told them he had left Seattle in order to kill himself, that his business and marriage had failed, his Scientology gains had disappeared, the more auditing he received, the worse he got, and it was all his fault. After three weeks, he was able to call his wife to let her know he was safe. They are now doing well. HEW 215.

A for Anonymous mad guy: “There’s a guy in Los Angeles . . . he’s well-known among ‘old timers’ because he sits in Bob’s Big Boy restaurants, writing pages & pages of reports to Scientology about space invaders & such. In 1976, I was introduced to him by Gary Rist … and he was quite mad.” He’d supposedly gone nuts on OT3…

A for Anonymous MS sufferer: 1977 ” I pleaded with my seniors and the crew C/Ses for auditing to address my condition [M/S], but I was refused. Instead, two C/Ses, Russ Barrigan and David Ziff ordered me to do the purification R/D – twice. So I spent endless hours sitting in the sauna. Unfortunately, extreme heat affects people with M/S adversely and I didn’t get better – I got worse. I didn’t know this fact at that time, but I feel that those in charge should have known.”

A for Anonymous Oscar A, a member of the Brescia org. He was , a follower of Brescia org, a mentally unstable person who turned to Scientology looking for help. He realised that the “therapy” was bogus and tried to leave but was persecuted with telephone calls, psychological threats etc., and he became much worse than he had been before and finally hanged himself on 21 September 1987.

A for Anonymous Rita X who lived in Sussex, England, with her husband, both Scientologists and so opposed to psychiatry. But Rita became severely depressed and cried all the time. She refused to see a psychiatrist and in March 1987 committed suicide by inhaling exhaust fumes.

A for Anonymous Scientologist who jumped to his death from the Hanover bank building in New York City in the early 1980s.

A for Anonymous Scientologist, in charge of Op-Z for the Portland Organization who jumped to his death from the Freemont bridge in Portland 1978-79.

A for Anonymous Shields, teenage daughter of Dr Grayce Megan Shields, the Scio doctor,who committed suicide perhaps c.1990 by hanging herself in the shower. Megan gave at least $250,000 to SupahPowah.

A for Anonymous Thierry X: in Normandy, France, May 1989: Thierry, with his frail mind, is just out of a sojourn in psychiatric hospital. He’s still on treatment when the Church of Scientology takes him. This cult resembles a vast blood-sucking alien insect. Two weeks before his death he strangles his mother until she loses consciousness.  At the age of 24 Thierry dies after a “trip” in Scientology (an auditing session?)


A for Alan Albert, who died by suicide, when his wife of many years, Jerrye, left him because he left the church.

A for Göran Andersson – Göran was on staff in Sweden for many years, then he joined the Sea Org in Copenhagen. He died 1995-96 by hanging himself.

A for Kirk Anderson, who came into the Salt Lake City mission one day between July and October 1973 with a shotgun and threatened the mission staff because he believed they were alienating him from his new Scientologist wife, Yolanda who later left for the Sea Org and whose child died as a result of terrible Scientology child care. Kirk was the ED of the Salt Lake mission for years.

A for Maria de Rosario Almeida a staff memer at the Lisbon org who was shot by a non Scientologist, Joao Cancela, in 1994.  The shooter said he had ‘an intense antipathy to the Church of Scientology doctrine.”  He killed himself later, while under psychiatric care.

A for Michael Argue, 1993, psychosis. He became involved in Scientology in 1971. His first break was in the 1980s while doing OT levels at the LA Organization, his second in 1993. He lives on Family Benefits. He is on Prozac and Valium and states that he looks forward to bodily death to escape his situation in life.

A for Tom Ashworth: Andre Tabayoyon testified that he received instructions from Ray Mithoff to use the Hubbard Tech of Thought Reform to drive Tom Ashworth crazt so he would commit suicide. Tom went PTS Type III and attempted suicide. Later, he escaped from RPF and was caught, brought back against his will, isolated with 2 guards and more thought processes were used on him to calm him down rather than have him kill himself.

B for Annie Broeker who had a psychotic break in auditing. She was last seen being held under armed guard at the Gilman Hot Springs RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) by Blake (last name withheld at his request), a former Sea Org staff member (1970s-1980s). Annie and her husband were close friends of LRH in his latter days in hiding.

B for Arthur Beals, an Australian who was murdered by his Scientologist son Gary on 15 March 1989 (that date again). He and his wife Lawana knew Gary was tormented by voices in his head but he refused to seek psychiatric treatment. At his hearing Gary blamed Scientology for his actions. Beals said he had been advised by the “Church” against seeking therapy. According to him, the organisation’s members talked him out of accessing professional help while “bleeding dry” his bank accounts.
Scientology the cult of disbelief | The Daily Telegraph

B for Bob Borowsky – shot himself around 1977.

B for Carl Barney, who went psychotic on the Apollo and was guarded by three other people on the shop. He had been forced to sit for months doing “blinkless” TRs. One of the periodic extremes Hubbard took no responsibility for.

B for  Dale Susan Bogen, who died of strychnine poisoning in November 1984.  Her death was so dreadful that the manipulators told her friend she had died of CO poisoning in her car, after blocking the exhaust with a rag.  In fact she swallowed gopher poison, and if you block a car exhaust with anything the engine immediately stalls.  In 1984 she had done the Introspection rundown – isolation and vitamins – Hubbard’s cure for psychosis – at ASHO.

B for David Baker, Technical Secretary at Saint Hill, OT 3, when he committed suicide at East Grinstead in 1984.

B for Flo Miller Barnett – a notorious “suicide”. She was David Miscavige’s mother-in-law, and had fallen out with him and with her daughter. She threatened to sue Scientology. She died on 8 September 1985 having been shot three times in the chest and once in the head by a gun almost as long as she was.

B for Gregory S. Bashaw, 46, a successful journalist and OT7, who committed suicide in his car on 23 June 2001 after 20 years of Scientology courses, auditing and training. He was having a problem with body thetans and could not accept the help of anyone outside Scientology, but Scientology, having got him into a mess, did not want to know anything about him. Greg was a talented, very lovable person who left behind a wife and teenage son. But he died broke, deeply in debt, unemployed and beyond help, having been excommuncicated by the vampire church to which he had dedicated his entire adult life. Greg Bashaw is one of the more notable victims of the vampire cult.

B for Griffee Blythe, long-time staff, who died in 2008 of alcohol abuse.  Snr C/AOLA, but cracked up when her son died, as she could not believe she had not been able to save him.

B for Jeremy Blake (35) and Theresa Duncan (40) who both committed suicide, he by drowning in the sea off New Jersey on 17 July 2007. He “went to join the lovely Theresa”. They both believed they were being harassed by Scientology; a possible reason is their friendship with Beck and his wife, which Beck has denied. But opinion remains sharply divided about the role of Scientology in this affair.

B for John Boucher, a Scientologist for 25-years at the prestigious Founding Church of Scientology, Washington (FCDC). He committed suicide on 6 May 2001 aged 46 after being destroyed by ethics handling. He killed himself because they had told him, after 25 years, that he was an “illegal pc” because he was a security risk because he was still in touch with his father who had once worked for the NSA. The real reason was that he could not afford any more courses. He commited suicide believing that he would come back in another body and be able to get auditing. He wanted Scientology more that he wanted life, or his family. John was a true believer with integrity and courage. He believed what his “church” told him. And going up the Bridge was worth more to him than his family or any other aspect of his life. This abusive organisation, which knows neither shame nor pity, first denied he was a member and then solicited donations for its front group, CCHR, at his funeral.

B for John Breedlove was at Flag Land base in the 1970s. He told his mother he had been told by Scientology to commit suicide and that Scientology could get anyone to commit suicide if they wanted. He killed himself after he left Scientology.

B for John Buchanan – a Scottish landscape gardener, working in Germany, joined the cult there but committed suicide in May 1994 to escape his debts.

B for Kaja Bordevich Ballo, a Norwegian girl studying in Nice, France, died 28 March 2008, a few hours after taking the worthless “find their ruin” Oxford Capacity Analysis given by the Church of Scientology. She was told it showed she had an inadequate personality. She did not know that this is the standard diagnosis. She was the daughter of Olav Gunnar Ballo, a member of the Norwegian Parliament

B for Kyle Brennan, born 12 April 1986, son of a Scientology father and a Catholic mother, was 20 when he died 17 February 2007 on a visit to his father. His father had withdrawn his medication for depression (it was found locked in the glove-box of his truck) and left a loaded gun in their appartment. When he found Kyle shot, his father allegedly (and typically) called church security before calling an ambulance an hour later. A lawsuit (currently ongoing in the Tampa federal court) alleges that several senior Scientologists persuaded Kyle’s father to take away his Lexapro. The suit, which also names Thomas Brennan as a defendant, states that the defendants tried to put Kyle Brennan into a Narconon drug treatment program. Kyle Brennan was not a Scientologist.

B for Leila Laten (Leighton) Brown, aged 26, a public pre-clear who died in 1978 when she jumped from an apartment building several blocks from the San Francisco Scientology Organization where she had been receiving services. Her boyfriend Doug Arth was also a Scientologist.

B for Lisa Bocklemann: suicide? More information needed.

B for Marie lBot, 48, who died in a car accident on 16 April 2003 at Buffalo NY. No further details.

B for Massimo B., a chronic schizophrenic, who hoped Scientology would help him. He had already spent time in a mental hospital but CoS staffers assured him that with their Purification “therapy” he would be completely cured. Instead he got much worse and ran away twice. He run away again, and tried to commit suicide cutting his veins.

B for Robert (Bob) Borowsky, on staff at the NY org, shot himself probably in November 1977 after coming back quite crazy from Los Angeles (or from Flag) where he had gone from Clear to OTVII.

B for Sam Binion or Benion who became psychotic while on OT3. It is reported that Heber Jentzsch was involved in physically restraining him and took off his Clear bracelet so he wouldn’t give Scientology a bad name.

B for Steve Brackett, a successful developer and builder and one-time millionaire, some time between 24 and 28 May, 2009, jumped 200 feet to his death from Bixby Bridge on the Big Sur coast. His friends and relatives said he was despondent because of financial troubles with his business. It is clear from a subsequent legal claim made against Nancy Cartwright, his erstwhile fiancée, that these troubles involved but were not limited to his donating to Scientology a six-figure sum advanced to him for his last renovation project. He may have hoped for the lucrative SuperPower contract; if so, he was disappointed. Steve was on the fringes of the Scientology Celebrity world. He reached “Clear” in his early 20s, some time before the end of 1979. Subsequently he went to OTV. In 2006, he was listed by IAS as a Gold Meritorious $1 Million donor. Some time later, a photograph shows Brackett, his erswhile fiancee, Nancy Cartwright, and Jack and Lucy Murphy (Nancy’s daughter and son-in-law) with Scientology head David Miscavige as Patrons Laureate, a wonderful title which implies a $10 Million donation to IAS, though whether individually or jointly is not clear. In 2007 he was planning to marry Nancy, but as his financial resources dried up, so did the relationship fail. As a true Scientologist she did not attend his funeral. In an attempt to save his reputation as OT, the Church told people (including his family) that he died in a head-on collision.
In September 2010 Nancy Cartwright was cited in a lawsuit brought by the American Safety Casualty Insurance Company which involved her fiance’s suicide, a failed construction project, and the Church of Scientology. Brackett Construction was hired in 2008 to remodel Off Vine Restaurant in Los Angeles. ASCIC issued an insurance policy to Brackett to cover the work with Nancy as guarantor. When the project was halfway done, in May 2009, Brackett committed suicide, his company filed for bankruptcy, and ASCIC had to pay $260,000 to complete the project. They allege that “Nancy Cartwright and Stephen E. Brackett were active members in the Church of Scientology and that [he] diverted contract funds from the Off Vine Restaurant Project to the Church of Scientology.”
Pook, 8 June 2009, on WWP. (05/29/2009)

B for Theo Box, who was OT 7 or OT 8, had problems with his daughter Jenny Box. Hana Whitfield told that when she was an auditor, Jenny was brought to my house to have somewhere for constant care as she had become mentally ill while being audited and was being protected from the medical profession and from her mother who was not a Scientologist. The GO was involved. Her father was here much of the time and at other times she was left with me. She wandered off when I was alone with her and ended up in a hospital. In her “condition” she talked of her personal relationship to LRH and a whole scenario of past and future events around this theme.

C for Al Crivello: A nice guy who maybe knew too much about the cult’s finances. He was sent to the RPF, declared SP, then shot himself in his apartment on North Edgemont in LA. He and his children Robbie, Steve [or Antony?] and Kristine were active in the org from 1969 to at least early 1970s, in NY, LA, and East Grinstead.

C for Allan Crichton who lives in Maine and New York City. He’s a former institutionalized mental patient who inherited a lot of money. It’s managed by a trust fund so he can’t go through it too quickly. Nevertheless, he wanders in and out of being extremely unhappy with Scientology. He’s had his OT levels delivered by an auditor, since he isn’t allowed to see the confidential stuff. He’s a brilliant artist who fights depression, and he’s not getting the care he needs in Scientology. His wife, Lorna, is practically rabidly in favor of Scientology, and actively takes services. They give lots & lots of his money to Scientology…

C for Clint Coleman, 14 – Hit by car in 2003.  Any further information?

C for David Cary (29), a Dianetics instructor at Berkeley, CA. He and his wife were early followers of Dianetics. He tried to cure his depressed wife of a suicide mania. She shot him to death in 1951, then killed herself.

C for David Orin Cloud died on 5 June 1983 in a car accident. He was in L.A. for auditing and had persuaded himself he was going to die.’s source said “He thought he was going to die, because he was just giving up.” He was thirty years old. He was involved with the Better Baby Institute. He had been involved in Scientology for 8 or 9 years beginning in 1977.

C for Diane Coletto – murdered by her husband John Coletto, OT3, in 1979. Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review

C for Giuliano Cocchetti, OT 8, committed suicide

C for Helen Cary – suicide in 1951. She murdered her husband then killed herself. (see David Cary)

C for Jeremy Cassowitz (sp.?) a young person who hung himself; he was on auditing lines at the time.

C for John Coletto – suicide. John was routed to the RPF. His wife Diane Coletto was the Commanding Officer, Publications Org, and she had been instructed to divorce her husband because he was a ‘criminal.’ After some weeks, he managed to escape the PAC RPF and shortly afterwards called Scientology officials to let them know that they had turned his wife against him (a common practice in Scientology), and he was going to kill her. Marty Rathbun was in a car with Diane driving down what is now known as L. Ron Hubbard Way, when out of nowhere came John, her husband, and he had a gun in his hand. He emptied it into her body. Blood and guts everywhere. He then took the gun and pointed it at Marty and started to shoot – click, click, click – no more bullets. John ran off and was found dead himself a few days later for self-inflicted wounds from the same gun he used to kill his wife.”  This was Marty’s first protection duty.

C for Leigh Crundall– staff at Saint Hill, who became psychotic through overwork and general abuse, committed suicide in July or August 1984 by hanging from the banister in her own house. Crundall is her maiden name.

C for Marianne Coenan – psychosis. She was locked up in Pomona in 1991.

C for Mark Carlton who jumped off of the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, about 1978.

C for Maude Casissu– suicide c.1995 (HEW)

C for Michael Carr: died in a car wreck. See Murder file.

C for Paul Cooper, New Zealand, suicide 1998.

C for Richard (Rick) Coco or Cocco – had an incurable crack habit: “A suburban West Palm Beach man fatally shot himself at 4:15 p.m. on the beach just north of Coral Cove Park near the Martin County line, said Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Diane Carhart. Witnesses said the man, identified as Richard Cocco, 47, shot into the water before taking his own life.”

C for Richard Collins, 24, of Bristol, Avon, England died on 9 August 1996 when he jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge near Bristol. He was trying to leave or had left Scientology, but church members besieged him with aggressive telephone calls and letters to lure him back.

C for Ross Cooper who committed suicide circa 1988.

C for Steven Craine (or Crane) who is reported to have committed suicide at East Grinstead.

C for Thomas Ciancio: who died on 30 December 2009 when he was shot three times in the back of the head by his ex-boss, William Rex Fowler, a Scientology “minister” and OT VII. Ciancio was the company’s Chief Operations Officer and the only non-Scientologist working at Fowler Software, a WISE business (run according to Scientology principles), in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Fowler then turned the gun on himself but the bullet passed through his chin and exited through the top of his head without doing fatal damage. Ciancio had gone to pick up a severance payment of $9,900, having resigned on 23 November. The firm was not doing well but six months earlier Fowler had donated $200,000 of company money (to a “church”, presumed to be the Church of Scientology.,0,4389650.story Fully sourced report.

C for Tom Cruise (the actor) who became psychotic during auditing. He was on OT3 and Scientology had to bring him back to the base because he looked so bad. He has looked pretty bad ever since.


Edited 20 November 2010


Suicide and Violence: D to N

November 21, 2010

Entries by surname from D to N, then by first name

D for Bruce Davis, a convicted member of Charles Manson’s “family.” At one time he was Foundation Staff at St. Hill. Vincent Bugliosi in his book on Manson asserts a relationship between Davis and the murdered teenage Scientologist Doreen Gaul.


D for David Dewhurst – a public pre-clear who killed himself in his car behind the Vancouver mission.  That is one way of putting it. He appears to have been one of those involved shortly before in the hit-and-run attack on Grahame Leese, a successful mission-holder who was “persuaded” into turning over his mission to the Sea Org.  Grahame died without recovering consciousness and Dave Dewhurst’s “suicide” followed soon after.  The other person involved (name needed) also died in an “accident” within a year or so.

D for Gay Doucette– suicide, 1981. In 1980 Gay Doucette had left the Riverside Scientology Mission. She had given all she owned to Scientology. She was persuaded get a loan on her home to continue with Scientology. When she could not repay the loan she lost the house. Her father, who had given her the down payment, was furious. She had due cause for a suit against Scientology which was in big trouble over loans in Riverside but she was not strong enough to stand up to the pressure of a suit.

