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Cancer and Neglect, A to G

November 21, 2010

In History of Man, L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and mitosis.” (1975, 20.) This statement was not amended in his lifetime and so remains Scientology scripture.

As medical problems such as heart attacks and diabetes are generally neglected, both by staff and by public Scientologists, deaths from general medical causes are included in this category.

A for Anonymous Addict of Vianden, Luxembourg, who died of an overdose three days into a “cure” for which he had paid Narconon 250,000 francs.

A for Anonymous Allison X is said by Corydon in his book almost to have died on the purification rundown.

A for Anonymous Carol X, Sea Org member, died of breast cancer c.1980. She was flown back to England in a dying condition to avoid bad PR at Flag.

A for Anonymous Chuck (with a Polish surname) who had just completed KTL and LOC in L.A. and
died in a fatal car crash on his way back to Florida.

A for Anonymous death at Flag: a second-generation Scientologist, a married woman with a family, went from Sacramento, CA to Flag for the high-level auditing called NED for OTs. She became so distressed and upset that she kept calling her mother: “Come do something to help me.” She couldn’t travel because she was too ill. No-one made any effort to help her. She died and the autopsy disclosed a ruptured pancreas. Brown McKee’s testimony, Clearwater, 1982.

A for Anonymous Ex ED Tokyo – died of cancer. OT.

A for Anonymous Federica X, aged 33, of Torre dell’Orso, Meledugno, Italy, who died 11 October 2002. She complained of stomach pains while at a Narconon center, a few days later she was dead.

A for Anonymous Gabriella who died from cancer on Solo NOTs: probably Gabriella Bramucci.

A for Anonymous Geneva Scientologist who died in 1995 of neglected ovarian cancer. Her Scientology doctor was accused of second-degree murder.

A for Anonymous Judy X of CMU who died about 1996 of cancer. “We were not allowed to hold a funeral service for her. She told the MLO that she got cancer because she wanted to escape the suppression.”

A for Anonymous Luigi, a restaurant owner in Brescia and OT 8, who had died of a heart attack.

A for Anonymous Man. who died in 1989 in the boiler-room of the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, Florida, of CO poisoning. The boiler-room was used as accommodation by the RPF’s RPF, the most incalcitrant of the prisoners in the punishment squads.

A for Anonymous Mother, new OTV, who died of cancer in 2007 in her mid-60’s. She felt her cancer was caused by the constant stress laid on her by the church.

A for Anonymous Mr Rogers of Vancouver, B.C., who was auditing away on OT VII at home in 1989. Since all OTs believe that their ailments are only caused by spiritual factors or other beings, he neglected to get any medical attention even when he experienced extreme dizziness, pains in the chest and along the arms and trouble in breathing. But since all disease at the OT VII level is wholly explained in the mind of Pre-OTs as unflat OT V, he continued to audit daily and never called the doctor. He then had a major and FATAL heart November or December 1989. A few hour later, Irene, his wife, a very active OT, returned home and discovered his lifeless body lying on the floor amidst his solo NOTS worksheets (she was an OT VII completion herself). She carefully hid them and avoided any mention of it to the police …”

A for Anonymous New OT VIIIs: “It has been well hidden by the church that several people died shortly after completing New OT VIII. Three people who were in their early 50’s died of cancer, months after completing New OT VIII. As a result, the New OT VIII C/S was RPFed.” (Source: Cornelius Krasel.) New OT VIII came in in 1986, with Freewinds. Who were these three people?

A for Anonymous OT who died in the 90’s with cancer. Broke her leg and found cancer.

A for Anonymous OTVIII with breast cancer.

A for Anonymous Scientologist in Washington state who died on the purification rundown. This is probably Christopher Arbuckle.

A for Anonymous heart victim and witness to Hubbard’s medical wisdom: he went to Flag when it was on the ship because he had a heart condition. One of Hubbard’s prescriptions for that is vitamin E. He came back a broken man and died two or three months later. And the autopsy showed his stomach to be filled with undissolved Vitamin E capsules. Brown McKee’s testimony, Clearwater, 1982.

A for Anonymous Trina from Denmark who died from cancer; she was on Solo NOTs.

