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Suicide and Violence: D to N

November 21, 2010

Entries by surname from D to N, then by first name

D for Bruce Davis, a convicted member of Charles Manson’s “family.” At one time he was Foundation Staff at St. Hill. Vincent Bugliosi in his book on Manson asserts a relationship between Davis and the murdered teenage Scientologist Doreen Gaul.


D for David Dewhurst – a public pre-clear who killed himself in his car behind the Vancouver mission.  That is one way of putting it. He appears to have been one of those involved shortly before in the hit-and-run attack on Grahame Leese, a successful mission-holder who was “persuaded” into turning over his mission to the Sea Org.  Grahame died without recovering consciousness and Dave Dewhurst’s “suicide” followed soon after.  The other person involved (name needed) also died in an “accident” within a year or so.

D for Gay Doucette– suicide, 1981. In 1980 Gay Doucette had left the Riverside Scientology Mission. She had given all she owned to Scientology. She was persuaded get a loan on her home to continue with Scientology. When she could not repay the loan she lost the house. Her father, who had given her the down payment, was furious. She had due cause for a suit against Scientology which was in big trouble over loans in Riverside but she was not strong enough to stand up to the pressure of a suit.

D for James Dries (20+) Shot himself to death–disconnection situation with one parent in, one out.

D for Jim Dalton who supposedly had drug flashbacks from going too quickly onto the mucusless diet in 1973. He was a Scientologist in Salt Lake City and Geri Knight (ED) told him that the mucusless diet was what he needed. I answered the phone at the mission a couple of times when he was talking about the visions he was having . . . .

D for Larry Dennison who reportedly became suicidal after completing OT 8.

D for Martina Douglas of East Grinstead, committed suicide while on lines at Saint Hill, UK.

D for Roberto Deplano. 20, of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, killed himself on 18 February 1997. He owed millions of lira to the Church of Scientology. A former executive of the church (who was also his cousin) was later sentenced to 4 years in prison for extortion.  This is probably the same as Robert D. who in a different account jumped from the 8th floor of a building in Italy in March 1997.

D for Rudolph Duncan, who on 5 April 1998 collided mid-air with an executive jet, killing four Atlanta lawyers.  He died when his Cessna 172 crashed half a mile away. Do we know anything about his history as a Scientologist?

D for Theresa Duncan (40), a celebrity who believed herself harassed by Scientologists, died from a drug overdose on 10 July 2007. A week later her long-time boy-friend Jeremy Blake (35) drowned himself in the hope of rejoining her. They were friendly with Beck and his wife. Theresa claimed Beck wanted to escape from the cult. Opinion remains divided about the role of Scientology in this affair.

E for Don Edge, New Zealand, suicide.

E for Gary Epstein: Andre Tabyoyon testified that he saw and heard the Hubbard Tech of Thought Reform used to drive Gary Epstein to a PTS Type III psychotic break as punishment for his refusal to comply with orders he received from the Wayne Marple mission.

E for Hans van Ettinger (Dutch), university graduate, went totally nuts after doing FPRD 2D and going Clear at Flag Land Base in 2003.



E for Mick Erikson, who became violent on OT6. For a while at least his wife had him barricaded in his house to stop him attacking someone. He signed a very unconvincing form letter complaining about this outrageous allegation.


E for Robert Ellison, psychotic. He would wander down the street in his underwear if no one watched him. Instead of contacting his parents, he was guarded day and night; some of the time “we” kept him at the Apsley Arms Hotel where a lot of Scientologists lived. I was told that some high level staff members had taken him to the airport, minus any org identification, and just abandoned him there, hoping the “men in white coats” would deal with him.

E for the son of Maria Echavarria, who died unexpectedly in Clearwater, Florida, in 1991. He was claiming $50,000 from the “church”. There is suspicion that the son may have committed suicide, and the death was not just accidental. Like many other suicides it was convenient for Scientology.

F for Bud Fields, a Florida boat-broker who was murdered in Florida in 1985. He was blocking CoS’s purchase of the former car ferry, Boheme (now M/VFreewinds).  His household was infiltrated by a senior OSA operative, Bonny or Yvonne Mott, posing as a nanny. It is alleged that she had been ordered by Marty Rathbun of OSA, to murder Bud Fields because he wouldn’t sell this boat (La Boheme) to Scientology.  He was found floating in the sea at his home.  With Fields out of the way the sale went through within a week.”