D for James Dries (20+) Shot himself to death–disconnection situation with one parent in, one out.

D for Jim Dalton who supposedly had drug flashbacks from going too quickly onto the mucusless diet in 1973. He was a Scientologist in Salt Lake City and Geri Knight (ED) told him that the mucusless diet was what he needed. I answered the phone at the mission a couple of times when he was talking about the visions he was having . . . .

D for Larry Dennison who reportedly became suicidal after completing OT 8.

D for Martina Douglas of East Grinstead, committed suicide while on lines at Saint Hill, UK.

D for Roberto Deplano. 20, of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, killed himself on 18 February 1997. He owed millions of lira to the Church of Scientology. A former executive of the church (who was also his cousin) was later sentenced to 4 years in prison for extortion.  This is probably the same as Robert D. who in a different account jumped from the 8th floor of a building in Italy in March 1997.

D for Rudolph Duncan, who on 5 April 1998 collided mid-air with an executive jet, killing four Atlanta lawyers.  He died when his Cessna 172 crashed half a mile away. Do we know anything about his history as a Scientologist?

D for Theresa Duncan (40), a celebrity who believed herself harassed by Scientologists, died from a drug overdose on 10 July 2007. A week later her long-time boy-friend Jeremy Blake (35) drowned himself in the hope of rejoining her. They were friendly with Beck and his wife. Theresa claimed Beck wanted to escape from the cult. Opinion remains divided about the role of Scientology in this affair.

E for Don Edge, New Zealand, suicide.

E for Gary Epstein: Andre Tabyoyon testified that he saw and heard the Hubbard Tech of Thought Reform used to drive Gary Epstein to a PTS Type III psychotic break as punishment for his refusal to comply with orders he received from the Wayne Marple mission.

E for Hans van Ettinger (Dutch), university graduate, went totally nuts after doing FPRD 2D and going Clear at Flag Land Base in 2003.



E for Mick Erikson, who became violent on OT6. For a while at least his wife had him barricaded in his house to stop him attacking someone. He signed a very unconvincing form letter complaining about this outrageous allegation.


E for Robert Ellison, psychotic. He would wander down the street in his underwear if no one watched him. Instead of contacting his parents, he was guarded day and night; some of the time “we” kept him at the Apsley Arms Hotel where a lot of Scientologists lived. I was told that some high level staff members had taken him to the airport, minus any org identification, and just abandoned him there, hoping the “men in white coats” would deal with him.

E for the son of Maria Echavarria, who died unexpectedly in Clearwater, Florida, in 1991. He was claiming $50,000 from the “church”. There is suspicion that the son may have committed suicide, and the death was not just accidental. Like many other suicides it was convenient for Scientology.

F for Bud Fields, a Florida boat-broker who was murdered in Florida in 1985. He was blocking CoS’s purchase of the former car ferry, Boheme (now M/VFreewinds).  His household was infiltrated by a senior OSA operative, Bonny or Yvonne Mott, posing as a nanny. It is alleged that she had been ordered by Marty Rathbun of OSA, to murder Bud Fields because he wouldn’t sell this boat (La Boheme) to Scientology.  He was found floating in the sea at his home.  With Fields out of the way the sale went through within a week.”


F for Christian Fouche: a French businessman in his mid 30’s who lost his mind after attesting to Solo Nots. He was treated with the Introspection Rundown. He was hallucinating. He was seeing flying saucers everywhere and was convinced WWIII had actually begun. No more info.

F for Hugh Franklin – suicide.

F for Kerri Frost, a public Scientologist at Miami Org, who died from injuries received in a car accident.

F for Michael Friedlich, 18, who committed suicide end September 2006. It is said that his mother was advised to get Michael psychiatric evaluation for his “severe, chronic depression” but she was, and is, a Scientologist and so did not bother. She has been heard to say that her son’s suicide was “OK” because he “was obviously indwelt by an undesirable that the faith was unable to cleanse.”

F for Peter Ernst Frei (37), from Switzerland, drowned drowned at Clearwater in June 1988 while staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel. Frei’s parents say he left home with 20,000 Swiss francs, about $13,000, and had already paid the church more than 40,000 francs for counseling sessions before he left home. As Florida authorities tried to identify him, Frei’s apartment in Switzerland was burgled and ransacked, adding to suspicions surrounding his death. Wood, the medical examiner, went to the scene when Frei was found. She remains troubled about his death. She attributed it to drowning, but now says many questions remain. Frei had scrapes on his arm and cuts on his head and enough fluid in his chest to have drowned. But he was wearing shoes and socks and shorts. “What’s a fully clothed man doing dead in the water?” Wood asked. “Clearly this death should be reinvestigated. We still don’t know what happened.” Frei’s parents say he could not swim and would not have gone near the water.

F for Ruben Joseph Flores Sr. from McKinney, TX, prominent fast food owner, committed suicide on 28 March 2002 after being sent for Scientology Ethics handling

F for Steven Fishman, a former GO/OSA operative who reported that after he was caught by the government in 1986, he was ordered to commit suicide to save Scientology from being exposed for crimes he had committed on their behalf. He later had psychiatric treatment.

F for William Fisk was murdered. As an auditor he abused his position in the church to get sex from a married Scientologist. Russel Johnson, her husband, shot him.

G for Alan Green who committed suicide. Any more information, anyone?

G for Carole Gluchacki – suicide, after 1980; no further information.

G for Chris Garrison who had a complete character transformation at one point in Scientology, where they “broke” his spirit. I don’t know if he went over the edge, or what. Chris is still in Scientology after a failed deprogramming attempt by his family.


G for Doreen Gaul, 19, Clear, murdered with two others in Los Angeles August 1969.  See Bruce Davis (above), Manson article; also  According to Buglioisi, she had once had a relationship with Bruce Davis, one of Charles Manson’s gang and a former (or active) Scientologist.

G for Dorothy Geary became psychotic in San Francisco. Another report says Dorothy Geary was in her 20s and places her in Hemet.

G for Gloria Gervais who was found wandering down the middle of Beacon Street (major, heavy traffic street in Back Bay Boston, where the Org is) while on auditing, in late 1970s.

G for Jairus Chegeto Godeka, (38), a Kenyan who appears to have been drive out of his mind by Scientology.  He shot four of the staff of the Portland org on 25 September 1996. All of them survived.  CoS of course denied any link with Godeka, but the facts add up.  He appears to have become an adherent in 1980 and was demanding a refund of $50,000.  One of the arresting officers said “He’s not that crazy”, and his complaints about the cult stealing his money and invading his mind are exactly what the cult does. As a Kenyan, his venture would be paid for by his whole family, who would expect to benefit once he was established in America. But, as he told police, his dream faded to “gloom and doom” after he was introduced to the Church of Scientology in 1980. In October 2010, after thirteen years in a mental hospital, he has been given more freedom. The Church is worried, not without reason. They would have been wiser to give him back his money.

G for John Griffin– suicide, in Dallas 1978-79, was OT2

G for the daughter of Maria Pia Gardini who died on 18 November 1990 of AIDs contracted when she used a dirty needle given to her by another drug user while being treated at Narconon. She was 29 years old and an OT7 when she died.

G for Michael Gutmann – one of twins; committed suicide in 1972.

G for Philip Gale, computer prodigy and former Scientologist, a first-year student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, killed himself on Friday 13 March 1998 (Ron Hubbard’s birthday) by jumping out of the window of a 15th floor classroom. “Philip C. Gale drew a physics formula on a blackboard showing what happens when a body falls from a great height. Then he slammed a chair through the classroom window and jumped more than 200 feet to his death, as horrified students watched from a plaza below.” Gale was known to be suffering from depression but had not sought help from the school’s counselling service, perhaps because of his upbringing as a Scientologist. Gale had left the cult but he still killed himself on 13 March. His father had died two years earlier of a heart attack, aged 47. His mother, Marie Gale, remained in the “church”.   She was a spokesperson for CCHR, the anti-psychiatry front. If Philip had in fact left the cult, this would normally have led her to break any contact with him, leaving him alone.

G for Vicktor Gunnarson died somewhere between the 3 and 7 of January of 1994. He was the individual aquitted in the assassination in Sweden of Olov Palme, the high ranking Swedish politician. The police found evidence for Gunnarson’s connection to Scientology eg a number of Scientology books at his home. A reporter mentioned a $2 million offer to assassinate Palme being found or implied somewhere in his records.

H for Adam Hebblewhite of East Grinstead, Sussex, cut his throat (c.2000?) He was at University and getting auditing at St. Hill. His sister Claire is still in. Both were programmed to be cult victims at Greenfields School. (Mother, Wendy (OTV), died of cancer c.2002. Father Ian died a year later, perhaps also of cancer.)

H for Arlene S. Heller: the stress Scientology put her family through caused a mental breakdown and suicide attempt in September of 1981. Her daughter was a member.

H for Bill Howie, psychosis on OT3. He was a high level, long term Sea org executive. His wife was the deputy CO of Celebrity center.

H for Bjarne Hededam in Denmark, who hung himself.


H for Diana Hubbard-Horwich: said by several sources to be “close to the edge” of a psychotic break in 1980-81.

H for Dick Halprin committed suicide in the early 1960s. He was the author of The Whole Track Security Check.

H for Dorian Hale, a happy talented guy, but an alcoholic, who was persuaded to try a Scientology cure; he tried it and liked it but then they rejected him because of his past use of psych drugs. So he killed himself. His friend commented: “I know in Scientology they say that psych drugs and alcohol are really bad for you, but they cannot be worse for you than being dead.”

H for Gile de Hospied, a Dutch baroness who suffered complete and permanent memory loss after OT8, c.2004.

H for Hannu Hyttinen who died when making bombs at his home in Sweden in 1983.

H for Isobel Harman who went to Saint Hill for OT levels. She had been on staff in Melbourne in the early days and then in Adelaide. She was energetic, competent and very knowledgeable. She returned from St. Hill after being sent home while still on OT 2. She appeared to be completely disoriented and irrational. “She” was missing. The condition calmed and she is living quietly but according to her husband, Ray, the real person is still “not there.”


H for Jean-Louis H., who died in a car accident on 4 December 1990.  Suicide or murder.  He had routed out of Scientology on 15 May but at the end of August he said he had been threatened: if he would not work for Scientology he would work for no-one else.

H for Jim Hester was a preclear at the Miami Org in the mid to late 1970s, who attempted suicide in Miami and was hospitalized in critical condition. He left a suicide note blaming Scientology.

H for Joe Harrison,long-time Scientologist, Sea Org member and carpenter from Los Angeles, died in 2003 while working on Building 50 at Hemet – David Miscavige’s $70 million monument to greed and egomania. Having been working excessively long hours Joe forgot to put up the kickstand on his motorcycle, and lost his life only yards away from the entrance of Golden Era Productions.

H for Karen (or Karin) Hommeburg – suicide.

H for Laura Hippe who killed herself c.1986. A Hollywood drama teacher and girl-friend of Skip Press, who was a very good friend of Heber Jentzsch, then president of the Church of Scientology. They created a shore story to cover up this event and removed all evidence that would implicate Scientology in the death, before the police arrived.

H for Lauren and Hervé Hiver, age 18 months, Canadian twins who were killed 28 September 1996 in Amager, Denmark, by a deranged baby-sitter. They were sexually mutilated with scissors and then killed by their babysitter, an aspiring Scientologist Ludmila Vassilieva. She had a history of mental problems and had been under psychiatric care in Italy. She tried to join Scientology in Denmark, but was denied membership because she had had psychiatric treatment. This unstable woman, unmedicated over several months, was nevertheless allowed to work as a housemaid and babysitter for a French-Canadian Scientologist couple Aimé and Debbie Hiver. . After killing the babies, she dressed them and drove them around Amager in a baby carriage before delivering them and herself to the police. The Hivers blamed the death of their twins on the psychiatric care Vassilieva had received years earlier and on psychiatry in general.
Toronto Star, 1 October 1996 (R. Bragg)

H for Marjorie E Hunt, died age 84 in 2002. A rare example of an old Scientologist who lived a normal life and died a natural death. “She enjoyed gardening, music, flowers, travelling and activities with the Church of Scientology…”

H for Quentin Hubbard, older son of Hubbard and his third wife, Mary Sue, OT 7 and a Class XII auditor, died in hospital in Las Vegas after being found unconscious in a mocked up suicide in a sealed car. See article.

J for Albert Jaquier of Switzerland, OT7 and self-made millionaire, went Clear in 1980, was declared PTS/SP in 1990, and died aged 59 on 11 December 1994 after 14 years in Scientololgy. He had given the cult everything he possessed, including several million dollars. His ex-wife, Ariane Jackson, said he died “alone, impoverished, in misery, betrayed, disillusioned, depressed and less than 60 years old. Scientology had promised him freedom, health, happiness, success, immortality, power and longevity. In the hope of achieving these, he had given till he had no more to give.”

J for Bo Jonsson, former AG, Sweden – suicide.

J for Judy Johnson (formerly Mace), not a strong personality, former wife of Paul Mace who was driven to suicide by the PREC ethics handing she was getting.  Alternately, if you believe the cult, she fell under a train when she slipped on ice.  This was in November 1983, three months after Paul died, in November 1983.  She had divorced Paul Mace before 1977 and later married Howie Johnson..

J for Larrayne Johnston who committed suicide  in the mid to late 1980s by throwing herself off a bridge into freeway traffic in Los Angeles. She did this because Scientology would not help her after it alienated her from her husband and family. HEW 197(a)


J for Lee Johnstone – suicide at East Grinstead, 1985. GO staff member.

K for Jane King, 28, an actress, murdered in November 1977. She was the 7th victim of the serial killers, cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Jr., known as the Hillside Stranglers. As they targeted prostitutes, she may have been prostituting herself to make money for her Scientology habit.

K for Jeremy Kassowitz, a young person on auditing lines at Celebrity Center. He hung himself.

K for Jim Keith, 49 (12 September 1949 – 7 September 1999 in Nevada), was the author of Black Helicopters Over America, Saucers of the Illuminati, and The Octopus, co-written with Kenn Thomas, which details conspiracy theories around the death of reporter Danny Casolaro. In 1970, after publishing an article on Dianetics in his sci-fi fanzine Untitled, Keith became fascinated with Scientology. He later worked on staff of Scientology Missions at Riverside, California and Reno, Nevada. In the early 1990s he left Scientology after being introduced to the Harry Palmer (Avatar) material. He apparently died of a blood clot after surgery for a broken leg but the coroner’s report gave cause of death as “blunt force trauma.

K for John Kennedy, Director of the Scientology Institute in Bulawayo, Africa. They planned to leave Hubbard and set up a squirrel organization called The Institute of Mental Health. … Kennedy died shortly thereafter in a shooting accident. “It is said he shot himself accidentally while cleaning his revolver” stated the Daily Mail on July 14, 1968, “but an open verdict was returned by the coroner.”

K for John Kramer: John W. Kramer Sr., formerly of York, moved to Costa Rica in 1985 after murdering David Artz as part of an insurance scam. Fourteen years later immigration agents in Atlanta, Ga., arrested Kramer as he re-entered the country for medical care. Court documents describe him as the Scientologist, “Father John”, who converted Artz to the religion and used its doctrines to influence his business decisions and who attested Clear in 1976 and again in 1978. Kramer and his partner Samuel G. Lombardo had run similar insurance scams against other business owners during the previous two decades, Florida prosecutors charged in 1990. These involved repeated attempts on the life of an Illinois businessman in the early 1970s after Kramer insured his life; the staged death of a York contractor for insurance proceeds; the attempted murder of a stone business owner, who had agreed to a partnership with Kramer, and the gunshot death of Roy Ham, a York man, after Kramer insured his life.

K for Keith Klein, a person from Detroit who had money. He was an ASHO Briefing Course supervisor in 1977-8 and around 1978 he was on OT3. The G.O. called him back for more auditing because they knew he was suicidal after auditing on family problems (his father’s suicide). This auditing may have made him worse. He left staff, was put in a mental institution by his family, and then shot himself.

K for Mark Kabat – suicide; no other information available.

K for Murray Don Kaplan is a Sea Org member who was deprived of sleep for 72 hours in Edinburgh. He was on OT III and had a psychotic break and was put on “baby watch.” Did the sleep deprivation drive him over the edge?


K for Noel King went over the edge on OT3 about 1976. He sold an enormously successful resort in the Bahamas, and moved to Los Angeles to become a full-time Scientologist. He was treated like a god, since he still had lots of money from the sale of his assets. Noel stopped being able to sleep properly while on OT3. I went for a walk with him in the middle of the night, down to Hollywood Blvd. He told me that he kept seeing himself being pulled into some sort of force field, and then back out of it, and he couldn’t stop these pictures from flashing, and he couldn’t sleep properly. He also thought he’d been Jesus Christ and Napoleon, in previous lives. I don’t know what happened to Noel. When I asked about him in 1988, no one at Flag seemed to recognize his name…

K for Pius Keel (22), a confirmed Scientologist who killed himself in Germany in 1991 by throwing himself under a train. He got involved with the Narconon swindle and on 14 September 1990, after less than two months at Narconon, packed his bags and threw himself under a train.

K for Ray Kundal, who died in a car accident.  He was on his way home from work late at night when a drunk ran a red light and smashed into his car.

K for Ryan Kugler who attempted suicide at Delphi, Oregon, aged about 10 in 1984-85, by hanging himself. He was kicked out of school but admitted to L.A. Delphi about a year later and back to Delphi Oregon about 1988-1990. He stayed in Scientology and worked for a Scn company. (What else could he do?)