A for Carl Anderson, the voice of Jesus Christ Superstar, husband to Mohammed Ali’s ex wife and voice of several LRH and Scientology songs such as “Song Of The Bard” from the “Joy Of Creating” and Hymn Of Asia on CD and live concerts all over the world. A non-Scientologist who regularly and openly declared his love for LRH but could not reconcile that love with the sometimes harsh treatment he received at the hands of Gold and Int execs during his involvement with Golden Era Productions and so never became a Scientologist. Carl also contracted leukemia and died in 2004. Carl Anderson was a Celebrity in every sense of the word, someone who was much respected and loved by Gold Musicians and Scientology public. Yet, his illness and death were hushed up at int and again no grieving was spoken of or encouraged. I remember Denise Friend receiving an invitation to and showing a desire to attend a memorial service for Carl and, well you can guess the outcome.

A for Carrie Alkins a juvenile diabetic, did the Purif under the supervision of Dr Gene Denk, developed a detached retina and, despite several eye surgeries, has been blind ever since.

A for Christopher Arbuckle, 25, of Portland, Oregon died 26 October 1991. He was taking a Scientology “Purification Rundown” which involved extreme exercise and vitamin megadoses. He died of liver failure and his parents filed suit against the church. Scientology (Western Division) quickly settled a wrongful death case with his family. A former member of GO/OSA recently reported that he stole all the court records from Portland Oregon’s three counties to cover up this case.

A for Konrad Aigner – died 11 August 1997 from multiple organ failure attributable to the Purification Rundown. See separate article on this site.

A for Miguel Arguello 1941-2005, an accomplished realist painter and a beautiful person, who died of cancer of the mouth.  He was on Solo Nots (or OT 7). He was a great artist, from Spain, who had lived in Sweden, the UK and the US (per Arthur Dent).

B for Allen Buchanan – Sea Org, died 1992, quite young. Perhaps mercury poisoning.

B for Antonella B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Ariel Bingham, New Zealand, who died of cancer circa 1981.

B for Carlos Becerra who was murdered in Mexico just few days after he finished his 6 months check.

B for David Butterworth (61) who died of cancer in the fall of 2007.

B for Dorothy (Dot) Barton, an OT 5 who died of cancer in her mid to late 40s.

B for Edward Brewer: “Ed Brewer was involved in a car accident. Several other Sea Organization or Scientology Staff members were in the car with him. They left him in the car to bleed to death while they went back to the Scientology organization to talk to the people in the intelligence division, because they didn’t know what to do.” Their priority was to avoid creating a public relations flap for Scientology. They failed to call for medical help. Brewer bled to death pinned in his car. Source: FACTNet.

B for Ellie Blankenship – OT Ambassador, who died at Flag of cancer in 1999 (or 1997) aged 55.

B for Enid Byrne registrar at AOLA for some 30 years, who had cancer, survived, and then got liver cancer and gave up. Died 2002 in her late 40s-early 50s. Some claim she went to the beach, took all her clothes off and drowned herself.

B for Gabriella Bramucci (55) an Italian lady who died of metastatic breast cancer in 1997. She was readmitted to hospital on 6 August 1997 and died within a few months. Her former husband, Dino Michieletto, found out by accident two months later. He blamed her death on Scientology which discouraged her from getting effective treatment and treated her with touch assists. In 1998 Dino Michieletto and the journalist of the “Gazzettino” were sued for libel, slander and for violating the law on discrimination, hate and violence for racial, etnic and religious reasons by the President of the Church of Scientology – Padua. But on July 9th, 1999. Michieletto has a long legal history against Scientology, and he never lost once.

B for Gord Blakeston, public in the Detroit area.  Routed off-lines (actually thrown out of the building on to the street) after coming out of the closet, by the acting E/O who used to be a male prostitute.  Gord died of AIDS in the early 1990s.

B for Griffee Blythe, ex-Sea Org, who died 28 June 2008 (or 2009?). Cause of death said to be alcohol abuse.  She had been out of the Sea Org since 2004. Is her sister Bitty married to DM’s brother, Ronnie?

B for Hans Benakee (sp?), who died of an untreated seizure in front of Scientology staff.

B for Jean-Luc Barbier (Swiss) who complained of medical neglect in 1994: “After my purification programme I became very sick with my throat and the C/S gave me a lot of assists without results… In fact now I cannot continue to play the saxophone and teh flute and I have a chronic inflammation because I had receive no adequate medical assistance.”

B for Jens Bogvad, long-time Sea Org member, was Executive Director Tokyo Scientology Org when he contracted cancer. He was finally sent home to Europe to die. HEW Whitfield Affidavit, 247

B for Jeroen de Bruijn (25), Dutch, died of cancer in 2004.

