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Cancer and Neglect, H to N

November 20, 2010

Brown McKee, 1982: “By following the instructions and following what we work very hard to learn, it cost my wife her life. She may have died anyway; we don’t know. If we had taken her to the doctor early, perhaps not. We can only speculate on that. But what I do know is, because of my faith in this man, Ron Hubbard, she didn’t have a chance.

As medical problems such as heart attacks and diabetes are generally neglected, both by staff and by public Scientologists, deaths from general medical causes are included in this category.

H for Adam Hancock: possible cancer?

H for Adell Hartwell was promised special auditing and proper medical care for an existing illness (not specified). But no treatment was given, and her condition grew worse: “One day I worked without eating. It was 102 degrees in the shade. By five-thirty I just got deathly ill, and I told them I had to leave. And I staggered quite a ways . . . . I fell in the ditch; it was like I was drunk. Another time I complained I had to go home because I wasn’t being treated. I was thin and bleeding and in quite severe pain, and they took me right in and put me on the Meter. The next night they had us scrubbing the barn; we started at six o’clock and we scrubbed that barn until four o’clock in the morning. Anybody that ran a fever was immediately put out of commission. But anybody that was ill and not running a fever, they were made fun of and ridiculed.”

H for Alan Hubbert: once in CC Int and later CO Base Crew FLO, died of a brain tumor c.2000 age about 60.

H for Allan Hodges, New Zealand, cancer.

H for Allen Hubbert OSA died of brain cancer c.2000, age about 60.

H for Andrea (Andy) Hoden, died very young, of an aneurism (I think Hoden was her married name).

H for Betty Halliday: like her husband Otis she died of cancer.

H for Edith Hodgkinson, from Edmonton or Vancouver in Canada. After completing OT VII, she paid for OT VIII and joined the S.O. at Flag. Four months later, she woke up one night with incredible pain, was rushed to hospital and found to have advanced liver cancer. She died a few months later.

H for Elizabeth Barron Horwich OT 8, who died age 53 of a brain tumor.

H for Ellen Herlehy, New Zealand, cancer.

H for Faith Hudson, OTV from East Grinstead who died from cancer in the late 90’s.

H for Hiroko – OT; Japanese translator, died of cancer.

H for Ian Hebblewhite of East Grinstead, died of cancer c.2003. Wife Wendy had died a year previously, and his son Adam committed suicide. One daughter survived.

H for Isaac Hayes, famous musician and the voice for “the Chef” in South Park, who was found dead next to a still-running treadmill in his house 10 August 2008. “There are a lot of questions still to be raised about Isaac Hayes’ death. Why was a stroke survivor on a treadmill by himself? What was his condition? What kind of treatment had he had since the stroke?”,2933,401321,00.html

H for Joe J. Harrington, prominent ex-member turned critic; died 2001 aged about 60 of pancreatic cancer

H for Josephus A. Havenith a Dutch citizen aged 45, who lived in Munich and taught music. In February 1980 he was found dead in a bath of water so hot it had loosened his skin, at Fort Harrison Hotel. It is believed that he died in or as a result of the Purification Rundown and that senior staff “organised” his room before calling 911. The hot water would have disguised signs of heatstroke and drawn attention away from the dangers of the Purif. The official verdict was accidental death by drowning, but the coroner noted that his head was not under water.

H for Mario Hernandez who died of cancer on Solo Nots.

H for Mary Sue Whipp Hubbard, who died of breast cancer (her third cancer) in 2003. Not a word of her passing, polite or otherwise, from the Church of Scientology.

H for Otis Halliday: like his wife Betty, he died of cancer. In the late 1960s they had a successful franchise in Houston, Texas.

H for Sheila Harris, an American in her 30s, worked at Pubs DK in late 1973. She went to GO WW for training to be the AG (Assistant Guardian) for Pubs DK in 1974, but died of breast cancer in England in 1975 or 1976.

H for Sheila Marsh Hautek who was involved in a credit card scam and allegedly coerced into buying auditing when she had cancerous cysts. The “Hubbard Executive Secretary” ran up her credit card bills to pay for more auditing while they knew she had cancer. She is thought to have died during auditing.