L for Casper Laubschange (26), originally from South Africa, Sea Org, died of CO poisoning in his car in 1996. He is also listed as Casper C. with his wife Alice Miller C. They met in the Sea Org in the 1990s. Casper was already married. They were sent to the RPF, then Casper got a divorce and married Alice. Then they left the Sea Org and returned to Columbus, Ohio, Alice’s home town. They worked to pay off their free loader debt but Casper was often depressed and couldn’t understand why his business ideas didn’t work out. He died of CO poisoning in his car in 1996. Alice died of cancer in 1998 while receiving auditing at the Cincinnati org. Caspar’s step-mother was Peggy Labuschange, also Sea Org, who also died of cancer in 1996.

L for Douglas J. Long– suicide. He took four courses in 1991.

L for Gloria Lopez: On 31 December 2006, this 47-year-old secretary, who had been a Scientologist for ten years, tidied her kitchen, hung out her washing, left her dull, suburban apartment overlooking the railway in Colombes, west of Paris, and walked the 30 metres out on to the tracks. She stood with her arms outstretched, smiling at the driver of the oncoming commuter train. He couldn’t stop in time. She was in debt for 200,000 euros, and had spent 300,000 on worthless CoS courses.

L for Michael Leube-suicide, July 1989, SO, C0S for 10 years.

L for Michael Lewitz: On 30 August 2003, Michael Lewitz “ran” from Phoenix, Arizona to Reynolds, Indiana where he attempted suicide in an attempt to escape “unbearable emotional pain.” He had been fine until he began auditing and was put through a Purification rundown, in addition to being subjected to an ongoing program of coercive persuasion by his housemate, Donald C. Lay, Jr., Ph.D. Because of the nature of psychological coercion, Michael is unable to make the connection between his engagement in those scientology practices and his suicide attempt. — per Jerry Staton

L for Noah Lottick of New York, who committed suicide on 11 May 1990 by jumping from a 10th-floor hotel window, clutching his only remaining money – $171 – in his hands. “By all appearances, Noah Lottick of Kingston, Pa., had been a normal, happy 24-year-old who was looking for his place in the sun. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to obtain his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief. This young Russian-studies scholar had jumped from a 10th-floor window of the Milford Plaza Hotel and bounced off the hood of a stretch limousine. When the police arrived, his fingers were still clutching $171 in cash, virtually the only money he hadn’t turned over to the Church of Scientology, a group he had joined only seven months earlier. His father Dr Edward Lottick said: “We thought Scientology was something like Dale Carnegie. I now believe it’s a school for psychopaths.” (From Time article.)

L for Raul Lopez got a multi-million dollar settlement after he was injured in a head-on collision in 1985. Then he got an inoperable brain-tumour that was impairing his mental faculties. The CoS told him that they could succeed where modern medicine had failed. By the time Mr. Lopez realized he had been duped, and fired his Scientologist lawyer / conservator, he had given the Church 1.3 million. The CoS maintains that there was never any wrongdoing, since Lopez had willfully participated.

L for Scott Leland a Clear who committed suicide after going crazy on OT 3.  “I met Scott in 1965 in England. We went through several courses together including the Class Seven Auditor Training Course and the Clearing Course. Afterward, Scott moved to Denmark, married and raised a family. He went through all the OT levels up to OT 6. I did not meet him again until 1986, when out of the blue, he stopped to see my husband and me en route to the Santa Barbara AAC for auditing. He did not look well. He cried several times over the next few days, telling me he’d been crazy for fifteen years and that the trouble started after he went Clear. When he started auditing on OT 3, he began hearing and seeing things and this gradually worsened to where he thought he was going nuts. He pleaded for help, saying he had no money for auditing at the AAC. I was very concerned and scared over Scott’s condition. The AAC said Scott could return at no charge, or if he wished, he could go to someone else and the AAC would provide case supervised instructions free of charge. Scott never acted on the offers. Scott stayed with my husband and me for two weeks — we fed and housed him. Scott mainly slept, ate, took long walks and read books. He looked and sounded much better when he left. He went to the US East Coast to see his mother before returning to his family, his wife and two young sons, in Denmark. I didn’t hear from him again. In 1987 I heard Scott hanged himself in his mother’s house on the East Coast.” HEW 190.

L for Shawn Londsdale (b. 1969), died 16 February 2008: “the lonely death of a lonely protester.” He apparently left a note saying he was “sick, depressed, broke and tired of it all”.  But January had seen the start of Operation Chanology and world-wide protesting.  It seemed (and still seems) a very improbable time for this brave soul to end his life.

M for Alan Meredith – suicide in Van Nuys, California in 1986.

M for Bob Mills, Royal Oak mission and Detroit org, who shot himself with a shot-gun after visiting with the E/O in Royal Oak to discuss pending child molestation charges in New Brunswick.  They concerned his wife’s 14-year old daughter.  Late 70s, early 80s.

M for Craig Miller– suicide. Is this the Craig Miller who ran a web-site “My success in Scientology” last edited in 2004?

M for Ed Mooney (37) died of an aneurism about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag in the fall of 1990. He was the first OT 8 to die. He did not seek professional help as he was an OT8 and believed he would get better. He was a former mission holder and very good FSM in LA. Scientology friends and family postulated he’d get better.  Editor wonders: is this negligence or lunacy?

M for Edward McBride (30), a Scientologist born in Belfast, Ireland, living in Brisbane, Australia, where he joined the cult. He electrocuted himself on 7 February 2007 at a substation near Brisbane after spending $25,000 on Scientology courses. The Queensland Coroner asked the “church” to hand over its files as Edward had been doing intensive Scientology courses before taking his life. But they had been shipped back to the States. There are several strange and unexplained circumstances around this death which suggest he was manipulated.

M for Gérard Mirault, 38, computer expert, froze to death on the night 29-30 December 1984, on the plateau of Larzac, France. He had left home the previous evening completely naked, to wait for sunrise in sub-zero temperatures. His wife said he had been unstable since he became a Scientologist and believed himself to be the Messiah.

M for Jolee Marshall who went psychotic on NOTs. in 1979. At that time many people were going psychotic on NOTs, NED for OTs, and it was being suppressed. She died a few years later.

M for Joy McBride, an auditor in Los Angeles whose body was washed up on a beach in Los Angeles: was this an accident? suicide? or murder? Is there any sensible distinction?

M for Judy Mace: see Judy Johnston.

M for Khushroo Motivala (38) was found hanged in 1992. He believed his life was in danger because he was trying to expose the evils of Scientology, which his former girlfriend had joined.

M for Mario M., a member of the Turin, Italy, org, mentally ill, hoped Scientology would help but found it did not. He asked for a refund of the 3,000 euros he had paid (in 1985/86), but was victim of delaying and stressful tactics, and psychological threats. On 10 October 1986 he tried to gas himself but his mother died instead, in the ensuing fire. He hung himself on 1 January 1988.

M for Paul Mace, one-time actor, once married to Judy Johnson, then to Kathy.  He died when the motorbike he was on, driven by a drunk friend, crashed, in about August 1983.  At the time he was on the same ethics program (RPEC) as Judy.

M for Robert George Mills, 42, of Los Angeles, California, achieved a high level in Scientology, and then moved to Nova Scotia. There he was accused of sexually abusing the daughter of his partner. He committed suicide on 16 April 1989.

M for Stacey Moxon Meyer, 12 April 1979 to 25 June 2000, daughter of Scientology’s inhouse attorney, Kendrick L. Moxon. She was electrocuted in an underground transformer vault at Gold Base, the cult’s desert retreat in California. ‘No rational sane person would crawl down into a transformer closet.’ Her terrible death is said to have been a suicide after she had been held captive at Int along with others for two months. “She was brand new, still in her teens (as I recall) and just couldn’t take it. She had just gotten married prior to coming up to the Int base, and had not been allowed to see her new husband. Despairing, she committed suicide Sunday morning June 25, 2000.” Steve Hall claimed that Marion Pouw destroyed Stacy’s suicide note.

M for Susan Meister. One of the earliest recorded and most suspicious deaths is that of Susan Meister, a crew member on Hubbard’s flagship Apollo in 1971. She died of a bullet wound to the forehead, which they claimed was self inflicted and they left her body in Morocco. A suicide note appeared, but the authorities could not read it, and her cabin had been cleared of all other papers, diaries, etc. The evidence suggests she was murdered by Hubbard or on his orders, having become psychotic. See full account elsewhere.
Scientology: Susan Meister Letters

M for Terry McCann, got very depressed and died (committed suicide?) in June 1984. “Terry was a public pc on ASHO lines, in his early forties, and seriously diabetic. Terry was also blind when I met him. His blindness developed when his retinas separated while he was doing the required purification rundown prior to our meeting. When I knew him Terry was very depressed about being blind and wanted to die.” Testimony of Ginger Ross Breggin,

M for Wilhelm Mack 37, of Grossbettlingen, Germany. Probable suicide in 1993. In just five weeks he had spent over 70K DM for courses and materials from Scientology. He regretted his involvement and wanted to leave the church. He was found hanged in his garage.

N for Chuck Newton, 1980-81 was not very stable to start with and went nuts on audited NOTs. He went PTS by having problems at work, being unfaithful, etc. He was miserable, and his behavior was out of control. One night, he beat a litter of newborn puppies to death with a shovel.  His family sent him to Flag to “get handled.” He reached a “flat point” on audited NOTs (meaning: he ran out of money) and he came home completely bizarre. He sat and watched Cable Network News almost 24 hours a day. I don’t know when he slept . . . .

N for Gloria Neumeyer was a rich and successful public, and leading member of WISE but according to one version she was an alcoholic. As long as she had been in Scientology she had been sober but on the plane home after attesting to Solo NOTs she got drunk. Eventually she was so out-ethics MAA said she would not be able to do OT VIII for years, despite having paid for it. She said: “Per my observation, the threat of being denied doing OT VIII after they had paid for it and been promised it, has been the number one cause of OT VII completions going psychotic. I know of 6 such instances.” By 1991 she had left the “church” having given it $500,000. Gloria J Neumeyer, perhaps the same, is now director of Adams House, recovery accommodation in San Angelo, Texas, US.

N for Jorgen Nielsen (Danish) who hanged himself.  He was found by Steen Jorgensen.

N for Roger Nind (49), an Australian, died in October 1992 when he stepped into the path of a car at Clearwater, FL, where he was trying to get a refund of $70,000. If this was an accident it was, as so often, very convenient for the cult.


Updated 19 November 2010

Suicide and Violence: O to Z

November 21, 2010

BABY WATCHING. When Scientologists have nervous breakdowns (a common occurrence), they are subjected to “baby-watching”. This means you are isolated, for example, in a remote holiday cottage, with nothing to look at except stones and with one other person to keep an eye on you.  Lisa McPherson was on baby-watch when she died.

Entries are arranged in alphabetical order according to surname and then by first name.

O for Andreas Ostertag (38), who died at Clearwater in 1985 while staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel. He was head of the Scientology mission in Stuttgart, Germany, and had apparently drowned while swimming to a sailboat anchored off of Fort Desoto Park. Reports published in Germany said Ostertag had been summoned to Clearwater by Scientology bosses to answer questions about financial problems at the Stuttgart mission and raised questions about the death.

O for Ken Ogger (The Pilot), a pioneer of the Freezone, who was found dead on 29 May 2007, in the pool of his house in Los Angeles. His hands were tied together with a wire, and there was a heavy concrete thing attached to his feet. According to Hedrun Beer “Ken Ogger was known as the author of analyses about the Church of Scientology’s mismanagement and authorship of auditing manuals. After his own wife betrayed his identity to the church, he suffered a breakdown and soon afterwards went through a severe health crisis. On 20th of May 2007 he reported back to his newsgroups in his old dynamic way. He published a series of texts in which he told about his physical recovery, about his plans to become active as ‘Pilot’ again, but also about the Church of Scientology’s attacks on his private life. Nine days later he was dead.” The Homicide Department of the LAPD ruled this death was homicide, not suicide.

O for Robert Oakes who made large donations to the “church” and was then excommunicated. See article.

P for Aaron Poulin – “just a kid”, who hung himself at the Holiday Inn in 2003. Born and raised in the Sea Org. He was CMO Int messenger, but was demoted to CCI, and was so caved in by that he committed suicide. He would have been about 20 years old. “I heard that he jumped out a window, not that he hung himself, but I would like to get the story first-hand from someone who was there. This sounds like he was a victim of some harsh ethics cave-in tech. It is so unfortunate. He was such a bright kid.”

P for Brand (Brad) Pince, from Ontario, Canada, husband of Penny Pince (who died of cancer), a former mission ED, who killed himself by asphyxiation in his car, c.1979,  overburdened by a huge S.O. (LA) and Mission freeloader debt to the Church, by medical bills, and by disconnection. They were relatives of Bob Mills. This entire family was destroyed by Scientology.

P for Claudia Petschek, c.1995, Canada – suicide. She was a mission staff member and active in Scientology.

P for Don Premarukov who died in a car accident.

P for Elli Perkins, Buffalo, New York, who died 13 March 2003 (that date again). Her son Jeremy Perkins, aged 28, an untreated schizophrenic, killed his mother Elli by stabbing her 77 times. She bled to death on her bedroom floor. Jeremy was found not responsible for his mother’s murder by reason of insanity. His surviving relatives – his father, sister and brother-in-law – are still Scientologists and have disconnected from Jeremy to preserve their hope of eternity.

P for Grant Pool, who was discarded when he grew old. See Golden Oldies.

P for Louis Pagliaro– Louie Pagliaro was a public person taking courses at the Las Vegas Org in 1974. He was a casino pit boss and a professional photographer. He completed his grades and then went on to AOLA (The Advanced Organization of Los Angeles) to take OT I, OT II and OTIII. In 1975 he returned to Las Vegas and, thinking he was “OT”, lost a lot of his money gambling. Furious at being conned, he came screaming into the Org and demanded a refund for all of the money he had paid, over $100,000, from Eddie Walters, his Case Supervisor at the Las Vegas Org. He threatened Eddie Walters that if he did not get a refund he was going to expose the OT Levels. The next day his body was found badly mutilated in his living room. According to his live-in girlfriend, Lisa Gibson, all of his folders were pulled from the Org by the Guardian’s Office and during the police investigation Eddie Walters lied to the police and pretended that Louie Pagliaro had never taken any courses at the Las Vegas Org. His death is an unsolved murder and can be found on the books of the Las Vegas Police Department for the year 1975. Lisa Gibson thereafter married David Sandweiss, who may or who may not have been Quentin Hubbard’s homosexual lover, and who was also murdered two years later.

P for Randy Patterson, former husband of Laurie Best Patterson, who shot himself to death while on a Solo auditing level, probably the ‘clearing course.’ This was in the 70s when AOLA was located at the present celebrity center annex.

P for Remy Petit (25), a French Scientologist who worked as an OSA volunteer, then gave evidence against OSA at a hearing on 25 January 1993.   But he was found dead a few days before the confrontation with Patricia Forestier, his OSA boss.  Officially suicide, but?

P for the son of Daniele Possebon, OT IV, who committed suicide after his father died.

P for Vicki Payton or Fayton – considered dropping her body after the Key to Life Course but instead divorced her husband and left her job. She is OT V and ex-Sea Org. She was “given a wrong indication” in a Flag Ethics cycle. AOLA audited her for a year after her husband wrote up a complaint and sent it up lines.

P for Wayne Pruitt, from Missouri, believed to be on the upper OT levels, jumped to his death in 1970-71 from the Elks Bldg in Hollywood or the McArthur Park area.

R for Bruce Raymond was the dedicated Scientology thug who among his other achievements collected Paulette Cooper’s fingerprints for Project Freakout. He was also the B1 guy who did the dirty work on the Quentin Hubbard death situation in Las Vegas. Bruce was the most involved in the dirtiest part of the cover-up of the actual murder.  He is said in various places to have died in 1975 but if he was involved in events surrounding the death of QH in 1976 this date is evidently wrong.

R for Gary Rist, a staff member at CCLA, had a breakdown in 1975-76.  He kept going on drinking binges. HCO asked me to keep an eye on him. I went with him to visit his father one weekend, up at Bear Lake. Gary got drunk and was physically abusive. I had a terrible time getting him back to LA, but I got him there, took him to Sea Org berthing, and dropped him there. Regardless of HCO orders, I wasn’t taking physical abuse. I don’t know what happened to him. HCO never said anything about him again, and I never saw him at CCLA. Scientology – and his untreated alcoholism – ruined what had been a promising acting career.

R for Ilya Rakhmanov, 21, from the Russian town of Saransk, 600 km east of Moscow. He was a former Scientologist, who left the cult about three years ago. Last Friday, 15 October 2004 Ilya announced on several Internet forums that he wants to leave this life. “Ilia was very lonely. He hated totalitarianism, lies and hypocrisy. And he attempted to fight them. All alone. He put upon himself too heavy a burden, and it broke him. His life was very short, and his end was terrible.” Many Scientologists take depression with them as their inheritance from the cult.

R for Jude Richmond (41), a florist and possible Scientologist, who apparently drowned her handicapped daughter Millie (9) on 13-14 March 2009 (a significant date for Scientologists) and then drowned herself in the lake adjoining their luxurious Gloucester (England) home. Ms Richmond suffered from bipolar syndrome and according to the Sun newspaper (quoting a neighbour) ‘had become obsessed with Scientology’. This is not conclusive but there are links with other Scientology deaths by drowning, using cold water spray to purify, the date is suggestive, and Jude might have been distressed by demands to disconnect from her low-tone daughter.

R for Otto Roos, who did not die but was physically attacked by LRH in 1972: “upon entry was hit, kicked, screamed and shouted at...” The blows of an old man did not bother him, he said; but the violence did.

R for Rodney G. Rimondo, 22, from San Jose, California, who joined the Sea Org in Los Angeles in January 1986 and jumped, fell or was pushed out of a window at the LA Org on 25 November 1986. A suicide note found on his bunk bed at the Scientology center was a clumsy forgery. It was not in his handwriting, according to his mother, and made reference to a “wife” but Rimondo was single.