F for Christian Fouche: a French businessman in his mid 30’s who lost his mind after attesting to Solo Nots. He was treated with the Introspection Rundown. He was hallucinating. He was seeing flying saucers everywhere and was convinced WWIII had actually begun. No more info.

F for Hugh Franklin – suicide.

F for Kerri Frost, a public Scientologist at Miami Org, who died from injuries received in a car accident.

F for Michael Friedlich, 18, who committed suicide end September 2006. It is said that his mother was advised to get Michael psychiatric evaluation for his “severe, chronic depression” but she was, and is, a Scientologist and so did not bother. She has been heard to say that her son’s suicide was “OK” because he “was obviously indwelt by an undesirable that the faith was unable to cleanse.”

F for Peter Ernst Frei (37), from Switzerland, drowned drowned at Clearwater in June 1988 while staying at the Fort Harrison Hotel. Frei’s parents say he left home with 20,000 Swiss francs, about $13,000, and had already paid the church more than 40,000 francs for counseling sessions before he left home. As Florida authorities tried to identify him, Frei’s apartment in Switzerland was burgled and ransacked, adding to suspicions surrounding his death. Wood, the medical examiner, went to the scene when Frei was found. She remains troubled about his death. She attributed it to drowning, but now says many questions remain. Frei had scrapes on his arm and cuts on his head and enough fluid in his chest to have drowned. But he was wearing shoes and socks and shorts. “What’s a fully clothed man doing dead in the water?” Wood asked. “Clearly this death should be reinvestigated. We still don’t know what happened.” Frei’s parents say he could not swim and would not have gone near the water.

F for Ruben Joseph Flores Sr. from McKinney, TX, prominent fast food owner, committed suicide on 28 March 2002 after being sent for Scientology Ethics handling

F for Steven Fishman, a former GO/OSA operative who reported that after he was caught by the government in 1986, he was ordered to commit suicide to save Scientology from being exposed for crimes he had committed on their behalf. He later had psychiatric treatment.

F for William Fisk was murdered. As an auditor he abused his position in the church to get sex from a married Scientologist. Russel Johnson, her husband, shot him.

G for Alan Green who committed suicide. Any more information, anyone?

G for Carole Gluchacki – suicide, after 1980; no further information.

G for Chris Garrison who had a complete character transformation at one point in Scientology, where they “broke” his spirit. I don’t know if he went over the edge, or what. Chris is still in Scientology after a failed deprogramming attempt by his family.


G for Doreen Gaul, 19, Clear, murdered with two others in Los Angeles August 1969.  See Bruce Davis (above), Manson article; also  According to Buglioisi, she had once had a relationship with Bruce Davis, one of Charles Manson’s gang and a former (or active) Scientologist.

G for Dorothy Geary became psychotic in San Francisco. Another report says Dorothy Geary was in her 20s and places her in Hemet.

G for Gloria Gervais who was found wandering down the middle of Beacon Street (major, heavy traffic street in Back Bay Boston, where the Org is) while on auditing, in late 1970s.

G for Jairus Chegeto Godeka, (38), a Kenyan who appears to have been drive out of his mind by Scientology.  He shot four of the staff of the Portland org on 25 September 1996. All of them survived.  CoS of course denied any link with Godeka, but the facts add up.  He appears to have become an adherent in 1980 and was demanding a refund of $50,000.  One of the arresting officers said “He’s not that crazy”, and his complaints about the cult stealing his money and invading his mind are exactly what the cult does. As a Kenyan, his venture would be paid for by his whole family, who would expect to benefit once he was established in America. But, as he told police, his dream faded to “gloom and doom” after he was introduced to the Church of Scientology in 1980. In October 2010, after thirteen years in a mental hospital, he has been given more freedom. The Church is worried, not without reason. They would have been wiser to give him back his money.

G for John Griffin– suicide, in Dallas 1978-79, was OT2

G for the daughter of Maria Pia Gardini who died on 18 November 1990 of AIDs contracted when she used a dirty needle given to her by another drug user while being treated at Narconon. She was 29 years old and an OT7 when she died.

G for Michael Gutmann – one of twins; committed suicide in 1972.