B for Lisa B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Louie Belucci, 74, who died of complications of diabetes

B for Melanie Bruemmer who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. She was Class IX and Senior C/S Foundation at the San Francisco Org, I/P Solo Nots

B for Pat Bloomberg, 55-65, a Sea Org member at AOSH ANZO (Australia-New Zealand), a very heavy smoker who died of lung cancer. She was declared a Suppressive Person (SP) after her death.

B for Patty Barragan who died of cancer; she was on OT 5.

B for Peggy Bankston was an original Sea Project/Sea Org member who worked on board the Avon River in Las Palmas, in early August 1967, as Flag Banking Officer and Hubbard’s personal Finance Officer. She was Class 6, Upper Level OT3 auditing.  In late 1967, she got ill, left the ship and died, of untreated skin cancer. HEW Whitfield 250.

B for Rex Boler – Cancer

B for Roberto B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Sonia B. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

B for Vicki Ann Benham who sued the Dallas org for injury during the Scientology Purification Rundown, where one takes massive amounts of vitamins (medical tests prove that Niacin in excess can cause liver damage), and many hours of exposure to extreme heat. (Benham v. CoS Celebrity Center of Dallas No. 91-08216) Settled out of court in 1991.

C for Alice Miller C. who died in 1998 from untreated breast cancer while receiving auditing at the Org in Cincinnati OH. When it was diagnosed she broke with her husband Casper who committed suicide in his car in 1996. Her married name was probably Labuschanger q.v.

C for Barbara Clarke, OT8,died of cancer.

C for Bernard C. – Switzerland – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

C for Bob Cobb, New Zealand, cancer circa 1995.

C for Camilo Child, OT 5, who attempted suicide few months after he got a review at Flag.

C for Cathy Cariotaki who died February 2007 from cancer

C for Chris Currier who may have suffered brain damage in car accident ?? Did both brothers die?

C for Don Currier– ED in Boston 1976 or 1977, OT 7 (maybe OT 8). who died of brain cancer.

C for Ellen Carder an American Scientologist in the early 1960s who had cancer and went to England for advanced auditing. Hubbard told her that if she studied the Clearing Course and then applied the auditing techniques to herself to achieve the State of Clear, her cancer would be cured. Ellen started on this course of action. However she died in June 1966 at Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, England – from the cancer. HEW 252.

C for Giuliano Cocchetti who had a stroke just after having attested OT 8, then committed suicide.

C for Luigi Confliti: he didn’t speak much English and was denied medical treatment by Scientology when he really needed it.

C for Mark Chambers, the KTL supe at Stevens Creek, who started having bad health problems, ended up in a wheelchair, probably after a double amputation as his circulation was horrible from years of smoking and just bad health habits–perhaps diabetes.  He kept on as a staff member, but the ED got him offloaded as the idea of a ‘cripple DB’ in the org on staff was completely out-PR to her. She was pretty brutal about that sort of thing and had made sarcastic comments about fixing the org’s elevator, because only downstats would need it–and that was not worth putting money into. He died after he was kicked off of staff.  To make matters worse a few years prior to this, his wife really went off the deep end mentally. Many suicide watches and handlings with the DSA, and last I heard she was still in terrible shape. She also had been a staff member for years.

C for Mick Cottee, aged about 50, who died 2010 of bone cancer, in Australia.  He had been out for some years.

C for Nancy Clitheroe, died of cancer “young and with children”.

C for Pat Caid – died in 1977 of a brain tumor. He was an auditor in the Las Vegas Org who got transferred to Celebrity Centre of Los Angeles, was told in 1977 by a doctor in Los Angeles he needed to get a brain tumor removed but was told the doctor was a suppressive person and so instead of surgery he decided to get auditing. Soon afterwards he keeled over in his living room and died.

C for Robert Clark, early 80’s; he was tech sec fdn. in the Adelaide Cof S and had throat cancer. He had been undergoing such treatment as being locked in all night because his stats were not up. He had been coerced into leaving his wife and selling some of their property to send money to Flag. Bob developed the cancer in the Org before he left.

C for Sadie Craig died in about 2002. “She was diabetic, went blind and lost her kidneys. She tried to handle stuff naturally but she was convinced to do the treatments which gave her more years of life to see a great grandchild. She lived in dialysis for 5 years till it no longer worked, she got MRSA and then medical system refused her medical insurance. Shipped her to hospital that did not know her history and she did not get treatment till it was late. She died in her sleep. I guess that is the best way to go.”