R for Ruth Ann Roberts, 58 – died in 2000.  Editor would like to know the cause of death.

R for Venus Cecolia Rojo, 4 Jun 1980 – 13 May 1998 (age 17) who died at the Mohave desert before it got moved from LA; cause of death unknown

S for Bob Shaffner, OT3, killed himself in 1987 or 88 by riding his bike under a truck. According to Jesse Prince, Bobby and his wife Cindy were harassed because they wanted to have children, and children were frowned upon.

S for David Sandweiss – “suicide” in 1977. Was GO agent who allegedly confessed to being Quentin Hubbard’s lover. See end of article on the death of Quentin Hubbard.

S for Frank Suarez was an OT (perhaps OT III) who shot himself in late 1991 at his home in Broward County, Florida (near Ft.Lauderdale), leaving a wife and two children aged 9 or 10. The reason appears to be that he had used LSD in his youth and could not do higher levels in this life.

S for James Sharp, 15, murdered in Los Angeles in August 1969, probably by one or more members of the Manson “family”. Charles Manson may have had a grudge against Scientology for rejecting him when he believed he was a very important member. Another victim was Doreen Gaul, aged 19.

S for James Stewart, 36, who suffered from epilepsy, was found dead 50 feet below a window at the Advanced Org in Edinburgh Scotland, in August 1968. He was on OT3, a class 7 auditor, and the Executive Director of the Durban Org. A few days before his death, had completed an Ethics Condition wherein he stayed awake for eighty hours (a punishment which Hubbard inflicted on his second wife, Sara Northrup.) James had a head injury, sustained during a fit. The following notice was posted on the org bulletin board: “James Stewart has been put in a Condition of Doubt for having seizures in public and thus invalidating Scientology. If there is any reoccurrence of these either consciously or unconsciously on his part he will be placed in a Condition of Enemy.” At the time Doubt incurred 48 hours sleep deprivation. One of his tasks during this period was to crawl about the carpets picking out bits of fluff. Stewart’s real crime was telling the hospital that he was a Scientologist, thus supposedly giving Scientology a bad name. He had injured his head, and wore a blood-stained bandage while performing his demeaning “amends project.” It also possible that he was made to crawl across the steep and slippery slates of the Org roof, as a final part of his Doubt Formula. This bizarre practice was quite usual at the time. Jon Atack speculates that Stewart fell from the roof during this penance. This would be the first known death of a Scientologist that can be attributed to the instructions of the organization. Shortly before his death, Stewart had been suspended from his course at the AO. Stewart, described in the newspapers as an encyclopedia salesman, had been a founder of the Cape Town Org, and was a senior executive there. He was a Class VII Auditor, the highest level of training at the time, Clear number 153 (there were over 2,000 by then), and on OT 3 when he died. One of his Success Stories was published in the Auditor magazine at around the time of his death. It was headed, “How Scientology Training Has Helped Me In Life”: “I find that training and auditing experience helps me in innumerable ways – in driving a car (patiently, in heavy traffic), waking up in the morning, confronting anything unpleasant in life, keeping myself occupied in leisure hours, in writing letters, making telephone calls, in chance conversations with strangers – In fact, training helps in every conceivable situation or experience anywhere, any place, anytime – Try it for yourself and see!”
Scientology kills epileptics:

S for Jimmie Spheeris, 34, the musician, died in a motorcycle wreck near Venice Beach, 4 July 1984. At the time he was on the Philadelphia doctorate course and getting auditing. He was being given a lot of stress about being a homosexual and being in Scientology courses. Alternately, he was killed by a drunk driver.

S for Lloyd Speedy, who suicided when he had spent all his money on services, when he was actually Type III (psychotic).

S for Karen Simon-suicide, hung herself in London, May 1991, shortly after she refused to sign a Sea Org contract. She was preparing a negative report on Scientology at the time of her death. A number of critics have died conveniently and unexpectedly.

S for Lloyd Speedy – killed himself c.1989 after spending all of his money on services when he was psychotic.

S for Mark Schaatsbergen – left Scientology beginning 1988, because he felt they were perverting their own goals and didn’t live up to their statements. According to his mother, Mark’s reason to commit suicide in June/July 1998 was the enormous amount of pressure the cult still exerted on him. His father and sister remain members. His mother is still devastated.

S for Meagan Shield’s daughter, who hung herself.

S for Melvin Streim. A former Harvard student who lost his mind in Scientology: by 1981 he “was getting worse and worse, forgetting to shave, dressing in dirty clothes, and generally out-of-touch with reality. They off-loaded him around 1983 or 4. … he was schizophrenic, and broke. How does a former Harvard student end up as a bag boy?”

S for Patrick William Salvo, once a great guy, “who seemed to have lost his mind completely before he died about 2005 (ref: Kathy Mace

S for Paul Schaeffer who killed himself in the early 70s when he had just left the group. At the time, I was told that he got “messed up” because he left the group. Now we can deduce that he was thrown out and denied help because he, like so many others, had been “messed up”.

S for Quentin Schnehager– suicide in Copenhagen. Hung himself.

S for Rita Smith– who killed herself at by hanging at East Grinstead in 1987.

S for Steve Surrey kept having psychotic breaks in 1973, while he was the ED of Alan Walter’s Salt Lake City mission. “He’d be screaming his lungs out during sessions, begging for someone, anyone to help him. His auditor, Geri Knight, swore that he was just running out dramatizations, as if this was really good for him. I think Steve is still happily in Scientology.”

S for Susanne Schroder who went crazy (perhaps in Denmark); her husband put her in hospital.

S for Terri Schiavo, who was taken off life support by judicial order that aroused great controversy; her husband, Michael, a Scientologist, has been accused of influencing the judge.

T for Gene Trout or Traudt – suicide in about 1980. An OT 7.

T for Koos Nolst Trenite – In 1974, when Koos went to work for GO, he was “a normal, fun loving guy”. By 1979 he was dangerously unstable, showing symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia which persisted and which went untreated. On 25 December 1999 his daughter, then 19 years old, died in their home near Forchheim, Germany. Autopsy showed she had drowned. The father had the habit of torturing (or “treating”?) his wife with hot and cold jets of water. It was perhaps his version of the Purification Rundown. An infant daughter died in 1983 ten days after birth of an untreated respiratory infection. As far as is known Koos is still alive and still posting his very bizarre ideas, which identify Hubbard, not without reason, as the Devil.

T for Leah Theriery, a Scientologist, attempted suicide sometime in May 1974.

T for Rob Twedell, New Zealand, suicide.

T for Robert Thorburn, who died after being shot in the head at Las Vegas by James Duchesneau (30) and Frederick Weber (23) who had both been shot in the leg by Thorburn, with the same gun.

V for David Voorhees of Washington State went crazy in 1982 or 1983 in Los Angeles trying to audit the BTs and clusters. He was held captive in a room somewhere in Los Angeles for weeks and injected with Thorazine to calm him. David was told by his captors that he was getting Vitamin B injections. HEW 219.

V for Eric Vigeland who was in Scientology in Boston in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Eric was a psych case. He inherited some money, gave it all to the fund to help Mary Sue in the USGO/FBI lawsuit, and got a bunch of auditing as a “reward.” He was not a very stable person, and even by Scientology standards, he should have been shown the door. Scientology knew Eric was not stable when they took him in, and it’s not right to take every cent from someone who is ill-equipped to survive on his own in society.

V for Frank Vitkovic of Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia. In 1987 Frank Vitkovic opened fire in a business building in Melbourne, Australia, killing eight people and wounding five others before he plunged to his death trying to escape. Two months prior to the attacks he had taken a personality test offered by the Church of Scientology, which was said to mean he was extremely depressed; it was the second-worst test result the Scientology volunteer had ever seen. It was argued at the inquest that the organization had not taken the appropriate measures indicated by their information, which could have prevented the massacre, and that the test possibly contributed to Vitkovic’s mental state at the time of the shootings.

V for Patrice Vic, father of two young children, who died in March 1988 in Lyon, France, when he jumped to his death from the 12th storey window of his children’s bedroom. He had spent all his money on courses with the CoS, and had then borrowed 30.000 FFr (about $5000) to be able to take the Purification Rundown, a process described as ‘dangerous and worthless’. The French court ruled that the local branch had driven Vic to suicide, and found its leader Jean-Jacques Mazier guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Fourteen other scientologists were convicted on related charges. He went to his death believing his debit card had been stolen by prostitutes, when in fact it had been stolen by the criminals running the Lyons Org.

V for Suzine Van Sickle of Seattle was murdered in November 1990, when her daughter Jean Shumway, 59, and granddaughter Alexis Shumway, 29, both Scientologists, first tried to kill her with a drug overdose and, when that did not work, they smothered her with a pillow. $13,000 went to Scientology.

W for Bruce Welsch, a crew member on the Apollo, went crazy during the early 1970. He was locked up in a port aft cabin by Stuart Moreau and Ron Anderson, two ship crew members. HEW 204.

W for Gregory Bradford Wisner (27) whose body was found in the surf near Indian Rocks Beach, FL, on 20 January 2001. Reckoned to be an accident but he was a cocaine addict, born into a Scientology family and his father was a spokesperson for Narconon. Gregory attended Narconon in December 1997.  Gregory had been raised in various Scientology families but had been disconnected.

W for Jim Whyte who died when train-hopping when drunk.

W for Linda Walicki: “I just butchered my family.” Linda Walicki , an untreated schizophrenic aged 25 killed her father Michael (52), a “Sponsor for Total Freedom”, and her sister Kathryn (15) and seriously wounded her mother Sue (52), at Revesby, Sydney, Australia on 7 July 2007. The cause of the attack was later determined to be a psychotic episode brought on by replacing her prescribed anti-depressants and anti-psychotic medication with the Scientology method of treating psychosis by isolation and vitamins (see McPherson, Perkins). Linda was diagnosed with mental illness at Bankstown Hospital in late 2006 but treatment was discontinued because her parents were Scientologists.  At that time a magistrate refused to sign an order to continue her treatment.  Three weeks before the killings her parents were apparently worried enough to reintroduce her to the prescription medication but it was evidently too late. Linda was declared not guilty by reasons of insanity. Vicki Dunstan, for the CoS, at first denied the family were Scientologists. Virginia Steward, a local Scientology spokesmen, also denied any knowledge of the family, then claimed the tragedy was all the fault of psychiatrists who had interfered and caused damage. Then she blamed Linda’s breakdown on earlier intervention by psychiatrists. “Church of Scientology denies stabbed man ‘a recruiter'” (Fiona Connolly, Daily Telegraph,, 10 July 2007). But it did not take local journalists long to find that a man with the same name as the dead father is listed on the Church of Scientology’s “Honour Roll” in the 2002 Impact magazine which glorifies members worldwide for their efforts in “signing more than 20 members to the church” or for donating $US20,000 ($23,200) or more. The “church” typically tries to disconnect from any potential source of embarrassment such as suicides, murders, and even the death of its members from natural causes. It never offers counselling, shows any respect for the dead or responsibility for what has happened, or helps bereaved families in any way.,23599,22048072-2,00.html

W for Larry Wheaton and 78 other people died when his Boeing stalled and came down crashing its tail on the Potomac River bridge before plummeting into the icy river. Four passengers and one stewardess survived and four car drivers also died. The pilot was a Scientologist who was not doing well on the Bridge. His wife was a pc at Flag and used most of her insurance money to pay for FSO services. An enquiry identified the cause of the crash as pilot error. The pilots had failed to switch on the engines’ internal ice protection systems, used reverse thrust in a snow storm prior to takeoff (against the rules), and failed to abort the takeoff after detecting a power problem while taxiing and visually identifying ice and snow buildup on the wings although there was time and space to do so.

W for Lawrence Wollersheim who attempted suicide immediately after receiving L-12 and other upper level auditing. He later sued the cult and won a major victory.

W for Margarit Winkelman (51), from Zurich, Switzerland, who drowned in 1980 when she walked fully clothed into the sea at Clearwater, Florida. As part of her Scientology course she had stopped taking Lithium and was treating herself with huge quantities of vitamins.

W for Margery Wakefield, who suffered psychosis and neglect during her twelve years in the cult (1968-1980). When she had problems on OT3 the solution was to sell her an even higher level of auditing called New Era Dianetics for 0T’s (NED for 0T’s for short). For weeks she went through indescribable agonies, unable to understand anything she read or heard.

W for Rudolph Willems of Germany, shot himself in 1987 after his steel company went bust, after he had given millions to the scam.

W for Trevor Woods and Denise Webb, of Cairns, Australia, who were both killed in a motorcycle accident in 2004.

W for Willie B. Wilson, went psychotic on OT 3 in the late 70’s or early 80’s. He was a wealthy Texas oil man.  for

Y for  Sherry Marie Yearsley, 47 – Murdered. May have an ex-member. [Reno Gazette-Journal, 6/21/2003]

Updated 19 November 2010


Cancer and Neglect, A to G

November 21, 2010

In History of Man, L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and mitosis.” (1975, 20.) This statement was not amended in his lifetime and so remains Scientology scripture.

As medical problems such as heart attacks and diabetes are generally neglected, both by staff and by public Scientologists, deaths from general medical causes are included in this category.

A for Anonymous Addict of Vianden, Luxembourg, who died of an overdose three days into a “cure” for which he had paid Narconon 250,000 francs.

A for Anonymous Allison X is said by Corydon in his book almost to have died on the purification rundown.

A for Anonymous Carol X, Sea Org member, died of breast cancer c.1980. She was flown back to England in a dying condition to avoid bad PR at Flag.

A for Anonymous Chuck (with a Polish surname) who had just completed KTL and LOC in L.A. and
died in a fatal car crash on his way back to Florida.

A for Anonymous death at Flag: a second-generation Scientologist, a married woman with a family, went from Sacramento, CA to Flag for the high-level auditing called NED for OTs. She became so distressed and upset that she kept calling her mother: “Come do something to help me.” She couldn’t travel because she was too ill. No-one made any effort to help her. She died and the autopsy disclosed a ruptured pancreas. Brown McKee’s testimony, Clearwater, 1982.

A for Anonymous Ex ED Tokyo – died of cancer. OT.

A for Anonymous Federica X, aged 33, of Torre dell’Orso, Meledugno, Italy, who died 11 October 2002. She complained of stomach pains while at a Narconon center, a few days later she was dead.

A for Anonymous Gabriella who died from cancer on Solo NOTs: probably Gabriella Bramucci.

A for Anonymous Geneva Scientologist who died in 1995 of neglected ovarian cancer. Her Scientology doctor was accused of second-degree murder.

A for Anonymous Judy X of CMU who died about 1996 of cancer. “We were not allowed to hold a funeral service for her. She told the MLO that she got cancer because she wanted to escape the suppression.”

A for Anonymous Luigi, a restaurant owner in Brescia and OT 8, who had died of a heart attack.

A for Anonymous Man. who died in 1989 in the boiler-room of the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, Florida, of CO poisoning. The boiler-room was used as accommodation by the RPF’s RPF, the most incalcitrant of the prisoners in the punishment squads.

A for Anonymous Mother, new OTV, who died of cancer in 2007 in her mid-60’s. She felt her cancer was caused by the constant stress laid on her by the church.

A for Anonymous Mr Rogers of Vancouver, B.C., who was auditing away on OT VII at home in 1989. Since all OTs believe that their ailments are only caused by spiritual factors or other beings, he neglected to get any medical attention even when he experienced extreme dizziness, pains in the chest and along the arms and trouble in breathing. But since all disease at the OT VII level is wholly explained in the mind of Pre-OTs as unflat OT V, he continued to audit daily and never called the doctor. He then had a major and FATAL heart November or December 1989. A few hour later, Irene, his wife, a very active OT, returned home and discovered his lifeless body lying on the floor amidst his solo NOTS worksheets (she was an OT VII completion herself). She carefully hid them and avoided any mention of it to the police …”

A for Anonymous New OT VIIIs: “It has been well hidden by the church that several people died shortly after completing New OT VIII. Three people who were in their early 50’s died of cancer, months after completing New OT VIII. As a result, the New OT VIII C/S was RPFed.” (Source: Cornelius Krasel.) New OT VIII came in in 1986, with Freewinds. Who were these three people?

A for Anonymous OT who died in the 90’s with cancer. Broke her leg and found cancer.

A for Anonymous OTVIII with breast cancer.

A for Anonymous Scientologist in Washington state who died on the purification rundown. This is probably Christopher Arbuckle.

A for Anonymous heart victim and witness to Hubbard’s medical wisdom: he went to Flag when it was on the ship because he had a heart condition. One of Hubbard’s prescriptions for that is vitamin E. He came back a broken man and died two or three months later. And the autopsy showed his stomach to be filled with undissolved Vitamin E capsules. Brown McKee’s testimony, Clearwater, 1982.

A for Anonymous Trina from Denmark who died from cancer; she was on Solo NOTs.

A for Carl Anderson, the voice of Jesus Christ Superstar, husband to Mohammed Ali’s ex wife and voice of several LRH and Scientology songs such as “Song Of The Bard” from the “Joy Of Creating” and Hymn Of Asia on CD and live concerts all over the world. A non-Scientologist who regularly and openly declared his love for LRH but could not reconcile that love with the sometimes harsh treatment he received at the hands of Gold and Int execs during his involvement with Golden Era Productions and so never became a Scientologist. Carl also contracted leukemia and died in 2004. Carl Anderson was a Celebrity in every sense of the word, someone who was much respected and loved by Gold Musicians and Scientology public. Yet, his illness and death were hushed up at int and again no grieving was spoken of or encouraged. I remember Denise Friend receiving an invitation to and showing a desire to attend a memorial service for Carl and, well you can guess the outcome.

A for Carrie Alkins a juvenile diabetic, did the Purif under the supervision of Dr Gene Denk, developed a detached retina and, despite several eye surgeries, has been blind ever since.