G for Philip Gale, computer prodigy and former Scientologist, a first-year student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, killed himself on Friday 13 March 1998 (Ron Hubbard’s birthday) by jumping out of the window of a 15th floor classroom. “Philip C. Gale drew a physics formula on a blackboard showing what happens when a body falls from a great height. Then he slammed a chair through the classroom window and jumped more than 200 feet to his death, as horrified students watched from a plaza below.” Gale was known to be suffering from depression but had not sought help from the school’s counselling service, perhaps because of his upbringing as a Scientologist. Gale had left the cult but he still killed himself on 13 March. His father had died two years earlier of a heart attack, aged 47. His mother, Marie Gale, remained in the “church”.   She was a spokesperson for CCHR, the anti-psychiatry front. If Philip had in fact left the cult, this would normally have led her to break any contact with him, leaving him alone.

G for Vicktor Gunnarson died somewhere between the 3 and 7 of January of 1994. He was the individual aquitted in the assassination in Sweden of Olov Palme, the high ranking Swedish politician. The police found evidence for Gunnarson’s connection to Scientology eg a number of Scientology books at his home. A reporter mentioned a $2 million offer to assassinate Palme being found or implied somewhere in his records.

H for Adam Hebblewhite of East Grinstead, Sussex, cut his throat (c.2000?) He was at University and getting auditing at St. Hill. His sister Claire is still in. Both were programmed to be cult victims at Greenfields School. (Mother, Wendy (OTV), died of cancer c.2002. Father Ian died a year later, perhaps also of cancer.)

H for Arlene S. Heller: the stress Scientology put her family through caused a mental breakdown and suicide attempt in September of 1981. Her daughter was a member.

H for Bill Howie, psychosis on OT3. He was a high level, long term Sea org executive. His wife was the deputy CO of Celebrity center.

H for Bjarne Hededam in Denmark, who hung himself.


H for Diana Hubbard-Horwich: said by several sources to be “close to the edge” of a psychotic break in 1980-81.

H for Dick Halprin committed suicide in the early 1960s. He was the author of The Whole Track Security Check.

H for Dorian Hale, a happy talented guy, but an alcoholic, who was persuaded to try a Scientology cure; he tried it and liked it but then they rejected him because of his past use of psych drugs. So he killed himself. His friend commented: “I know in Scientology they say that psych drugs and alcohol are really bad for you, but they cannot be worse for you than being dead.”

H for Gile de Hospied, a Dutch baroness who suffered complete and permanent memory loss after OT8, c.2004.

H for Hannu Hyttinen who died when making bombs at his home in Sweden in 1983.

H for Isobel Harman who went to Saint Hill for OT levels. She had been on staff in Melbourne in the early days and then in Adelaide. She was energetic, competent and very knowledgeable. She returned from St. Hill after being sent home while still on OT 2. She appeared to be completely disoriented and irrational. “She” was missing. The condition calmed and she is living quietly but according to her husband, Ray, the real person is still “not there.”


H for Jean-Louis H., who died in a car accident on 4 December 1990.  Suicide or murder.  He had routed out of Scientology on 15 May but at the end of August he said he had been threatened: if he would not work for Scientology he would work for no-one else.

H for Jim Hester was a preclear at the Miami Org in the mid to late 1970s, who attempted suicide in Miami and was hospitalized in critical condition. He left a suicide note blaming Scientology.

H for Joe Harrison,long-time Scientologist, Sea Org member and carpenter from Los Angeles, died in 2003 while working on Building 50 at Hemet – David Miscavige’s $70 million monument to greed and egomania. Having been working excessively long hours Joe forgot to put up the kickstand on his motorcycle, and lost his life only yards away from the entrance of Golden Era Productions.

H for Karen (or Karin) Hommeburg – suicide.

H for Laura Hippe who killed herself c.1986. A Hollywood drama teacher and girl-friend of Skip Press, who was a very good friend of Heber Jentzsch, then president of the Church of Scientology. They created a shore story to cover up this event and removed all evidence that would implicate Scientology in the death, before the police arrived.