H for Steve Harris -OT8 brain cancer, about 50 years old.

H for Sue Hebert – cancer.

H for Susan Todd Hunter, OTVII, was an opera singer and a Scientology ‘celebrity.’ Her family wealth allowed her continual auditing. She completed OT 7, the highest OT level which exorcises BTs and clusters. She died of untreated cancer in San Diego 1992-93, aged about 46. HEW 243.

H for Syd Holbrook, who died of cancer.  More information needed.

H for Wendy Hebblewhite of East Grinstead, OT 5, died of cancer c.2002. Her husband Ian died a year later, also of cancer. Her son Adam killed himself; one daughter, still “in”.

H for Yolanda Howell: Her five year old son, in the care of the Cadet Org, was hit and killed by a car while his parents worked and he played, unsupervised, in a busy street. They swore he was “protected by postulates.”

J for Albert Jacquier died alone at the age of 59. “He had completed OT7, which promises to make a person “Cause over life”, he had been in the Scientology cult for 14 years, and had given his fortune of several million dollars.” “[Albert] attempted suicide after completing OT VII and being denied OT VIII after it had been promised to him and he’d paid in full.”

J for Anais Jean, aged 10, a twin daughter of that “incredible Power House Pioneer and thetan”, Claude Reginald Jean, “a key member of Global Pioneers for Haiti” and owner of two orphanages on the island. Anais died on 3 May 2010, four days after she fell from the roof of a house in Clearwater belonging to local Scientologists, Mike and Mary Campbell. She had been clearing gutters.

J for Claire Jeans, who was Qual. Sec. at Miami Org and died of throat cancer.

J for Dave Johnson (Class Vlll OTV) Was off lines from CCINT in 1999 to handle his wife’s diabetes but died himself in 2000 or 2001 of brain cancer. See Linda Johnson.

J for Gene Juss, Flag Accoms Reg, died 2005 of cancer.

J for Linda Johnson (Clear), wife of Dave Johnson. He died of a brain tumor and she was routed off staff from the PAC base due to diabetes in October 1999. It is said she died on the same day as Dave.

J for Susan S. Johnson – a Big Thetan and IAS Patron, who died of heart disease, at Flag, aged 42, on 3 October 1998.

J for Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch, Sea Org, Apollo-CLA, died January 1978 of a brain tumor which could have been removed if found earlier. “In late 1977, Yvonne suddenly arrived in Clearwater, very ill. She talked with difficulty, lost track of what she said half way through a sentence and lost her balance while walking. Yvonne told me she had a brain tumor and that she was dying. She said she hadn’t seen a doctor because she thought auditing would fix it. The illness started with an “out of balance” feeling which she assigned to lack of sleep. The doctor told Yvonne the tumor was removable if she had seen him earlier. We both cried. I knew auditing did not resolve everything, but I was shocked that her life was wasted through such neglect.” HEW Affidavit 224-232.

K for Alan Kartuzinsky of Tampa, FL on 6 November 2009, aged 58 of cancer – Flag C/S – Class XII auditor.

K for Allen Kapular – cancer, in 1991.

K for Di Kirby – worked at Greenfields School, died of cancer.

K for Eric Knauerhause – on OT levels, an exec at the Flag Bureaux who died of cancer a few years ago but had it already in the 1970s.

K for Marie-Louise Krusell, former GO Sweden, whose death was hastened by the long-term abuse of drugs and alcohol.

K for Trine Kjeldsen – lung cancer

K for Virginia Kapular (sp?), who got cancer soon after leaving the ship. As her condition became acute, she went to Mexico to get some help from a Philippine faith healer and while he indicated she had let it get too far, he did some work on people on NOTs in AOLA lives and many of them flocked down. The A/G AOLA was in the process of declaring them, and was reported to have made the remark “she (Virginia) would be better dead than get such healing.” We got a by-pass of her from the LRH Comm on the ship so the declare never got done or was soon suspended. (HEW?)

