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November 27, 2010


We know their names but sometimes nothing more.   Any further information about these individuals would be welcomed.

25 January 2011

From ESMB:

Jorge ARROYO committed suicide on Freewinds while in RPF, 2010-2011:

Carol MILES  witnessed it and has now disappeared

A for James F. Aubrey, Jr., from Sacramento, CA, died on 17 September 2009. Class VI, on staff in the 70’s and early 80’s. Survived by his sister Kelli, a New OT VIII.

A for Michael Adams, 49, died in 2002

A for Paul Armstrong, CosMod, Davis and Sacramento.

B for Catherine A. Baird who died 7 May 2009. She had been in Scientology 17 years.

B for Dot Bolstad, Sea Org, a ‘beautiful person’, who fell foul of DM and died “of a broken heart”.

B for Gail Botta, died 2010, C/S at the Long Island org

B for Harry and Pat Bloomberg, Sea Org. Pat and Harry were among the stalwarts attacked during DM’s reign of terror. Pat achieved the distinction of being declared after her death.

B for Henry Bartnik

B for Jack Becker, FCDC

B for Jim Bostrom, 44 – is this the guy the cult entrapped and then sued for copyright infringement?

B for Michael Bonnin who died while auditing on the upper levels.

B for Rick Bannerman, FCDC

B for Ros Bisbey, C/S Foundation, ST. HILL. UK

B for Suzanne Beals, FCDC

C for Beverly Carter, sister of Susan Todhunter – died in 1992 at age 51. Wealthy public.

C for Don Cooper, FCDC

C for Gib Campion who peacefully departed his body in January, 2007.

C for Joao Cancela

C for Ray Cross

C for Thelma Cusworth, UK: perhaps elderly

E for Alex Eenkhoorn 53, who died of “natural causes” in 2001

F for Mary Florence

F for Eunice Ford, who died of “natural causes” in 2002.

F for Karen Fuller, died while on OT3 -?

F for Lauren Fafard in 2003 -?

G for Alastair Guy who was Treasury Secretary at AOSHUK

G for Chez Glickman.

G for Larry Gentry, died 2010

G for Mark Gale, OT VII, worked at the Scientology ranch/school/prison in New Mexico.

H for Pamela Harris (formerly Flood, Thompson), was originally staff at Leeds Mission, U.K.

J for Fenton Jones.

H for Larry Horton who died 14 December 2009. Larry first discovered Scientology through the Phoenix Org with his wife Barbara Horton in 1976.

K for Ray Kundel.

K for Robert Kaufman (mentioned by Paulette Cooper).

L for Andre La Chambre, died aged 45 in 2002, possibly from kidney disease. Does anyone know?

L for Cesar Lavado

M for Claudio Mole, died 22 May 2010 aged 37, born in Argentina, and a Scientologist for over 20 years. How did he die?

M for Eric Malm died on 20 July 20th, 2009. He was a long-time Scientologist and Class IV auditor. He was introduced to Scientology in the 70s while attending UCLA.

M for Gitte Mogensen

P for Chris Probert

P for Dan Perz, 50, died in 2003; cause of death not known.

P for Larry Pollock, OT8. When and how did he die?

R for Corry Ryke, in since 1967, died 2010, Class VI and OT VIII

R for Howard Rower – said to have died from “natural causes”.

R for Ilya Rakhmanov

R for Myron Robinson who died in 2010. Does anyone have further information?

R for Cecelia Rojo, known as ‘Venus‘, 14 June 1980-13 May 1998.  How did she die? (OCMB/ESK enquiry).

R for Nancy Kuever Richardson who died 5 December 2009. Nancy was from St. Louis Missouri and was previously an auditor and a Case Supervisor.

R for Ruth Ann Roberts, who was 58 when she died in 2000.

S for Andy Simson (or Simpson), who died of “natural causes” in 2000.

S for Corriere Della Sera.

S for Charles Sheahan who died aged 60 of “natural causes” in 2000.

S for Janice Savoie aged 60, who died of “natural causes” in 2001.

S for Phil Stannard, UK

S for Suzanna Sudalnik who died on 19 September 2009. In CoS 35 years.

T for Howard Thompson, who was ED Leeds Mission, UK.

T for James Twyman.

W for Daniel Wagner, who was 45 when he died in 2003.

W for Jane Winkler, OT7 – does anyone know anything more about this lady?

W for Jon Wootten, FSO NOTs FESer.

Y for Murray Youdell.


There are also 100 names of Sea Org members (not listed here) on their commemorative website which does not give ages or cause of death, only the date if known.


More information is always welcomed, particularly relating to the age and cause of death of any Scientologist or former Scientologist. The Editor has taken pains but apologises for the errors that inevitably arise in any such listing.



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