H for Lauren and Hervé Hiver, age 18 months, Canadian twins who were killed 28 September 1996 in Amager, Denmark, by a deranged baby-sitter. They were sexually mutilated with scissors and then killed by their babysitter, an aspiring Scientologist Ludmila Vassilieva. She had a history of mental problems and had been under psychiatric care in Italy. She tried to join Scientology in Denmark, but was denied membership because she had had psychiatric treatment. This unstable woman, unmedicated over several months, was nevertheless allowed to work as a housemaid and babysitter for a French-Canadian Scientologist couple Aimé and Debbie Hiver. . After killing the babies, she dressed them and drove them around Amager in a baby carriage before delivering them and herself to the police. The Hivers blamed the death of their twins on the psychiatric care Vassilieva had received years earlier and on psychiatry in general.
Toronto Star, 1 October 1996 (R. Bragg)

H for Marjorie E Hunt, died age 84 in 2002. A rare example of an old Scientologist who lived a normal life and died a natural death. “She enjoyed gardening, music, flowers, travelling and activities with the Church of Scientology…”

H for Quentin Hubbard, older son of Hubbard and his third wife, Mary Sue, OT 7 and a Class XII auditor, died in hospital in Las Vegas after being found unconscious in a mocked up suicide in a sealed car. See article.

J for Albert Jaquier of Switzerland, OT7 and self-made millionaire, went Clear in 1980, was declared PTS/SP in 1990, and died aged 59 on 11 December 1994 after 14 years in Scientololgy. He had given the cult everything he possessed, including several million dollars. His ex-wife, Ariane Jackson, said he died “alone, impoverished, in misery, betrayed, disillusioned, depressed and less than 60 years old. Scientology had promised him freedom, health, happiness, success, immortality, power and longevity. In the hope of achieving these, he had given till he had no more to give.”

J for Bo Jonsson, former AG, Sweden – suicide.

J for Judy Johnson (formerly Mace), not a strong personality, former wife of Paul Mace who was driven to suicide by the PREC ethics handing she was getting.  Alternately, if you believe the cult, she fell under a train when she slipped on ice.  This was in November 1983, three months after Paul died, in November 1983.  She had divorced Paul Mace before 1977 and later married Howie Johnson..

J for Larrayne Johnston who committed suicide  in the mid to late 1980s by throwing herself off a bridge into freeway traffic in Los Angeles. She did this because Scientology would not help her after it alienated her from her husband and family. HEW 197(a)


J for Lee Johnstone – suicide at East Grinstead, 1985. GO staff member.

K for Jane King, 28, an actress, murdered in November 1977. She was the 7th victim of the serial killers, cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Jr., known as the Hillside Stranglers. As they targeted prostitutes, she may have been prostituting herself to make money for her Scientology habit.

K for Jeremy Kassowitz, a young person on auditing lines at Celebrity Center. He hung himself.

K for Jim Keith, 49 (12 September 1949 – 7 September 1999 in Nevada), was the author of Black Helicopters Over America, Saucers of the Illuminati, and The Octopus, co-written with Kenn Thomas, which details conspiracy theories around the death of reporter Danny Casolaro. In 1970, after publishing an article on Dianetics in his sci-fi fanzine Untitled, Keith became fascinated with Scientology. He later worked on staff of Scientology Missions at Riverside, California and Reno, Nevada. In the early 1990s he left Scientology after being introduced to the Harry Palmer (Avatar) material. He apparently died of a blood clot after surgery for a broken leg but the coroner’s report gave cause of death as “blunt force trauma.

K for John Kennedy, Director of the Scientology Institute in Bulawayo, Africa. They planned to leave Hubbard and set up a squirrel organization called The Institute of Mental Health. … Kennedy died shortly thereafter in a shooting accident. “It is said he shot himself accidentally while cleaning his revolver” stated the Daily Mail on July 14, 1968, “but an open verdict was returned by the coroner.”

K for John Kramer: John W. Kramer Sr., formerly of York, moved to Costa Rica in 1985 after murdering David Artz as part of an insurance scam. Fourteen years later immigration agents in Atlanta, Ga., arrested Kramer as he re-entered the country for medical care. Court documents describe him as the Scientologist, “Father John”, who converted Artz to the religion and used its doctrines to influence his business decisions and who attested Clear in 1976 and again in 1978. Kramer and his partner Samuel G. Lombardo had run similar insurance scams against other business owners during the previous two decades, Florida prosecutors charged in 1990. These involved repeated attempts on the life of an Illinois businessman in the early 1970s after Kramer insured his life; the staged death of a York contractor for insurance proceeds; the attempted murder of a stone business owner, who had agreed to a partnership with Kramer, and the gunshot death of Roy Ham, a York man, after Kramer insured his life.