A for Christopher Arbuckle, 25, of Portland, Oregon died 26 October 1991. He was taking a Scientology “Purification Rundown” which involved extreme exercise and vitamin megadoses. He died of liver failure and his parents filed suit against the church. Scientology (Western Division) quickly settled a wrongful death case with his family. A former member of GO/OSA recently reported that he stole all the court records from Portland Oregon’s three counties to cover up this case.

A for Konrad Aigner – died 11 August 1997 from multiple organ failure attributable to the Purification Rundown. See separate article on this site.

A for Miguel Arguello 1941-2005, an accomplished realist painter and a beautiful person, who died of cancer of the mouth.  He was on Solo Nots (or OT 7). He was a great artist, from Spain, who had lived in Sweden, the UK and the US (per Arthur Dent).

B for Allen Buchanan – Sea Org, died 1992, quite young. Perhaps mercury poisoning.

B for Antonella B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Ariel Bingham, New Zealand, who died of cancer circa 1981.

B for Carlos Becerra who was murdered in Mexico just few days after he finished his 6 months check.

B for David Butterworth (61) who died of cancer in the fall of 2007.

B for Dorothy (Dot) Barton, an OT 5 who died of cancer in her mid to late 40s.

B for Edward Brewer: “Ed Brewer was involved in a car accident. Several other Sea Organization or Scientology Staff members were in the car with him. They left him in the car to bleed to death while they went back to the Scientology organization to talk to the people in the intelligence division, because they didn’t know what to do.” Their priority was to avoid creating a public relations flap for Scientology. They failed to call for medical help. Brewer bled to death pinned in his car. Source: FACTNet.

B for Ellie Blankenship – OT Ambassador, who died at Flag of cancer in 1999 (or 1997) aged 55.

B for Enid Byrne registrar at AOLA for some 30 years, who had cancer, survived, and then got liver cancer and gave up. Died 2002 in her late 40s-early 50s. Some claim she went to the beach, took all her clothes off and drowned herself.

B for Gabriella Bramucci (55) an Italian lady who died of metastatic breast cancer in 1997. She was readmitted to hospital on 6 August 1997 and died within a few months. Her former husband, Dino Michieletto, found out by accident two months later. He blamed her death on Scientology which discouraged her from getting effective treatment and treated her with touch assists. In 1998 Dino Michieletto and the journalist of the “Gazzettino” were sued for libel, slander and for violating the law on discrimination, hate and violence for racial, etnic and religious reasons by the President of the Church of Scientology – Padua. But on July 9th, 1999. Michieletto has a long legal history against Scientology, and he never lost once.

B for Gord Blakeston, public in the Detroit area.  Routed off-lines (actually thrown out of the building on to the street) after coming out of the closet, by the acting E/O who used to be a male prostitute.  Gord died of AIDS in the early 1990s.

B for Griffee Blythe, ex-Sea Org, who died 28 June 2008 (or 2009?). Cause of death said to be alcohol abuse.  She had been out of the Sea Org since 2004. Is her sister Bitty married to DM’s brother, Ronnie?

B for Hans Benakee (sp?), who died of an untreated seizure in front of Scientology staff.

B for Jean-Luc Barbier (Swiss) who complained of medical neglect in 1994: “After my purification programme I became very sick with my throat and the C/S gave me a lot of assists without results… In fact now I cannot continue to play the saxophone and teh flute and I have a chronic inflammation because I had receive no adequate medical assistance.”

B for Jens Bogvad, long-time Sea Org member, was Executive Director Tokyo Scientology Org when he contracted cancer. He was finally sent home to Europe to die. HEW Whitfield Affidavit, 247

B for Jeroen de Bruijn (25), Dutch, died of cancer in 2004.

B for Lisa B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Louie Belucci, 74, who died of complications of diabetes

B for Melanie Bruemmer who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. She was Class IX and Senior C/S Foundation at the San Francisco Org, I/P Solo Nots

B for Pat Bloomberg, 55-65, a Sea Org member at AOSH ANZO (Australia-New Zealand), a very heavy smoker who died of lung cancer. She was declared a Suppressive Person (SP) after her death.

B for Patty Barragan who died of cancer; she was on OT 5.

B for Peggy Bankston was an original Sea Project/Sea Org member who worked on board the Avon River in Las Palmas, in early August 1967, as Flag Banking Officer and Hubbard’s personal Finance Officer. She was Class 6, Upper Level OT3 auditing.  In late 1967, she got ill, left the ship and died, of untreated skin cancer. HEW Whitfield 250.

B for Rex Boler – Cancer

B for Roberto B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Sonia B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Vicki Ann Benham who sued the Dallas org for injury during the Scientology Purification Rundown, where one takes massive amounts of vitamins (medical tests prove that Niacin in excess can cause liver damage), and many hours of exposure to extreme heat. (Benham v. CoS Celebrity Center of Dallas No. 91-08216) Settled out of court in 1991.

C for Alice Miller C. who died in 1998 from untreated breast cancer while receiving auditing at the Org in Cincinnati OH. When it was diagnosed she broke with her husband Casper who committed suicide in his car in 1996. Her married name was probably Labuschanger q.v.

C for Barbara Clarke, OT8,died of cancer.

C for Bernard C. – Switzerland – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

C for Bob Cobb, New Zealand, cancer circa 1995.

C for Camilo Child, OT 5, who attempted suicide few months after he got a review at Flag.

C for Cathy Cariotaki who died February 2007 from cancer

C for Chris Currier who may have suffered brain damage in car accident ?? Did both brothers die?

C for Don Currier– ED in Boston 1976 or 1977, OT 7 (maybe OT 8). who died of brain cancer.

C for Ellen Carder an American Scientologist in the early 1960s who had cancer and went to England for advanced auditing. Hubbard told her that if she studied the Clearing Course and then applied the auditing techniques to herself to achieve the State of Clear, her cancer would be cured. Ellen started on this course of action. However she died in June 1966 at Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, England – from the cancer. HEW 252.

C for Giuliano Cocchetti who had a stroke just after having attested OT 8, then committed suicide.

C for Luigi Confliti: he didn’t speak much English and was denied medical treatment by Scientology when he really needed it.

C for Mark Chambers, the KTL supe at Stevens Creek, who started having bad health problems, ended up in a wheelchair, probably after a double amputation as his circulation was horrible from years of smoking and just bad health habits–perhaps diabetes.  He kept on as a staff member, but the ED got him offloaded as the idea of a ‘cripple DB’ in the org on staff was completely out-PR to her. She was pretty brutal about that sort of thing and had made sarcastic comments about fixing the org’s elevator, because only downstats would need it–and that was not worth putting money into. He died after he was kicked off of staff.  To make matters worse a few years prior to this, his wife really went off the deep end mentally. Many suicide watches and handlings with the DSA, and last I heard she was still in terrible shape. She also had been a staff member for years.

C for Mick Cottee, aged about 50, who died 2010 of bone cancer, in Australia.  He had been out for some years.

C for Nancy Clitheroe, died of cancer “young and with children”.

C for Pat Caid – died in 1977 of a brain tumor. He was an auditor in the Las Vegas Org who got transferred to Celebrity Centre of Los Angeles, was told in 1977 by a doctor in Los Angeles he needed to get a brain tumor removed but was told the doctor was a suppressive person and so instead of surgery he decided to get auditing. Soon afterwards he keeled over in his living room and died.

C for Robert Clark, early 80’s; he was tech sec fdn. in the Adelaide Cof S and had throat cancer. He had been undergoing such treatment as being locked in all night because his stats were not up. He had been coerced into leaving his wife and selling some of their property to send money to Flag. Bob developed the cancer in the Org before he left.

C for Sadie Craig died in about 2002. “She was diabetic, went blind and lost her kidneys. She tried to handle stuff naturally but she was convinced to do the treatments which gave her more years of life to see a great grandchild. She lived in dialysis for 5 years till it no longer worked, she got MRSA and then medical system refused her medical insurance. Shipped her to hospital that did not know her history and she did not get treatment till it was late. She died in her sleep. I guess that is the best way to go.”

C for Sally Esterman or Chaleff was a Sea Org member who died of cancer and the Sea Org mind-set, in January 1987. “Scientology took her from top model to wasted in a short time.” She developed cervical cancer, which in 99% of cases is curable if caught early. Sally never received regular PAP smears or mammograms, and by the time she reported her condition, the cancer was terminal. She worked until she became too weak. She was then put into a convalescent home near the Scientology Complex in Los Angeles, where she lived for over a year. The room she was in and her sheets, towels and night clothes, were filthy. She had no visitors, not even her Scientology husband, Mitch, who worked nearby. He said she was lazy, that she allowed herself to get ill so as to shirk work. “She was doing very badly. And when visited, she said, “Well, I’m just here to die now. That is what I have been told. I’m just here to die.” HEW 239 ff.

C for Sherman F. Craig – died 5 February 2010 of a massive stroke. The church put him into great debt. When he was in the assisted living they took all his funds on account and sent him the BASICS without permission. By then he was over 80.

D for David Butterworth, a member of OSA, who died late fall 2007 of cancer at age 61. He left a wife Maggie and a son.

D for Dennis Dubin, new OT8, was in his early 60s when he died of prostate cancer in early October 2007 (or 2008?). “Scientology helped him to die.”

D for Eugene (Gene) Denk, MD, died of throat cancer in the 2000s; like Hubbard he was a smoker.

D for Jocelyne Dorfmann, 34, died in the Narconon centre at Grangey-sur-Ource, Dijon, France, of untreated epilepsy in 1984. She was taken off the medication that controlled her epilepsy. When she had seizures, they assumed it was withdrawal symptoms. The center was closed and charges filed.

D for Katie Harrold DeCosin, died of untreated breast cancer in 2002 age 48. Purification Rundown and Auditing were supposed to cure her. They didn’t.

D for Lindy Duncanson who died of cancer. “She declined treatment, believing auditing would fix it.” An OT VIII — field auditor, sister of Bruce Hines (Int staff) who was not allowed to visit his sister or attend her funeral. He is now declared and disconnected from his nieces who never forgave him for his absence at that time. They did not know he was held prisoner at Int.

D for Mariette Dryer, Universe Corp NOTS Auditor, 1992 cancer.

D for Patrick W. Desmond, 28, who was not a Scientologist, but died on 20 June 2008 while in the care of Narconon of Georgia of ethanol and morphine poisoning.

D for Tasa D. – France – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

D for William J. Downey III– cancer.  Co$ is the cause, not the cure.

E for Cindy Scott English, from Ontario, Canada, died 1981. In one version she broke up with her Scientology boyfriend to start an affair with a male-model/co-worker; was routed off-lines and died of leukemia (or perhaps AIDS) four years later. Former E/O; cancer treated with auditing.

E for Dick Eastin, 2008. Got cancer a couple of years after completing OT8, SO at AOLA many years.

E for Mike Eves, died 21 February 2009 in Los Angeles, lung cancer.

E for Natalie Ellis, on staff at Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California, died of colon cancer on 20 April 1994 at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. According to her ex-husband she didn’t get proper medical attention early enough. According to another source she believed auditing would cure it. Smoking may have contributed.

E for Paride Ella, 22, of Grassobio, Bergamo, Italy, died February 19, 1995. Just beginning Narconon treatment, he endured 5 days of agony including vomiting and diarrhea consistent with multiple organ failure. He was taken to a hospital and died. A victim of the Purification rundown.

E for Randy Emery, staff at Sterling Management, died of a suspected brain tumor. He was on the OT levels and a class IV auditor.

E for Sally Esterman: see C for Chaleff

F for Betty Filisky who was the first Solo Nots completion after its release in 1986-87, and went on a world tour. She had been suffering from cancer when she completed OT 5, but she claimed she was cured. She relapsed six months later and died aged 57, in 1988, less than two years after attesting. Her death was so hushed up that not even her ex-husband or her son Rick, also Scientologists, knew. HEW 248.

F for Bob Fine, OT8, Miami, who died of cancer in 2002. His wife Elena died 1993. He completed a course on Freewinds in April 1996.

F for Elena Fine did the PTS/SP course on Flag in June 1993 after being diagnosed and died of lung cancer shortly after. Bob didn’t get cancer till much later. She never smoked, did the entire bridge, got cancer as an OT8 completion, and died before she was 60.

F for Michael John Fullerton, 5 December 1953 to 10 October 2010, age 56, Scots-Irish. Spent 30 + years working for Scientology and died of metastasized melanoma (skin cancer).

F for Paul Friccero who died of a heart attack probably in the early 90s.  He was Clear but was supposed to have his folder checked (along with a whole bunch of other folk who attested in the early days) for not actually being Clear.  He was the Academy Course Admin, Stevens Creek Org, in 1989.  “I think he was actually posted as a reg at the time.  Prior, he had always been in tech/acad as far as I know.  I think the course admin was after some ethics action, as he had been a supe, and I think D of T at one time.  He was living long hours with tons of cigarettes.  Nice guy, great sense of humour, but last time I saw him he looked like hell.”

F for Roxanne Friend, a former Scientologist who contracted cancer in the late 1980s and died aged 35. She got auditing for her condition at the Clearwater HQ, but was not doing well and repeatedly requested approval to see a doctor but she was told to continue with her auditing. Finally, Roxanne left without approval and went home to San Diego for medical treatment. In the early 1990s, her brother, also a Scientologist, got an RV, and with some of his friends, captured Roxanne, drugged her and drove her back to Florida under protest. She was held captive in the Clearwater complex for several months, against her will. She was finally able to get away and back to San Diego. Roxanne’s illness has advanced since then and she eventually died. Up to the time of her death she hoped to take action against CSI.

F for Sandra “Donnie” Fox, who died of hyperthyroidism, believing what CoS said, that she could cure it with vitamins and diet.

G for Beppe G. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer . Killed himself c.2010. He had a cancerous tumor the size of an egg in his brain while at Flag to attest to OT7. Michel Angelo went with him to the Clearwater Hospital. He was sent back to Italy right away by RTC. Imagine the flap if Beppe had died in the middle of the Solo Nots HGC!

G for Bobby Gerrold (or Jarrell?) – cancer 1977-8. He was at least OT3. He postponed medical treatment, kept getting auditing, and when he was obviously dying, they told him he couldn’t get any more auditing. By then they had got all his money and and it was too late for medical intervention anyway. Bobby was originally from Texas, I think. There are two shore stories. Version A: “Bobby did deny himself medical care at the consternation of the C/S and all his friends. He also withheld health information from the same. If you knew Bobby you would have known that the man was very stubborn. He was finally forced to receive medical attention when his health was failing and by order of his case supervisor.” Version B: “Bobby received auditing until the day he died. He was never denied auditing. The statement he went bankrupt is absurd as Bobby never had anything to bankrupt. He also never paid for auditing. All his auditing was done as part of a co-audit or for free by his friends.”

G for Colin Gow, a young SO at AOSH ANZO, a Chinese Australian, who died in his 30s of cancer of the jaw associated with dental problems neglected over 15 years in SO. He was shunted away from all lines and placed in a hospice to die. This is how CoS reward those who give them their entire lives.

G for Darlean Gowes, Captain AOSH, died of cancer in 2002 at Walsh Manor.

G for Dick Garlick, died in UK of cancer in 2003.

G for Duncan Gurtin (sp?), OT 8 LV Cancer maybe 50 years old.

G for Ellen Griffin died of breast cancer on OT VII. She was a Class VI auditor and an FSM

G for Enza Guzzo, OT8, who died of cancer.

G for Jill Graham – OT, Universe Corps staff died on Pac RPF of cancer.

G for Jose Luis Galicia who is still alive (2010) He got prostate cancer and recovered, then he got a heart attack but he is still around. He is off lines.

G for Mary Garlick. She was Keeper of Technology UK in the Office of LRH. Both she and Saima Gallop were Sea Org members with cancer who didn’t receive medical treatment until it was too late and who died within days of each other in East Grinstead hospital sometime in the late 80s.

G for Nancy Wright Graham, 54, a founding member of the Church of Scientology Celebrity in Washington, died of cancer on 29 January 2003 at her home in Falls Church.

G for Philip Giovinco, 60, who died of a heart attack in 2001.

G for Pierluigi G. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

G for Siama Gallop, wife of Peter Gallop, both in the Sea Org. She developed cancer while in the UK and trudged through the snow on her own to get medical help. She was OT V and had paid for NOTs but she hadn’t had NOTs and didn’t receive any auditing help in her illness or in her dying. When she died her husband was at Flag training, so he could cure her. This was in the late 70s.


Cancer and Neglect, H to N

November 20, 2010

Brown McKee, 1982: “By following the instructions and following what we work very hard to learn, it cost my wife her life. She may have died anyway; we don’t know. If we had taken her to the doctor early, perhaps not. We can only speculate on that. But what I do know is, because of my faith in this man, Ron Hubbard, she didn’t have a chance.

As medical problems such as heart attacks and diabetes are generally neglected, both by staff and by public Scientologists, deaths from general medical causes are included in this category.

H for Adam Hancock: possible cancer?

H for Adell Hartwell was promised special auditing and proper medical care for an existing illness (not specified). But no treatment was given, and her condition grew worse: “One day I worked without eating. It was 102 degrees in the shade. By five-thirty I just got deathly ill, and I told them I had to leave. And I staggered quite a ways . . . . I fell in the ditch; it was like I was drunk. Another time I complained I had to go home because I wasn’t being treated. I was thin and bleeding and in quite severe pain, and they took me right in and put me on the Meter. The next night they had us scrubbing the barn; we started at six o’clock and we scrubbed that barn until four o’clock in the morning. Anybody that ran a fever was immediately put out of commission. But anybody that was ill and not running a fever, they were made fun of and ridiculed.”

H for Alan Hubbert: once in CC Int and later CO Base Crew FLO, died of a brain tumor c.2000 age about 60.

H for Allan Hodges, New Zealand, cancer.