C for Sally Esterman or Chaleff was a Sea Org member who died of cancer and the Sea Org mind-set, in January 1987. “Scientology took her from top model to wasted in a short time.” She developed cervical cancer, which in 99% of cases is curable if caught early. Sally never received regular PAP smears or mammograms, and by the time she reported her condition, the cancer was terminal. She worked until she became too weak. She was then put into a convalescent home near the Scientology Complex in Los Angeles, where she lived for over a year. The room she was in and her sheets, towels and night clothes, were filthy. She had no visitors, not even her Scientology husband, Mitch, who worked nearby. He said she was lazy, that she allowed herself to get ill so as to shirk work. “She was doing very badly. And when visited, she said, “Well, I’m just here to die now. That is what I have been told. I’m just here to die.” HEW 239 ff.

C for Sherman F. Craig – died 5 February 2010 of a massive stroke. The church put him into great debt. When he was in the assisted living they took all his funds on account and sent him the BASICS without permission. By then he was over 80.

D for David Butterworth, a member of OSA, who died late fall 2007 of cancer at age 61. He left a wife Maggie and a son.

D for Dennis Dubin, new OT8, was in his early 60s when he died of prostate cancer in early October 2007 (or 2008?). “Scientology helped him to die.”

D for Eugene (Gene) Denk, MD, died of throat cancer in the 2000s; like Hubbard he was a smoker.

D for Jocelyne Dorfmann, 34, died in the Narconon centre at Grangey-sur-Ource, Dijon, France, of untreated epilepsy in 1984. She was taken off the medication that controlled her epilepsy. When she had seizures, they assumed it was withdrawal symptoms. The center was closed and charges filed.

D for Katie Harrold DeCosin, died of untreated breast cancer in 2002 age 48. Purification Rundown and Auditing were supposed to cure her. They didn’t.

D for Lindy Duncanson who died of cancer. “She declined treatment, believing auditing would fix it.” An OT VIII — field auditor, sister of Bruce Hines (Int staff) who was not allowed to visit his sister or attend her funeral. He is now declared and disconnected from his nieces who never forgave him for his absence at that time. They did not know he was held prisoner at Int.

D for Mariette Dryer, Universe Corp NOTS Auditor, 1992 cancer.

D for Patrick W. Desmond, 28, who was not a Scientologist, but died on 20 June 2008 while in the care of Narconon of Georgia of ethanol and morphine poisoning.

D for Tasa D. – France – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

D for William J. Downey III– cancer.  Co$ is the cause, not the cure.

E for Cindy Scott English, from Ontario, Canada, died 1981. In one version she broke up with her Scientology boyfriend to start an affair with a male-model/co-worker; was routed off-lines and died of leukemia (or perhaps AIDS) four years later. Former E/O; cancer treated with auditing.

E for Dick Eastin, 2008. Got cancer a couple of years after completing OT8, SO at AOLA many years.

E for Mike Eves, died 21 February 2009 in Los Angeles, lung cancer.

E for Natalie Ellis, on staff at Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California, died of colon cancer on 20 April 1994 at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. According to her ex-husband she didn’t get proper medical attention early enough. According to another source she believed auditing would cure it. Smoking may have contributed.

E for Paride Ella, 22, of Grassobio, Bergamo, Italy, died February 19, 1995. Just beginning Narconon treatment, he endured 5 days of agony including vomiting and diarrhea consistent with multiple organ failure. He was taken to a hospital and died. A victim of the Purification rundown.

E for Randy Emery, staff at Sterling Management, died of a suspected brain tumor. He was on the OT levels and a class IV auditor.

E for Sally Esterman: see C for Chaleff

F for Betty Filisky who was the first Solo Nots completion after its release in 1986-87, and went on a world tour. She had been suffering from cancer when she completed OT 5, but she claimed she was cured. She relapsed six months later and died aged 57, in 1988, less than two years after attesting. Her death was so hushed up that not even her ex-husband or her son Rick, also Scientologists, knew. HEW 248.

F for Bob Fine, OT8, Miami, who died of cancer in 2002. His wife Elena died 1993. He completed a course on Freewinds in April 1996.

F for Elena Fine did the PTS/SP course on Flag in June 1993 after being diagnosed and died of lung cancer shortly after. Bob didn’t get cancer till much later. She never smoked, did the entire bridge, got cancer as an OT8 completion, and died before she was 60.