K for Keith Klein, a person from Detroit who had money. He was an ASHO Briefing Course supervisor in 1977-8 and around 1978 he was on OT3. The G.O. called him back for more auditing because they knew he was suicidal after auditing on family problems (his father’s suicide). This auditing may have made him worse. He left staff, was put in a mental institution by his family, and then shot himself.

K for Mark Kabat – suicide; no other information available.

K for Murray Don Kaplan is a Sea Org member who was deprived of sleep for 72 hours in Edinburgh. He was on OT III and had a psychotic break and was put on “baby watch.” Did the sleep deprivation drive him over the edge?


K for Noel King went over the edge on OT3 about 1976. He sold an enormously successful resort in the Bahamas, and moved to Los Angeles to become a full-time Scientologist. He was treated like a god, since he still had lots of money from the sale of his assets. Noel stopped being able to sleep properly while on OT3. I went for a walk with him in the middle of the night, down to Hollywood Blvd. He told me that he kept seeing himself being pulled into some sort of force field, and then back out of it, and he couldn’t stop these pictures from flashing, and he couldn’t sleep properly. He also thought he’d been Jesus Christ and Napoleon, in previous lives. I don’t know what happened to Noel. When I asked about him in 1988, no one at Flag seemed to recognize his name…

K for Pius Keel (22), a confirmed Scientologist who killed himself in Germany in 1991 by throwing himself under a train. He got involved with the Narconon swindle and on 14 September 1990, after less than two months at Narconon, packed his bags and threw himself under a train.

K for Ray Kundal, who died in a car accident.  He was on his way home from work late at night when a drunk ran a red light and smashed into his car.

K for Ryan Kugler who attempted suicide at Delphi, Oregon, aged about 10 in 1984-85, by hanging himself. He was kicked out of school but admitted to L.A. Delphi about a year later and back to Delphi Oregon about 1988-1990. He stayed in Scientology and worked for a Scn company. (What else could he do?)

L for Casper Laubschange (26), originally from South Africa, Sea Org, died of CO poisoning in his car in 1996. He is also listed as Casper C. with his wife Alice Miller C. They met in the Sea Org in the 1990s. Casper was already married. They were sent to the RPF, then Casper got a divorce and married Alice. Then they left the Sea Org and returned to Columbus, Ohio, Alice’s home town. They worked to pay off their free loader debt but Casper was often depressed and couldn’t understand why his business ideas didn’t work out. He died of CO poisoning in his car in 1996. Alice died of cancer in 1998 while receiving auditing at the Cincinnati org. Caspar’s step-mother was Peggy Labuschange, also Sea Org, who also died of cancer in 1996.

L for Douglas J. Long– suicide. He took four courses in 1991.

L for Gloria Lopez: On 31 December 2006, this 47-year-old secretary, who had been a Scientologist for ten years, tidied her kitchen, hung out her washing, left her dull, suburban apartment overlooking the railway in Colombes, west of Paris, and walked the 30 metres out on to the tracks. She stood with her arms outstretched, smiling at the driver of the oncoming commuter train. He couldn’t stop in time. She was in debt for 200,000 euros, and had spent 300,000 on worthless CoS courses.

L for Michael Leube-suicide, July 1989, SO, C0S for 10 years.

L for Michael Lewitz: On 30 August 2003, Michael Lewitz “ran” from Phoenix, Arizona to Reynolds, Indiana where he attempted suicide in an attempt to escape “unbearable emotional pain.” He had been fine until he began auditing and was put through a Purification rundown, in addition to being subjected to an ongoing program of coercive persuasion by his housemate, Donald C. Lay, Jr., Ph.D. Because of the nature of psychological coercion, Michael is unable to make the connection between his engagement in those scientology practices and his suicide attempt. — per Jerry Staton

L for Noah Lottick of New York, who committed suicide on 11 May 1990 by jumping from a 10th-floor hotel window, clutching his only remaining money – $171 – in his hands. “By all appearances, Noah Lottick of Kingston, Pa., had been a normal, happy 24-year-old who was looking for his place in the sun. On the day last June when his parents drove to New York City to obtain his body, they were nearly catatonic with grief. This young Russian-studies scholar had jumped from a 10th-floor window of the Milford Plaza Hotel and bounced off the hood of a stretch limousine. When the police arrived, his fingers were still clutching $171 in cash, virtually the only money he hadn’t turned over to the Church of Scientology, a group he had joined only seven months earlier. His father Dr Edward Lottick said: “We thought Scientology was something like Dale Carnegie. I now believe it’s a school for psychopaths.” (From Time article.)