H for Allen Hubbert OSA died of brain cancer c.2000, age about 60.

H for Andrea (Andy) Hoden, died very young, of an aneurism (I think Hoden was her married name).

H for Betty Halliday: like her husband Otis she died of cancer.

H for Edith Hodgkinson, from Edmonton or Vancouver in Canada. After completing OT VII, she paid for OT VIII and joined the S.O. at Flag. Four months later, she woke up one night with incredible pain, was rushed to hospital and found to have advanced liver cancer. She died a few months later.

H for Elizabeth Barron Horwich OT 8, who died age 53 of a brain tumor.

H for Ellen Herlehy, New Zealand, cancer.

H for Faith Hudson, OTV from East Grinstead who died from cancer in the late 90’s.

H for Hiroko – OT; Japanese translator, died of cancer.

H for Ian Hebblewhite of East Grinstead, died of cancer c.2003. Wife Wendy had died a year previously, and his son Adam committed suicide. One daughter survived.

H for Isaac Hayes, famous musician and the voice for “the Chef” in South Park, who was found dead next to a still-running treadmill in his house 10 August 2008. “There are a lot of questions still to be raised about Isaac Hayes’ death. Why was a stroke survivor on a treadmill by himself? What was his condition? What kind of treatment had he had since the stroke?”,2933,401321,00.html

H for Joe J. Harrington, prominent ex-member turned critic; died 2001 aged about 60 of pancreatic cancer

H for Josephus A. Havenith a Dutch citizen aged 45, who lived in Munich and taught music. In February 1980 he was found dead in a bath of water so hot it had loosened his skin, at Fort Harrison Hotel. It is believed that he died in or as a result of the Purification Rundown and that senior staff “organised” his room before calling 911. The hot water would have disguised signs of heatstroke and drawn attention away from the dangers of the Purif. The official verdict was accidental death by drowning, but the coroner noted that his head was not under water.

H for Mario Hernandez who died of cancer on Solo Nots.

H for Mary Sue Whipp Hubbard, who died of breast cancer (her third cancer) in 2003. Not a word of her passing, polite or otherwise, from the Church of Scientology.

H for Otis Halliday: like his wife Betty, he died of cancer. In the late 1960s they had a successful franchise in Houston, Texas.

H for Sheila Harris, an American in her 30s, worked at Pubs DK in late 1973. She went to GO WW for training to be the AG (Assistant Guardian) for Pubs DK in 1974, but died of breast cancer in England in 1975 or 1976.

H for Sheila Marsh Hautek who was involved in a credit card scam and allegedly coerced into buying auditing when she had cancerous cysts. The “Hubbard Executive Secretary” ran up her credit card bills to pay for more auditing while they knew she had cancer. She is thought to have died during auditing.

H for Steve Harris -OT8 brain cancer, about 50 years old.

H for Sue Hebert – cancer.

H for Susan Todd Hunter, OTVII, was an opera singer and a Scientology ‘celebrity.’ Her family wealth allowed her continual auditing. She completed OT 7, the highest OT level which exorcises BTs and clusters. She died of untreated cancer in San Diego 1992-93, aged about 46. HEW 243.

H for Syd Holbrook, who died of cancer.  More information needed.

H for Wendy Hebblewhite of East Grinstead, OT 5, died of cancer c.2002. Her husband Ian died a year later, also of cancer. Her son Adam killed himself; one daughter, still “in”.

H for Yolanda Howell: Her five year old son, in the care of the Cadet Org, was hit and killed by a car while his parents worked and he played, unsupervised, in a busy street. They swore he was “protected by postulates.”

J for Albert Jacquier died alone at the age of 59. “He had completed OT7, which promises to make a person “Cause over life”, he had been in the Scientology cult for 14 years, and had given his fortune of several million dollars.” “[Albert] attempted suicide after completing OT VII and being denied OT VIII after it had been promised to him and he’d paid in full.”

J for Anais Jean, aged 10, a twin daughter of that “incredible Power House Pioneer and thetan”, Claude Reginald Jean, “a key member of Global Pioneers for Haiti” and owner of two orphanages on the island. Anais died on 3 May 2010, four days after she fell from the roof of a house in Clearwater belonging to local Scientologists, Mike and Mary Campbell. She had been clearing gutters.

J for Claire Jeans, who was Qual. Sec. at Miami Org and died of throat cancer.

J for Dave Johnson (Class Vlll OTV) Was off lines from CCINT in 1999 to handle his wife’s diabetes but died himself in 2000 or 2001 of brain cancer. See Linda Johnson.

J for Gene Juss, Flag Accoms Reg, died 2005 of cancer.

J for Linda Johnson (Clear), wife of Dave Johnson. He died of a brain tumor and she was routed off staff from the PAC base due to diabetes in October 1999. It is said she died on the same day as Dave.

J for Susan S. Johnson – a Big Thetan and IAS Patron, who died of heart disease, at Flag, aged 42, on 3 October 1998.

J for Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch, Sea Org, Apollo-CLA, died January 1978 of a brain tumor which could have been removed if found earlier. “In late 1977, Yvonne suddenly arrived in Clearwater, very ill. She talked with difficulty, lost track of what she said half way through a sentence and lost her balance while walking. Yvonne told me she had a brain tumor and that she was dying. She said she hadn’t seen a doctor because she thought auditing would fix it. The illness started with an “out of balance” feeling which she assigned to lack of sleep. The doctor told Yvonne the tumor was removable if she had seen him earlier. We both cried. I knew auditing did not resolve everything, but I was shocked that her life was wasted through such neglect.” HEW Affidavit 224-232.

K for Alan Kartuzinsky of Tampa, FL on 6 November 2009, aged 58 of cancer – Flag C/S – Class XII auditor.

K for Allen Kapular – cancer, in 1991.

K for Di Kirby – worked at Greenfields School, died of cancer.

K for Eric Knauerhause – on OT levels, an exec at the Flag Bureaux who died of cancer a few years ago but had it already in the 1970s.

K for Marie-Louise Krusell, former GO Sweden, whose death was hastened by the long-term abuse of drugs and alcohol.

K for Trine Kjeldsen – lung cancer

K for Virginia Kapular (sp?), who got cancer soon after leaving the ship. As her condition became acute, she went to Mexico to get some help from a Philippine faith healer and while he indicated she had let it get too far, he did some work on people on NOTs in AOLA lives and many of them flocked down. The A/G AOLA was in the process of declaring them, and was reported to have made the remark “she (Virginia) would be better dead than get such healing.” We got a by-pass of her from the LRH Comm on the ship so the declare never got done or was soon suspended. (HEW?)

K for Wendy Kretz or Krentz – died of ovarian cancer treated with auditing not with chemotherapy. The cancer killed her and left her husband with three small children.

L for Bernando Lan who died of cancer. He was for second time on Solo NOTs.

L for Charles J (“Chuck”) Lemmer, died of cancer at Hemet in 2005 aged 59. Long time Scientologist, on OT7 but was never allowed to continue his level (solo) while at the Int Base for about 7 years. “Did you really believe right up to the end it was all in your mind?” His wife, Kathy Lemmer, is currently a prisoner in the SP Hall.

L for Erica Laws, an OT 3 who died of cancer at the age of 57.

L for Jim Larsen, in his 40s, died c.2003 of cancer.

L for Joan Lonstein, died 2010, cancer suspected as she had lost a lot of weight.  She was a nice, spirited, super-rich, public Scientologist who went OT8 twice, in 1998 and 2004.  She set up APUME (Middle East Way to Happiness) after a visit to Israel.  She and her husband Tony were involved with Reed Slatkin in his Ponzi scheme, being among the few to emerge richer (by $1.5 million).  Tony was sued for $2 million.  He was one of the original investors in Digital Lightwave of Clearwater.

L for Micky Luell, who died of neglected influenza.

L for Neil Liversedge, New Zealand, cancer circa 2001.

L for Paolo Lioni (or Lionini), born 1930s, who died of cancer c.1983 while on lines at Flag. Staff at Delphi Oregon. He was getting auditing at Flag while he had cancer.

L for Peggy Labuschange, Sea Org, originally from South Africa, died of cervical cancer in Clearwater in 1996 aged 65 after several years of trying to audit the cancer away. Her step-son Caspar (26) gassed himself in his car a few months later. Both were active Sea Org members at the time of their deaths.

L for Peter Lewis (originally a non-Scientologist Pro Sound Engineer) who became a Scientologist while working his butt off for the Church at Gold and Int Events all over the world. He was an on-lines public in LA when he was diagnosed with leukemia after returning from a Maiden Voyage and died about a year later notwithstanding the hours of Scn Spiritual Counseling he paid for and received. Here was a man who, through his good nature and hard work had come to mean much and was very close to all musicians and Gold and Int Crew, who died with all care, concern or discussion about it frowned upon and discouraged at Gold by seniors and HCO. Peter was there one minute and then he was gone, no ceremony nothing. Inhuman

L for Will Long, died of cancer.

M for Anita Mally – died of cancer before 2000, doing OT levels.

M for Brown McKee: see Francis Brown McKee.

M for Dan Murnan, a faithful Scifag (not SO) whose is believed to have throat or lung cancer and who has also apparently lost his mind. His death has been reported more than once but as far as the Editor knows (November 2010) Dan is still alive, if no longer the Dan we knew and, in our fashion, loved.

M for Debby Morris: breast cancer on OT VII – class IV auditor

M for Dianna (Diane) Morrison, in the Sea Org for at least ten years, died of cancer aged 30. Scientology is paranoid about X-rays and gamma rays, and they refused to let Diane get chemotherapy. The two Scientology doctors, one was LRH’s personal physician, prescribed a course of vitamin therapy and auditing to cure Diane’s cancer. Finally, one of the doctors told her to let go so she could just die. Diane stopped eating and drinking after that, and she turned into a walking skeleton. She was in constant pain and would moan and scream day and night. Her husband, Shawn Morrison, drove her, screaming and moaning, to his mother’s house where she was laid under an air conditioner. Diane died within two days. Shawn complained he had to miss post time to drive Diane to his mother’s house.” (Jesse Prince)

M for Ed Mooney, Cl 8 and OT 8, who was the first OT8 to die, of a neglected aneurism in the fall of 1990 aged 37, about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag. He was a former mission holder and very good FSM in LA. Scientology friends and family postulated he’d get better.

M for Francis Brown McKee, 28 April 1929-28 July 28 2003, active in the LA org in the 1960’s, had missions in California and Connecticut in the 1960’s and 1970’s. His wife, Julie McKee, died shortly after receiving services at Flag in 1978. My father became disillusioned and testified againgst flag in federal hearings, after disbanding his missions. He died aged 74 of renal cancer, and was active and fit and working until 3 months before his death. He was a graduate of MIT, and was a mechanical engineer.

M for Helene M. – France – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

M for Joel Morris, FCDC

M for Julie McKee, who died of untreated adenocarcinoma in October 1978. She was a high ranked auditor, and wife of Francis Brown McKee, head of the Connecticut Missions (see above). “Both of us were totally persuaded that the source of all illness,was mental, except for, say, a broken leg, and that the way of curing it is with auditing. During the summer, Julie lost more and more of her energy and had some swelling and some small chest pains and this and that and began to lose her voice. I thought, “Flag has the best auditors in the world and should be able to help her out.” So I sent her down to Clearwater in, I guess it was, October of 1978. We never thought about going to see a doctor; the Scientologist doesn’t think about that. They sent her back a week later sicker and she couldn’t speak — she couldn’t even whisper any-more. She’d write notes. We went to see a doctor, and he had her in the hospital very quickly. She was there two days when we were given the report. And what it was was adenocarcinoma, which was a cancer of the lymph glands of the lungs, and her right lung had totally collapsed, and the cancer had also infiltrated her throat and paralyzed her vocal cords. It had progressed to the point where it was totally hopeless. They didn’t even suggest chemotherapy. They sent her home, and I cared for her for ten days. And she died in my arms. And I began to think a little bit about this type of thing at that point. By following the instructions and following what we work very hard to learn, it cost my wife her life. She may have died anyway; we don’t know. If we had taken her to the doctor early, perhaps not. We can only speculate on that. But what I do know is, because of my faith in this man, Ron Hubbard, she didn’t have a chance.

M for Lisa McPherson (36), who died on 5 December 1995 in room 174 of the Fort Harrison Hotel, a Scientology facility in Clearwater Florida. She had been shut up for 17 days to follow the Introspection Rundown, Hubbard’s cure for psychosis and died of dehydration and starvation. The corner said she had likely died of a thrombo-embolism, caused by severe dehydration while lying in bed. The coroner also noted several bruises, and abrasions consistent with animal bites. The Church called her family and told them that she had died from either meningitis, or a blood-clot, while at Fort Harrison for rest and relaxation. In May of 2004, a civil suit filed by her family against the Church was settled. See The Truth Rundown

M for Maria M. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

M for Mike McGee, NY Org, died c.1975 of a brain tumor.

M for Pamela Malinson (d.2006) who is the first known victim of blue asbestos contamination on Freewinds. As the finance director of IASA, she lived on Freewinds for 9 years up to 2003 when she became ill with inoperable lung cancer. Then she was sent back to the UK and died on the RPF at Saint Hill, East Grinstead. She was shipped off to UK to die because dying at Flag is a big no-no. It was an extremely cruel end for her — gets cancer on the ship, suffers with it on the RPF and gets shipped out of town to die.”

M for Paolo Meini, OT 8, who felt ill during a session, and died.

M for Paula Marquez – cancer- Clear.

M for Phillip Mitchell who died of cancer in 2002. Dr Denk didn’t find it until he only had 3 weeks left to live (after being sick for years). He was on the SOLO course at AOLA.

M for Phoebe Mauerer was a long term Sea Org member, a trained auditor, exorcising BTs and clusters on the OT levels. In her last years, she was stationed in Los Angeles and Scientology’s secret HQ at Gilman Hot Springs in the Southern California desert. Phoebe did not believe in doctors and never got regular PAP smears or mammograms. HEW 245 She died of cancer or perhaps EOC.

M for Sandra Meirsdorff, GO, died in the early 1980s of untreated breast cancer; she was in her early forties. This was glossed over as “natural causes”.

M for Scott Mayer, SO, on staff 1977-1982 who almost died of a tooth abscess. “Staff members were always ill-fed, ill-clothed. I had an abscess in my tooth and I was being audited for it. I’m ready to go to the dentist, and I was being audited for it. I spent about a week, week-and-a-half, doing . . . what they call touch assists to get rid of the pain . . . . And, finally . . . I was just delirious and — well, there wasn’t any money for medical is what it boiled down to . . . . I went to the dentist . . . he told me I’d just made it . . . if it had been another day or so, I wouldn’t be here to talk to you.”

M for Suzanne (Sue) Mueller who died of breast cancer on 4 October 2004, age 60, doing OT levels.

M for Terry McCann, blind, neglected, died June 1984. He was a diabetic (not the only one) who went blind when his retinas detached as a result of the Purification rundown.

M for Therese Murphy – a Clear who died of cancer in her late 20s.

M for Tom Madigan, who died of a heart attack.  HGC auditor, Miami.

N for Daryl Naugle who died of cancer.

N for Erl Newman, SO member at the Gold base, who died of cancer late 90s. He was OT4.

N for Malcolm Nieman of London contracted meningitis in 1966-67, but auditing was continued for many hours. He was found unconscious on the floor the same evening with severe diarrhea and vomiting and rushed to hospital. He didn’t die, but it was touch and go.

N for Mats Norryd: a very successful Swedish painter. Version (1) He went to Flag for NOT’s around 1985 and while there was found to have cancer. When he couldn’t pay for more auditing he was sent home to die. (2) This famous Swedish painter (OT3 or higher) was diagnosed with serious stomach cancer, went to Flag, gotten auditing and a vitamin treatment, and become well. (3) He did not become well, but got more sick and was sent back to Sweden to die. (4) Mats was terminally ill and knew it when he went to Flag, but got tremendous help from the staff at Flag to get him up to OT level III, which had been his long-time goal, breaking finance rules and generally working many hours overtime. “I did not agree with the money spent, but he wasn’t taking it with him.” He blamed cigarettes and the cadmium pigments which he was exposed to regularly in painting.


Cancer and Neglect, O to Z

November 20, 2010

The cult has its own way of looking at things:

Pierre Ethier makes the disturbing claim that the Church’s OT VIII is dangerous in its present form because it is run without being preceded by the “old” OT levels following OT III (OT IV, V, VI and VII) which clear the way for its processes. Apparently running OT VIII in this fashion can and does result in very undesirable consequences for the pre-OT, up to and including serious illness…”

As medical problems such as heart attacks and diabetes are generally neglected, both by staff and by public Scientologists, deaths from general medical causes are included in this category.

O for Steve O’Hara – died of cancer in Salt Lake City.

P for Alain Priouzeau who was hit by a car (or died in a traffic accident) right in front of the Flag land base. “I believe he fell asleep at the wheel driving home from the org to get another 2 hours of sleep, (the 6th time that week he had less than 6 hours a sleep a night)… ” (OCMB 14 September 2006.)

P for Bambi Paul, New Zealand, died of cancer circa 1984.

P for Danielle Pozzebon, who attested OT 8 but who died of cancer a few months later. Her son, an OT 4, committed suicide shortly after.

P for Daphne Parselle was in Scientology in the late 1960s, in London and Saint Hill, East Grinstead. She achieved the state of Clear in 1967 (#382). During her Clear speech, (Clears in those days gave a short speech about their “wins and gains”) in the Chapel at Saint Hill Manor, she claimed, very positively and enthusiastically, that she was cured of the cancer because of her auditing. However, she died of the cancer shortly thereafter. HEW 251.

P for Ellen Price, untreated breast cancer. Ellen was in aco – audit for FPRD – class VI, ex-staff auditor, OT IV.