F for Michael John Fullerton, 5 December 1953 to 10 October 2010, age 56, Scots-Irish. Spent 30 + years working for Scientology and died of metastasized melanoma (skin cancer).

F for Paul Friccero who died of a heart attack probably in the early 90s.  He was Clear but was supposed to have his folder checked (along with a whole bunch of other folk who attested in the early days) for not actually being Clear.  He was the Academy Course Admin, Stevens Creek Org, in 1989.  “I think he was actually posted as a reg at the time.  Prior, he had always been in tech/acad as far as I know.  I think the course admin was after some ethics action, as he had been a supe, and I think D of T at one time.  He was living long hours with tons of cigarettes.  Nice guy, great sense of humour, but last time I saw him he looked like hell.”

F for Roxanne Friend, a former Scientologist who contracted cancer in the late 1980s and died aged 35. She got auditing for her condition at the Clearwater HQ, but was not doing well and repeatedly requested approval to see a doctor but she was told to continue with her auditing. Finally, Roxanne left without approval and went home to San Diego for medical treatment. In the early 1990s, her brother, also a Scientologist, got an RV, and with some of his friends, captured Roxanne, drugged her and drove her back to Florida under protest. She was held captive in the Clearwater complex for several months, against her will. She was finally able to get away and back to San Diego. Roxanne’s illness has advanced since then and she eventually died. Up to the time of her death she hoped to take action against CSI.

F for Sandra “Donnie” Fox, who died of hyperthyroidism, believing what CoS said, that she could cure it with vitamins and diet.

G for Beppe G. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer . Killed himself c.2010. He had a cancerous tumor the size of an egg in his brain while at Flag to attest to OT7. Michel Angelo went with him to the Clearwater Hospital. He was sent back to Italy right away by RTC. Imagine the flap if Beppe had died in the middle of the Solo Nots HGC!

G for Bobby Gerrold (or Jarrell?) – cancer 1977-8. He was at least OT3. He postponed medical treatment, kept getting auditing, and when he was obviously dying, they told him he couldn’t get any more auditing. By then they had got all his money and and it was too late for medical intervention anyway. Bobby was originally from Texas, I think. There are two shore stories. Version A: “Bobby did deny himself medical care at the consternation of the C/S and all his friends. He also withheld health information from the same. If you knew Bobby you would have known that the man was very stubborn. He was finally forced to receive medical attention when his health was failing and by order of his case supervisor.” Version B: “Bobby received auditing until the day he died. He was never denied auditing. The statement he went bankrupt is absurd as Bobby never had anything to bankrupt. He also never paid for auditing. All his auditing was done as part of a co-audit or for free by his friends.”

G for Colin Gow, a young SO at AOSH ANZO, a Chinese Australian, who died in his 30s of cancer of the jaw associated with dental problems neglected over 15 years in SO. He was shunted away from all lines and placed in a hospice to die. This is how CoS reward those who give them their entire lives.

G for Darlean Gowes, Captain AOSH, died of cancer in 2002 at Walsh Manor.

G for Dick Garlick, died in UK of cancer in 2003.

G for Duncan Gurtin (sp?), OT 8 LV Cancer maybe 50 years old.

G for Ellen Griffin died of breast cancer on OT VII. She was a Class VI auditor and an FSM

G for Enza Guzzo, OT8, who died of cancer.

G for Jill Graham – OT, Universe Corps staff died on Pac RPF of cancer.

G for Jose Luis Galicia who is still alive (2010) He got prostate cancer and recovered, then he got a heart attack but he is still around. He is off lines.

G for Mary Garlick. She was Keeper of Technology UK in the Office of LRH. Both she and Saima Gallop were Sea Org members with cancer who didn’t receive medical treatment until it was too late and who died within days of each other in East Grinstead hospital sometime in the late 80s.

G for Nancy Wright Graham, 54, a founding member of the Church of Scientology Celebrity in Washington, died of cancer on 29 January 2003 at her home in Falls Church.

G for Philip Giovinco, 60, who died of a heart attack in 2001.

G for Pierluigi G. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

G for Siama Gallop, wife of Peter Gallop, both in the Sea Org. She developed cancer while in the UK and trudged through the snow on her own to get medical help. She was OT V and had paid for NOTs but she hadn’t had NOTs and didn’t receive any auditing help in her illness or in her dying. When she died her husband was at Flag training, so he could cure her. This was in the late 70s.


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