L for Raul Lopez got a multi-million dollar settlement after he was injured in a head-on collision in 1985. Then he got an inoperable brain-tumour that was impairing his mental faculties. The CoS told him that they could succeed where modern medicine had failed. By the time Mr. Lopez realized he had been duped, and fired his Scientologist lawyer / conservator, he had given the Church 1.3 million. The CoS maintains that there was never any wrongdoing, since Lopez had willfully participated.

L for Scott Leland a Clear who committed suicide after going crazy on OT 3.  “I met Scott in 1965 in England. We went through several courses together including the Class Seven Auditor Training Course and the Clearing Course. Afterward, Scott moved to Denmark, married and raised a family. He went through all the OT levels up to OT 6. I did not meet him again until 1986, when out of the blue, he stopped to see my husband and me en route to the Santa Barbara AAC for auditing. He did not look well. He cried several times over the next few days, telling me he’d been crazy for fifteen years and that the trouble started after he went Clear. When he started auditing on OT 3, he began hearing and seeing things and this gradually worsened to where he thought he was going nuts. He pleaded for help, saying he had no money for auditing at the AAC. I was very concerned and scared over Scott’s condition. The AAC said Scott could return at no charge, or if he wished, he could go to someone else and the AAC would provide case supervised instructions free of charge. Scott never acted on the offers. Scott stayed with my husband and me for two weeks — we fed and housed him. Scott mainly slept, ate, took long walks and read books. He looked and sounded much better when he left. He went to the US East Coast to see his mother before returning to his family, his wife and two young sons, in Denmark. I didn’t hear from him again. In 1987 I heard Scott hanged himself in his mother’s house on the East Coast.” HEW 190.

L for Shawn Londsdale (b. 1969), died 16 February 2008: “the lonely death of a lonely protester.” He apparently left a note saying he was “sick, depressed, broke and tired of it all”.  But January had seen the start of Operation Chanology and world-wide protesting.  It seemed (and still seems) a very improbable time for this brave soul to end his life.

M for Alan Meredith – suicide in Van Nuys, California in 1986.

M for Bob Mills, Royal Oak mission and Detroit org, who shot himself with a shot-gun after visiting with the E/O in Royal Oak to discuss pending child molestation charges in New Brunswick.  They concerned his wife’s 14-year old daughter.  Late 70s, early 80s.

M for Craig Miller– suicide. Is this the Craig Miller who ran a web-site “My success in Scientology” last edited in 2004?

M for Ed Mooney (37) died of an aneurism about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag in the fall of 1990. He was the first OT 8 to die. He did not seek professional help as he was an OT8 and believed he would get better. He was a former mission holder and very good FSM in LA. Scientology friends and family postulated he’d get better.  Editor wonders: is this negligence or lunacy?

M for Edward McBride (30), a Scientologist born in Belfast, Ireland, living in Brisbane, Australia, where he joined the cult. He electrocuted himself on 7 February 2007 at a substation near Brisbane after spending $25,000 on Scientology courses. The Queensland Coroner asked the “church” to hand over its files as Edward had been doing intensive Scientology courses before taking his life. But they had been shipped back to the States. There are several strange and unexplained circumstances around this death which suggest he was manipulated.

M for Gérard Mirault, 38, computer expert, froze to death on the night 29-30 December 1984, on the plateau of Larzac, France. He had left home the previous evening completely naked, to wait for sunrise in sub-zero temperatures. His wife said he had been unstable since he became a Scientologist and believed himself to be the Messiah.

M for Jolee Marshall who went psychotic on NOTs. in 1979. At that time many people were going psychotic on NOTs, NED for OTs, and it was being suppressed. She died a few years later.

M for Joy McBride, an auditor in Los Angeles whose body was washed up on a beach in Los Angeles: was this an accident? suicide? or murder? Is there any sensible distinction?