P for Heribert Pfaff (31), a wealthy German who went to Flag to seek a cure for his epilepsy. For a decade after surviving a major car accident, Heribert Pfaff had suffered severe seizures that often came in the middle of the night. In 1988 he traveled from his home in Munich to Clearwater to take courses at the Church of Scientology. His brother, Georg, told the Times that Scientologists in Germany promised a cure for his seizures and took Pfaff off medication that had controlled them. The son of a wealthy German builder, Pfaff checked into Room 758 at the Fort Harrison Hotel. He had brought about $100,000 with him to finance his visit, family members say. On Aug. 28, 1988, Pfaff was found dead with head injuries in his room. An autopsy determined that death was probably due to a seizure. No anti-convulsant drugs were found in his bloodstream. The $100,000 disappeared, says his brother. The family had stopped an attempt by Heribert Pfaff to wire transfer another $150,000 from a family bank account that was requested a few days before his death. Georg Pfaff said he discovered after the death that his brother had paid $26,330 for one Scientology course and $52,000 for another. The church was only interested in his money, says Georg Pfaff. One may well believe him.

P for Leslie Platinsky– aged 49, OT4, died on 3 October 1998 at Clearwater FL, of cancer

P for Lex Povall, New Zealand – cancer circa 1980.

P for Marie Passmore was a long term Sea Org member, a Class 8 trained auditor, and on the OT levels exorcising her BTs and clusters. She developed cancer in the late 1970s or early 1980s, and then got auditing in Clearwater. She was convinced that exorcising her BTs on OT 5 would cure her. When the cancer became terminal, she was sent to Europe to die. HEW Whitfield 244.

P for Marla Panda – cancer, in 1985.

P for Misha Priv who survived a heart attack. After he left the Church and disconnected from DM, his heart condition vanished.

P for Penny Pince of Ontario died of cancer of the kidney.  She bought some last-minute auditing that she was told would help her but it didn’t.  Ex.SO (LA), late 1970s.  Wife of Brad Pinch.

P for Thom Page who died in his 40s of a heart attack.

Q for Linda Quay, OTIV, who died of breast cancer early 2010

Q for Paula Quigley (or Ueckermann) who dedicated forty years of her life to Scientology in DC and NY, and died of lung cancer. She was a true believer. She was still trying to ‘recover’ an ex-member who was the only person visiting her when she died in 2007.

R for Brian Roubinek or Rubineck: US GO staff-B-1 exec who is thought to have died of cancer.

R for Captain Bill Robertson, who died in 1991 of brain cancer.

R for Cecilia Rojo, who died at Mojave Desert of cancer; she was only 17.

R for Claire Reppen, a long time CL XII auditor, who was busted by Miscavige to the RPF during the GAT evolution, and died of breast cancer in Aug 2001.

R for David Rossouw – was LRH messenger, last post in ITO died of lung cancer c.2000.

R for Eric Rubio, 36, died of starvation in Copenhagen, January 2002. When he was found, he weighed 45 kilograms for his 167 centimetres. He died in his kitchen but had eaten nothing for several days, and had suffered from malnutrition. When Erik Rubio came to Denmark in 1994, it was to join the Scientology elite: the Sea Org. He was later declared unfit and thrown out, but told he had a huge debt to pay back. At his death, he was still paying money to Scientology.  See separate article.

R for Gary Ross over 25 years in CoS, who died of alcohol abuse.

R for Helen Ralston who died of cancer,

R for Jo R. – Switzerland – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer. Killed himself c.2010.

R for John Roberts who became comatose and died while on the Purification rundown at East Grinstead. This is typical of extreme heat exhaustion and organ failure.

R for Judy Rosenaum-staff at Stevens Creek Org-injured her leg, went untreated by proper medical, result was a blood clot or perhaps a stroke. Either way, it appears her death could have been prevented by proper care.

R for Judy Rosenbaum – Deceased 2006 in her early 50s was Stevens Creek Staff and Delphi Staff before that. She died from a stroke in her sleep. Story of a neglected leg injury: “Judy-injured her leg, went untreated by proper medical, result was a blood clot or perhaps a stroke, either way, the result was from lack of proper care, I believe SNR C/S was comm ev’d over this.

R for Marcy Rogers – long term telex operator at External Comm FLO, died in the 90s of cancer OT.

R for Mary Lou Reilly who died on OT levels. “I believe it was cancer due to my last comm with her. She refused any treatment from docs and did natural treatments.”

R for Paul Rendall – cancer.

R for Romano Romanini who had a major stroke at age 40 six months after attesting to OT VIII. He had been a Cadillac pc all along, had never been overweight and still had a stroke at 40.

R for Rosa Rodriguez, who was Flag course supervisor in the 80s died from cancer.

R for Stan Rogers died of a heart attack in a solo NOTS session, trying to handle severe chest pain.

S for Ashlee Shaner, 16, who died on 17 May 2000, at Scientology’s Golden Era Production location in Hemet, California, when the car she was driving ran into a heavy vehicle parked on the road. There were no warning lights, flares, or construction workers on the road to guide motorists around the vehicle. There are no street lights in the area. The driver Thomas Nove “told officers he was working late the night Ashlee died to finish some work for the Church of Scientology’s Golden Era Productions.” His driving licence had expired in 1992.

S for Bob Sheckler (lung cancer), husband of Dolores Sheckler, husband and wife publics.

S for Bradlee Sweigart died of cancer c.2009. His wife Kathy, auditing on solo nots, was quite obsessive on the subject of cancer while vigorously defending Tommy and DM.

S for Brook Shackleton – Gold staff. Died of brain tumor.

S for Cam Solari – Class VI auditor, tried to handle cancer “naturally’, with auditing, died on OT 7 in 1992.

S for Carol South: cancer; worked at AMC Publishing from 1990.  She may have been out of the cult when she died.

S for Carrie Slaughterbeck, died at Clearwater on 27 March 1997 aged 23 while taking huge doses of Blue Green Algae, which a CoS front group sells as a dietary supplement. Super Blue Green Algae is popular among Scientologists in Clearwater. Sales literature promotes it for everyone — pregnant women, newborn babies and the family pet. Detractors describe it as “pond scum.” Carrie took as many as 30 algae capsules at a time. Slaughterbeck was 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 101 pounds when her body was found. Family members said she had liked being slim because she thought it would help her gain modeling jobs. She had a congenital heart problem which may have contributed.

S for Charles Sheahan, died of natural causes in 2000; noted because even so he was only 60.

S for Dan Sigal, longtime Flag public, passed away 2009 from cancer. He was in his fifties.

S for David Scott Sutter – Clear, late 40’s, died c.2008 of a cancer.

S for Gretchen Schwartz, NOTS case level, 40 year Registrar for FSO who died of a brain tumor.

S for John Robert Smith, who died of a heart attack aged 54,

S for Kirsty Schofield (2½), sister of Lauren, who died after swallowing potassium chloride – a substance used in the Purification Rundown. Mr Schofield alleges the cover-up of child abuse by Scientology and admitted being part of a campaign to cover up the facts surrounding the deaths of his two daughters.

S for Lauren Schofield (14 months), sister of Kirsty, who was in the creche at the organisation’s building in Sydney while her parents were involved in courses.  She was allowed to wander the stairs by herself and fell. She died in hospital two days later. Mr Schofield said he felt pressured by Scientology executives not to request an inquiry, and was told if he sought compensation he and his wife would be ineligible for any church services.

S for Lucy-Lorraine Smith – leukaemia.

S for Mary Stouffer, GO, (AG Sacramento at one point) died of breast cancer in the early 1980s. She was in her early 40s. She rejected effective treatment in favor of auditing.

S for Paul Schobel who died of renal failure after a prolonged illness; he routed out of S.O. and died in Sydney, Australia.

S for Peter Sparshot who was the C/S at AOSH ANZO and died of cancer when about 60 years old. He C/Sed folders of people up to OT5.

S for Ruthie Silverman, ASHO registrar for 32 years, died of lung cancer.

S for Tim Skog who died from emphysema in the fall of 2010.

S for Uwe Stuckenbrock who used to be security Chief International and was sent to the RPFPAC in 2001 even though he was suffering from MS. He died on the RPF in October 2008 aged 46. He was an OT. His wife Lurisse Stuckenbrock divorced him. She is still in a high position in the organisation.

S for Van Seffers who died on or as a consequence of the Purification Rundown in the 1980s.

T for Chuck Toftness Flag FSM, diabetic, artificial leg, died 1995.

T for Craig Tomlinson, former Sacramento Org Intern Sup mid-late 1970’s, brain cancer.

T for Dave Tomberlin, former Purif I/C, Auditor, Public, Miami: died by drowning perhaps from a seizure caused by a complication of diabetes.  One could also class his death as suicide.

T for Frank Thompson, who died of a heart attack.

T for Guissepe Tomba, 26, of Solaro, Milano, Italy, died February, 1995 of heat exhaustion and organ failure incurred during the Purification rundown. Just beginning Narconon treatment, he endured days of agony including vomiting and diarrhea. Then his heart stopped.

T for Ian Tampion, OT 5, died of lung cancer around 1996 at the age of 59. In 1973 he was president of the Church of the New Faith in Victoria, Australia.

T for Jett Travolta (16), the untreated autistic/epileptic son of John Travolta, who died alone as the consequence of an seizure, in a bathroom at the family holiday home in the Bahamas on 1 or 2 January 2009. The circumstances of his death have never been properly investigated but an alleged blackmail attempt can be linked to discrepancies between the state of the body when found and what the family claimed. It appears that Scientology intelligence was consulted several hours before local services were contacted. (WWP Wiki Timeline)

T for Susan Todd-Hunter, OT5 – died in 1992 at age 46. Wealthy public. Sister of Beverly Carter.

T for Ted Talbot died of advanced lung cancer – he just dropped dead one day, didn’t even know he had cancer. He went into Scientology to give up smoking. Twenty years later, with his family torn apart, he died. He was also, at the time, being pressured to go back into St. Hill to do services and was told “Come back to the church and we will let you see your daughter Mandy Kember”

V for Mario Villareal, an older man, who commited suicide on Solo NOTs in Acapulco, Mexico

V for Phil Valinski, died at La Quinta base in 1977, either in his sleep (the official version) or while he was being audited by Dan Koon, as some say, or as a consequence of the Purification rundown. Apparently he had a heart attack in session, and the auditor kept on auditing him, reportedly for many minutes, not doing CPR and not going for help. Dan is said to have used Hubbard’s nonsensical process to “bring him back” of telling him to think of his poor auditor.

V for Ruth Valko-Burness, aged 48, died suddenly of cancer around 1999, doing OT levels at Flag. A Big Thetan who gave them Big Bucks.

V for Ruth Valko, OT – died sudden of cancer around 1999.

W for Bo Wennberg who died of diabetes. No-one today needs to die of diabetes.

W for Dabney Taliaferro Waring, aged about 30, joined the Sea Org straight from school and lived 10-12 years in the Fort Harrison Hotel, was hospitalised and died in Tampa General Hospital overnight, of what was diagnosed as leukemia c.1994. “He was definitely trying to break with them during this period … he was scared of something he couldn’t discuss, saying “It’s too big.”

W for Jerry Whitfield of Cape Coral, Florida, did the Purification Rundown in 1997 and later discovered he had permanent liver damage.

W for Laura Wolfe, worked on Freewinds and died of cancer.

W for Lori Greene Wood, Clear, OT, SO, daughter of long term Scientologists, Peter and Doran Greene. She served aboard the “Avon River” in the Mediterranean under HEW as captain. She was at the Clearwater HQ in 1978 or 1979, receiving auditing on OTV or “NOTS”. She got ill during her auditing and was sent to the Ethics Officer. The ethics matter escalated but, a short while later, without recovering, Lori died.

W for Marjan Witte, Dutch, about 40, who died of cancer end 2003.

W for Tony Whitington – used to be CO FOLO WUS, later posted in FLO died a few years ago of stomach cancer. OT

W for Virgil Wilhite — OT VII, collector and seller of LRH autographed works, found LRH tapes all over the country, turned them over to archives. Died of leukemia 2000-2005 doing OT levels. He is said to have had tremendous debts.

Y for Beth Yamaguchi who died of cancer.

Y for Robert Vaughn Young, long time Ex, who died on 15 June 2003 from cancer of the prostate.

Y for Tracy Kathleen Yeich, 55, a teacher (keen supporter of Applied Scholastics), of Las Vegas, died 17 April 2010 of untreated cancer. Her husband contributed this insight: “Just as she was a success in this life she will go on to her next life and be successful in that one too. She loved to organize things, it was her forte. While I’m not worried about her moving on and doing well it would comfort me to know where she is. So, if you see a young girl in a couple years with all her toys lined up and very efficiently organized that very well could be Tracy. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know that you found her.”

Y for Tracy Yeich (55) died of cancer.

Z for Barbara Zizik, a Chicago dentist who did the Purification Rundown in the late 1990s and when she tried to renew her health insurance discovered she had irreversible liver damage.

Z for David Ziff, Saint Hill (pre-KSW), Snr CC/S FLB and Universe Corps, who died of cancer in 1994.

Z for Syma Zimmer, worked at Flag and died mysteriously without warning in 1999, leaving two children to be adopted by other Sea Org.  Cause of death not known.

Z for Yvonne Zentz who is rumoured to be in disagreement with “what was happening in Mexico”. The next thing we hear, she is dead from a brain aneurysm. I have also been told she died of cancer.


Dennis Ehrlich on Quentin Hubbard

December 15, 2013

by Dennis Erlich

For those readers who never knew cult-talk, I apologize for the following. But since the story is absolutely true and occurred while I still was, as salesmen put it, “under the ether,” I will write it as I lived it. If you don’t understand the words I use, as the chinaman said, “You betta off!”

I have commented previously that leaving scientology and re- entering society was like landing on a different planet. I had to learn the customs and language of the “natives,” adopt their manners [or lack of] and hope there was a place for me to fit in.

But an even greater shock was going to Flag [in Clearwater] when it first opened for business in 1976, to become Sea Org crew in the “Mecca of Technical Perfection.”

First of all there was the matter of deceiving the “local wogs” with our shore story. All staff and students were told exactly what lie to tell any Clearwater residents who asked about our presence: we were all religious students on retreat at the new United Churches facility in the Fort Harrison Hotel. Fortunately for us, few of the locals even cared to talk to the staring, stiff, and sullen students and staff. But still, it didn’t take long for them to realize we were not who we claimed to be. It became very unfriendly in town.

Meantime, “The Friendliest Place on Earth” was also proving to be something less than that. For me it was more like basic training in concentration camp management. New staff and students were packed like sardines, twelve to a tiny hotel room, in bunk beds four high with barely enough room to squeeze between them. Any time the income fell below half a million dollars a week everyone was assigned to “Rice and Beans.” On these numerous occasions, all we were fed was spanish rice and boiled beans. This was all part of showing the new recruit what he was worth. The spiritual pecking order was energetically applied and strictly enforced. Anyone new to Flag began as low man on the scrotum pole.

Flag crew considered all “outer org” students or staff to be DBs [degraded beings.] The fact that I had a wonderful reputation in the field and had run the most successful Internship in the history of the cult, made no difference. When I arrived at Flag I was treated like scum. Everyone was.

Brian Livingston [Class XII] was the Intern Sup and Jeff Walker [Class XII] was Cramming Officer. What a line-up!

Brian, who has since blown the Sea Org and is no longer a scieno, made a habit of getting up on a chair and screaming his lungs out at individual interns. The standard message was that they were squirrels, out-ethics or just plain stupid. His bellowing could be heard all over the tenth floor ballroom of the Fort Harrison and the HCI [Hubbard College of Improvement.] Students would hear him and go silent with terror at the thought of having to confront Brian’s wrath when they finally arrived on the internship. But this was just fine with Brian. It made them a more cowed and compliant [than they already were], when eventually he did have to deal with them.

Brian was the “nice” one of the two. Walker was the most feared. He didn’t have any completion statistic or bonus to contend with. He had no vested interest in seeing that interns survived his “handling” of them. Thus, he could act like the ruthless little prick he was.

Walker was famous for getting right up inches from your face, poking you in the chest and screaming “PIG SHIT!” when he didn’t like your answer to his questions and wanted to show his disgust for you. One intern [who eventually ended up in the galley], reported to cramming on a session she’d done. After Jeff read the errors in the folder, he threw open the 10th floor windows next to his desk [which had no screens], pointed outside and commanded her to jump. She talked about the incident for years afterwards, claiming she barely had enough self-control to withstand his control. This kind of thing was a joke to Jeff. He never failed to show his disdain for people. Usually disgust was the kindest emotion he exhibited when dealing with outer-org interns. They just weren’t up to his standard or that of Flag auditors. Those few who survived the indoctrination, gruelling hours, retreads, retrains and the constant shifting politics of being Flag crew were at least treated like they were somebody. Outer org students and interns were not.

Brian and Jeff were the two individuals who trained me when I first arrived on Flag. They were my “models” of how staff were to behave. I won’t go into any detail on what it took to survive this indoctrination, win their respect and become a valuable member of the “team.” It did, however, take some severe personality readjustment.

While I was still “green” at Flag, having only been there less than a year, I was posted as Jeff Walker’s junior: Intern Cramming Officer, FSO [Flag Service Org]. What a thrill! Imagine getting to be trained by the most senior Cramming Officer in the world! It had been my dream before coming to Flag, to be trained in Cramming by Jeff. Here I was! Right under him. Oh, what I would learn!

Well, the arrangement was a lot better for Jeff than it was for me. He got to stop handling those stupid outer-org interns, and I had to start.

He didn’t even talk to me for several months, except to grunt his disgust at me and the scum I was handling. I had to fend for myself, which was fine with me because Jeff was [and is] one of the most unpleasant individuals I had ever met and I didn’t miss his charming repartee.