M for Judy Mace: see Judy Johnston.

M for Khushroo Motivala (38) was found hanged in 1992. He believed his life was in danger because he was trying to expose the evils of Scientology, which his former girlfriend had joined.

M for Mario M., a member of the Turin, Italy, org, mentally ill, hoped Scientology would help but found it did not. He asked for a refund of the 3,000 euros he had paid (in 1985/86), but was victim of delaying and stressful tactics, and psychological threats. On 10 October 1986 he tried to gas himself but his mother died instead, in the ensuing fire. He hung himself on 1 January 1988.

M for Paul Mace, one-time actor, once married to Judy Johnson, then to Kathy.  He died when the motorbike he was on, driven by a drunk friend, crashed, in about August 1983.  At the time he was on the same ethics program (RPEC) as Judy.

M for Robert George Mills, 42, of Los Angeles, California, achieved a high level in Scientology, and then moved to Nova Scotia. There he was accused of sexually abusing the daughter of his partner. He committed suicide on 16 April 1989.

M for Stacey Moxon Meyer, 12 April 1979 to 25 June 2000, daughter of Scientology’s inhouse attorney, Kendrick L. Moxon. She was electrocuted in an underground transformer vault at Gold Base, the cult’s desert retreat in California. ‘No rational sane person would crawl down into a transformer closet.’ Her terrible death is said to have been a suicide after she had been held captive at Int along with others for two months. “She was brand new, still in her teens (as I recall) and just couldn’t take it. She had just gotten married prior to coming up to the Int base, and had not been allowed to see her new husband. Despairing, she committed suicide Sunday morning June 25, 2000.” Steve Hall claimed that Marion Pouw destroyed Stacy’s suicide note.

M for Susan Meister. One of the earliest recorded and most suspicious deaths is that of Susan Meister, a crew member on Hubbard’s flagship Apollo in 1971. She died of a bullet wound to the forehead, which they claimed was self inflicted and they left her body in Morocco. A suicide note appeared, but the authorities could not read it, and her cabin had been cleared of all other papers, diaries, etc. The evidence suggests she was murdered by Hubbard or on his orders, having become psychotic. See full account elsewhere.
Scientology: Susan Meister Letters

M for Terry McCann, got very depressed and died (committed suicide?) in June 1984. “Terry was a public pc on ASHO lines, in his early forties, and seriously diabetic. Terry was also blind when I met him. His blindness developed when his retinas separated while he was doing the required purification rundown prior to our meeting. When I knew him Terry was very depressed about being blind and wanted to die.” Testimony of Ginger Ross Breggin,

M for Wilhelm Mack 37, of Grossbettlingen, Germany. Probable suicide in 1993. In just five weeks he had spent over 70K DM for courses and materials from Scientology. He regretted his involvement and wanted to leave the church. He was found hanged in his garage.

N for Chuck Newton, 1980-81 was not very stable to start with and went nuts on audited NOTs. He went PTS by having problems at work, being unfaithful, etc. He was miserable, and his behavior was out of control. One night, he beat a litter of newborn puppies to death with a shovel.  His family sent him to Flag to “get handled.” He reached a “flat point” on audited NOTs (meaning: he ran out of money) and he came home completely bizarre. He sat and watched Cable Network News almost 24 hours a day. I don’t know when he slept . . . .

N for Gloria Neumeyer was a rich and successful public, and leading member of WISE but according to one version she was an alcoholic. As long as she had been in Scientology she had been sober but on the plane home after attesting to Solo NOTs she got drunk. Eventually she was so out-ethics MAA said she would not be able to do OT VIII for years, despite having paid for it. She said: “Per my observation, the threat of being denied doing OT VIII after they had paid for it and been promised it, has been the number one cause of OT VII completions going psychotic. I know of 6 such instances.” By 1991 she had left the “church” having given it $500,000. Gloria J Neumeyer, perhaps the same, is now director of Adams House, recovery accommodation in San Angelo, Texas, US.

N for Jorgen Nielsen (Danish) who hanged himself.  He was found by Steen Jorgensen.

N for Roger Nind (49), an Australian, died in October 1992 when he stepped into the path of a car at Clearwater, FL, where he was trying to get a refund of $70,000. If this was an accident it was, as so often, very convenient for the cult.


Updated 19 November 2010


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