Apparently LRH didn’t think much of him either, because two months after I was on post as Intern Cramming Officer, Hubbard busted Jeff and posted me in his place as Chief Cramming Officer, Flag. I was totally unprepared for what was to follow.

I had to cram every auditor in the HGC including the Class XIIs. Since I was only a class IV, I had to quickly study and check out on all of the material up through Class XII. I had a person posted as my junior to handle the interns, who was even greener than I. What a responsibility! I was now the most senior Cramming Officer in all of Scientology. It was just what I had wanted . . .

I found out what was meant by the saying “Be careful of what you want . . . you just may get it.” What a nightmare! The pressure was so great on me that I don’t think I said more than a 12 sentences to my wife during my first month on post. At the end of my 18 hour day, I would drag myself to my room, too overwhelmed to speak to or be touched — a total vegetable.

Then the disaster happened. It was bad enough to have to confront and cram the likes of Brian Livingston [who had since been busted to HGC auditor] and Jeff Walker [who had worked his way back up to the HGC after his LRH bust], but finally the supreme test — I had to cram the Commodore’s own son, Quentin, who was also one of the Class XIIs.

Quentin was sent to Cramming by the HGC C/S for failing to get all the reads on a C/S Series 53 when he first assessed it to an FNing list. PC didn’t progress, so the C/S ordered him to go back and assess it again. He found the 53 still reading, which indicated that reads had been missed the first time he FNed it. [Those of you who don’t understand what this was all about, are, as I said before, better off. Suffice it to say that he’d goofed up on someone paying many hundreds of dollars an hour for his “counselling.”]

I was supposed to check his TRs, assessment and metering and see why he messed up. It was a routine cram, but having to do it on LRH’s son made it something more.

Quentin, or “Q” as his friends called him, was 22 at the time. He looked 15 and acted 5. He was slight, blonde and effeminate in manner. While he sat if front of me in Cramming, he was constantly zooming his hand through the air between us and making noises simulating, much as a 5 year old would, the sound and motion of an airplane. I had been told that he was infatuated with flying, but I was unprepared for this: he did not stop his motions or noises through the entirety of our conversation.

That conversation was, to the best of my recollection, as follows:

DENNIS: “I see that you got some more reads on the 53 after it had FN’d.” [swallowing] “How do you think this happened?” Q: “I false reported.” [still zooming his hand through the air]

DENNIS: “You . . false . . . reported?” [beginning to stutter] “Uh-on the w-worksheets?” [knowing that this was one of the highest crimes an auditor could commit, and would require ethics handling and retraining “from the bottom up”]

Q: “Yea. I false reported that the 53 FNed.” [this said as casually as if telling me he ate cereal for breakfast]

DENNIS: “Uh . . . ” [struck with the import of the moment] Q: “I always do.”

DENNIS: “You mean . . .”

Q: “I mean I always false report when I have to FN a 53. I disagree with having to do that on pcs. It never does anything for the pc and it costs him hours of auditing. I think it’s better to just false report and get on with it.”

DENNIS: “?…….” [dumbstruck]

Q: “I think a lot of my father’s stuff doesn’t work. So I false report whenever I need to. Personally, I think my father’s crazy.”

[By this time, I had turned white and was sure that saliva was dripping out of my now cavernous mouth.]

DENNIS: “Uh . . you know . . . I’m going to have to re- train you . . . don’t you?” [hoping, beyond hope that it would be ok with him]

Q: “That’s fine.” [zoom goes the hand in the air] DENNIS: “. . .from the bottom up?”

Q: “Ok.” [paying little attention now]

DENNIS: “Well . . .[glancing at my watch and praying it was dinnertime]. . it’s almost four . . . why don’t you come back tomorrow . . . after I’ve had a chance to go over the folder more carefully, [trying to give any excuse for delaying the ethics routing form and retrain order] . . . then we’ll get you started on your retrain.” [said under my breath as he got up to leave] Q: “Ok.”

By the time this short conversation was over, I was gasping for air and my heart was pounding so loudly I could barely hear the thought screaming inside my head: “THAT’S LRH’S SON YOU’RE ABOUT TO RETRAIN FROM THE BOTTOM!!!!”

I went running out of the Cramming room looking for the only Class XII friend I had who had not yet blown, Ron Shafran. I found him near the swimming pool and he made me calm down enough to tell him the story. I asked him what I should do and he gave me the type of profound and deeply meaningful answer for which Class XII’s were famous. “I d’know. Do what you hafta!” and walked quickly away. [He and his wife Linda left within the year.]

The next day was more or less routine, except for my underlying dread of having to bust the Commodore’s son back to the HAS course. I went about my business and didn’t notice the day had flown by without Q reporting in, until the late evening. I decided to let it slide.

By the afternoon of the next day, he still hadn’t shown. My conscience was beginning to give me pressure. I felt guilty about my relief at his not showing up. Was this some kind of overt I was committing? No doubt! Better get out and do something about it.

By now Quentin’s retrain was the talk of the Tech and Qual divisions. I knew most people were betting he’d get off scot-free. He seemed to be in no trouble at all. But I had a job to do and policy to follow. I’d get it done.

I went looking for anybody who might know where Quentin was. Nobody did. Finally, I bumped into one of his few close friends. I believe it was Cathy Cariotoki who finally told me: Quentin had left for the West Coast to enroll [finally] in pilot school to learn how to fly.

I felt cheated. How could he be allowed to just skate out of the ethics trouble he was undoubtedly, but not visibly, in? In the back of my mind the thought: “Get real!! He’s the Commodore’s son, that’s how.”

I should have been screaming to the Qual Sec and Senior C/S about Q’s out-ethics. But instead I justified my cowardice in allowing him to walk away with his certs not pulled, by saying, “Well, he’s probably not going to be auditing, anyway.”

I was relieved, ashamed and shocked.

But, then, things had a tendency to move quickly from one emergency to another on Flag. “On with life!” or so I thought.

A couple of weeks later I arrived in the crew dining room for dinner to find the whole place quietly a-buzz with the news: “QUENTIN’S DEAD! NO ONE KNOWS HOW HE DIED. HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN MURDERED!”

At that moment, hand to the Lord, I thought, “Rumor has it that LRH was really pissed at Q. It was a huge loss of face for “the boss” having a gay son. This most recent disgrace — the false reporting — was the last straw. I bet he was murdered.”

We learned later that he was found in his car in the desert near Las Vegas airport. All the windows were closed and there was a tube from the tail pipe into the car. The car and his person had been stripped of all evidence such as licenses, which would identify the occupant. He was still alive, but unconscious when he was found. Something happened in the hospital and he died two weeks later without regaining consciousness. His death was listed as a “possible suicide.” There are obviously a few questions still unanswered about his death.

For instance, we never did find out the cause. Neither did the police.

But, when you think of the kind of life he was facing, with a megalomaniac father who considered him a liability in a grand scheme for world domination, there’s one thing we do know about his death:



November 29, 2010


November 27, 2010


We know their names but sometimes nothing more.   Any further information about these individuals would be welcomed.

25 January 2011

From ESMB:

Jorge ARROYO committed suicide on Freewinds while in RPF, 2010-2011:

Carol MILES  witnessed it and has now disappeared

A for James F. Aubrey, Jr., from Sacramento, CA, died on 17 September 2009. Class VI, on staff in the 70’s and early 80’s. Survived by his sister Kelli, a New OT VIII.

A for Michael Adams, 49, died in 2002

A for Paul Armstrong, CosMod, Davis and Sacramento.

B for Catherine A. Baird who died 7 May 2009. She had been in Scientology 17 years.

B for Dot Bolstad, Sea Org, a ‘beautiful person’, who fell foul of DM and died “of a broken heart”.

B for Gail Botta, died 2010, C/S at the Long Island org

B for Harry and Pat Bloomberg, Sea Org. Pat and Harry were among the stalwarts attacked during DM’s reign of terror. Pat achieved the distinction of being declared after her death.

B for Henry Bartnik

B for Jack Becker, FCDC

B for Jim Bostrom, 44 – is this the guy the cult entrapped and then sued for copyright infringement?

B for Michael Bonnin who died while auditing on the upper levels.

B for Rick Bannerman, FCDC

B for Ros Bisbey, C/S Foundation, ST. HILL. UK

B for Suzanne Beals, FCDC

C for Beverly Carter, sister of Susan Todhunter – died in 1992 at age 51. Wealthy public.

C for Don Cooper, FCDC

C for Gib Campion who peacefully departed his body in January, 2007.

C for Joao Cancela

C for Ray Cross

C for Thelma Cusworth, UK: perhaps elderly

E for Alex Eenkhoorn 53, who died of “natural causes” in 2001

F for Mary Florence

F for Eunice Ford, who died of “natural causes” in 2002.

F for Karen Fuller, died while on OT3 -?

F for Lauren Fafard in 2003 -?

G for Alastair Guy who was Treasury Secretary at AOSHUK

G for Chez Glickman.

G for Larry Gentry, died 2010

G for Mark Gale, OT VII, worked at the Scientology ranch/school/prison in New Mexico.

H for Pamela Harris (formerly Flood, Thompson), was originally staff at Leeds Mission, U.K.

J for Fenton Jones.

H for Larry Horton who died 14 December 2009. Larry first discovered Scientology through the Phoenix Org with his wife Barbara Horton in 1976.

K for Ray Kundel.

K for Robert Kaufman (mentioned by Paulette Cooper).

L for Andre La Chambre, died aged 45 in 2002, possibly from kidney disease. Does anyone know?

L for Cesar Lavado

M for Claudio Mole, died 22 May 2010 aged 37, born in Argentina, and a Scientologist for over 20 years. How did he die?

M for Eric Malm died on 20 July 20th, 2009. He was a long-time Scientologist and Class IV auditor. He was introduced to Scientology in the 70s while attending UCLA.

M for Gitte Mogensen

P for Chris Probert

P for Dan Perz, 50, died in 2003; cause of death not known.

P for Larry Pollock, OT8. When and how did he die?

R for Corry Ryke, in since 1967, died 2010, Class VI and OT VIII

R for Howard Rower – said to have died from “natural causes”.

R for Ilya Rakhmanov

R for Myron Robinson who died in 2010. Does anyone have further information?

R for Cecelia Rojo, known as ‘Venus‘, 14 June 1980-13 May 1998.  How did she die? (OCMB/ESK enquiry).

R for Nancy Kuever Richardson who died 5 December 2009. Nancy was from St. Louis Missouri and was previously an auditor and a Case Supervisor.

R for Ruth Ann Roberts, who was 58 when she died in 2000.

S for Andy Simson (or Simpson), who died of “natural causes” in 2000.

S for Corriere Della Sera.

S for Charles Sheahan who died aged 60 of “natural causes” in 2000.

S for Janice Savoie aged 60, who died of “natural causes” in 2001.

S for Phil Stannard, UK

S for Suzanna Sudalnik who died on 19 September 2009. In CoS 35 years.

T for Howard Thompson, who was ED Leeds Mission, UK.

T for James Twyman.

W for Daniel Wagner, who was 45 when he died in 2003.

W for Jane Winkler, OT7 – does anyone know anything more about this lady?

W for Jon Wootten, FSO NOTs FESer.

Y for Murray Youdell.


There are also 100 names of Sea Org members (not listed here) on their commemorative website which does not give ages or cause of death, only the date if known.


More information is always welcomed, particularly relating to the age and cause of death of any Scientologist or former Scientologist. The Editor has taken pains but apologises for the errors that inevitably arise in any such listing.


Golden Oldies

November 27, 2010

Old Scientologists are rare birds. There are so few of them. Even rarer are old Scientologists who die gracefully and with dignity. It is Church policy to neglect them and ignore pleas for even the most basic spiritual help.I have read that certain of those who died in the UK – John Harvey,  John Cox, Thelma Cusworth and others – fared better and were cared for within the organisation at the end of their lives. But elsewhere it has been a different and truly terrible story.

In Their Hour of Greatest Need, Valerie Stansfield wrote: “Unbelievable but true – there is a church in the United States that refuses to succor those who are ill unto death. In their hour of greatest need, members of the Church of Scientology, by policy and practice are refused services, counselling or spiritual care from the spiritual body to which they have declared their allegiance.”

This is official policy, laid down by Hubbard. On 6 December 1976, he published a Policy Letter stating: “It shall be a Committee of Evidence offense… to accept for processing and process any PC (parishioner) … who is terminally ill, regardless of what the org. may have promised or asserted. Such diseases as advanced cancer are included.”

This may have been prompted by the fact that, only a few days earlier, on 17 November, he had received the unwelcome news that his estranged son, Quentin Hubbard (22), had died in hospital at Las Vegas, and that he had been identified before his death, despite all the precautions taken to remove identification from his body and his car. No service was held for him then or later and no public announcement of his death was ever made. Church members learned about it through newspaper reports and rumor.

By grim but appropriate irony, Hubbard himself died incognito, in a motor-home, neglected and deranged, after a series of strokes, in January 1986 aged 75. His body was cremated with indecent haste and the ashes were dumped without ceremony in the ocean.


B for Faith Banks, aged 71, in 2001 – her age is only remarkable because she was a Scientologist.

B for Louie Belucci, who died aged 74 from “natural causes”, in his case, uncontrolled diabetes.

D for Hank Deneke, 82, died around Christmas of 1985. He gave 23 years of his life on staff being paid a fraction of the minimum wage. He couldn’t get money for his Advanced Levels so no spiritual help was given. When he became terminally ill, he was ignored. Not one staff member attended his memorial service.

F for Donella Frost, 76, who was involved with Joan Lonstein in APUME. Cause of death not known.

H for John Harvey, John Harvey, AOSHUK, who spent 38 years in the Sea Org.

H for Marjorie Hunt, who died of “natural causes” in 2002 at the age of 84.

J for Fenton Jones, aged 88, died in 2000 – is more information available?

J for Laverne Jardine, who died aged 77 from “natural causes”.

K for Alfred W. Kozak who died 7 November 2009. He was in Dianetics, and Scientology from day one. In 1950, he read Dianetics and immediately joined the local Philadelphia Dianetics group and started co-auditing. Al followed LRH 59 years in this life. He made it up The Bridge to NED for OTs Case Level Completion.

L for Joan Lonstein, super-wealthy public, who died in 2010, probably of cancer, age unknown but certainly more than the Biblical span. She had gone OTVIII twice, in 1998 and 2004.

N for Marie Nollenberger, aged 95, in 2002. Does anyone know more about this lady?

O for Robert Oakes gave over 20 years of his life to forward and improve the Church. When he had severe heart trouble, only his friends offered help. At his passing only a private funeral was held. Only one Church staff member, an old friend, attended and there was no church officiation and no spiritual guidance offered his grieving widow.

P for Ed or Howard Pughes, 82, who died 1976, was exploited to the end. “In San Francisco or Sacramento in 1976, I recall an old man Ed or Howard Pughes being made to pay the totality of his savings for Flag services. He was an 82 year old man who knew he had little time to live and he was made to spend all of his money in a few months. The main motive was: to get his money. The registrar (Felice Brand) said: “He is a sweet old man who wants to give us all of his money before he dies.”

P for Grant Pool had routed on to begin the Special Briefing Course to further his ministerial training. He had been devoted for around 30 years. He was told he had to produce money to take a prerequisite course and being unable to do so, as age and severe physical problems plagued him, quietly hung around the Church unable to participate. When he died, the organization did nothing – his friends had a private memorial service for him.

R for Bob Ross: “natural causes”. If this is B. Robert Ross, Indie, born 1921, he was 79 in 2000 and is listed here because he lived to an unusual age for a Scientologist.

S for Idella (Ikey) Stone – Over 80 years old in 1983, when she became ill she wrote the Founder L. Ron Hubbard who ordered the Advanced Organization in writing to give her processing (counselling) at no charge. She got none. Idella started the first center for Hubbard in the world. She travelled and lectured for him since 1950. The newspapers gave her death front page exposure due to her general fame. No mention of it was made by the Church. When the Advanced Organization had refused her a minister, she and her friends requested a student Minister be dispatched to aid her – in her hours of greatest need after 35 years of devotion. They were told it would upset the Church’s plans for the students. Her funeral also had no official Church minister present.

S for Julia Salmen who started the Los Angeles branch of the Church and administered it for nearly two decades. She started many of the programs now permanently incorporated into their Scriptures. When she knew she was dying after a long illness several years ago, she called the Church’s Advanced Organization and asked for help. They refused to send a minister. Word passed among her friends and one of them came to counsel and prepare her, for which she was very appreciative. After her passing, the Church claimed that she died as a result of his faulty processing. A paragraph was published honoring her contributions (which was more than any of the others got). No official service was held.

S for Luzette Sparrin – This elegant Victorian lady in her 90s was heralded as “the oldest Minister in the Church.” She was almost blind and had no money. To her last she was writing to L. Ron Hubbard, asking for the return of money she had loaned him when he was poor and she an affluent opera singer. The letters were never acknowledged. When her house burned down in the 70’s no help from the nearby Church was given and she moved into a sleazy downtown hotel, until her final days at a welfare convalescent home. The Church had an official group called “The Gerus Society” which visited convalescent homes to cheer up the non-Scientology elderly, promoting the Church’s “charitable” ideals. When asked to visit Luzette they refused, stating it was “not our purpose.” Luzette had spunk, even to her last week talking of going back on stage. No official Church service, or even mention of her passing was ever done.

T for Lavina Timmons – this gracious former Executive of the New York C of S for years, active for decades, developed a rash under her arm while taking Advanced Ministerial Studies at the Church. She went to a doctor,who said she had cancer. She asked the church for help and as reply was declared “an illegal PC,” then refused further help or even further study. She went home and cried, passing away in 6 months with no Church support. Private friends gave her limited counselling and a private memorial. She had no family.


Corrections, further information and new entries welcomed.  In particular the Editor would like further information about cause of death where this is referred to officially as “natural causes”.  In practice this has been found to include uncontrolled diabetes and cancer.

27 November 2010