K for Wendy Kretz or Krentz – died of ovarian cancer treated with auditing not with chemotherapy. The cancer killed her and left her husband with three small children.

L for Bernando Lan who died of cancer. He was for second time on Solo NOTs.

L for Charles J (“Chuck”) Lemmer, died of cancer at Hemet in 2005 aged 59. Long time Scientologist, on OT7 but was never allowed to continue his level (solo) while at the Int Base for about 7 years. “Did you really believe right up to the end it was all in your mind?” His wife, Kathy Lemmer, is currently a prisoner in the SP Hall.

L for Erica Laws, an OT 3 who died of cancer at the age of 57.

L for Jim Larsen, in his 40s, died c.2003 of cancer.

L for Joan Lonstein, died 2010, cancer suspected as she had lost a lot of weight.  She was a nice, spirited, super-rich, public Scientologist who went OT8 twice, in 1998 and 2004.  She set up APUME (Middle East Way to Happiness) after a visit to Israel.  She and her husband Tony were involved with Reed Slatkin in his Ponzi scheme, being among the few to emerge richer (by $1.5 million).  Tony was sued for $2 million.  He was one of the original investors in Digital Lightwave of Clearwater.

L for Micky Luell, who died of neglected influenza.

L for Neil Liversedge, New Zealand, cancer circa 2001.

L for Paolo Lioni (or Lionini), born 1930s, who died of cancer c.1983 while on lines at Flag. Staff at Delphi Oregon. He was getting auditing at Flag while he had cancer.

L for Peggy Labuschange, Sea Org, originally from South Africa, died of cervical cancer in Clearwater in 1996 aged 65 after several years of trying to audit the cancer away. Her step-son Caspar (26) gassed himself in his car a few months later. Both were active Sea Org members at the time of their deaths.

L for Peter Lewis (originally a non-Scientologist Pro Sound Engineer) who became a Scientologist while working his butt off for the Church at Gold and Int Events all over the world. He was an on-lines public in LA when he was diagnosed with leukemia after returning from a Maiden Voyage and died about a year later notwithstanding the hours of Scn Spiritual Counseling he paid for and received. Here was a man who, through his good nature and hard work had come to mean much and was very close to all musicians and Gold and Int Crew, who died with all care, concern or discussion about it frowned upon and discouraged at Gold by seniors and HCO. Peter was there one minute and then he was gone, no ceremony nothing. Inhuman

L for Will Long, died of cancer.

M for Anita Mally – died of cancer before 2000, doing OT levels.

M for Brown McKee: see Francis Brown McKee.

M for Dan Murnan, a faithful Scifag (not SO) whose is believed to have throat or lung cancer and who has also apparently lost his mind. His death has been reported more than once but as far as the Editor knows (November 2010) Dan is still alive, if no longer the Dan we knew and, in our fashion, loved.

M for Debby Morris: breast cancer on OT VII – class IV auditor

M for Dianna (Diane) Morrison, in the Sea Org for at least ten years, died of cancer aged 30. Scientology is paranoid about X-rays and gamma rays, and they refused to let Diane get chemotherapy. The two Scientology doctors, one was LRH’s personal physician, prescribed a course of vitamin therapy and auditing to cure Diane’s cancer. Finally, one of the doctors told her to let go so she could just die. Diane stopped eating and drinking after that, and she turned into a walking skeleton. She was in constant pain and would moan and scream day and night. Her husband, Shawn Morrison, drove her, screaming and moaning, to his mother’s house where she was laid under an air conditioner. Diane died within two days. Shawn complained he had to miss post time to drive Diane to his mother’s house.” (Jesse Prince)

M for Ed Mooney, Cl 8 and OT 8, who was the first OT8 to die, of a neglected aneurism in the fall of 1990 aged 37, about 3 weeks after completing OT8 at Flag. He was a former mission holder and very good FSM in LA. Scientology friends and family postulated he’d get better.

M for Francis Brown McKee, 28 April 1929-28 July 28 2003, active in the LA org in the 1960’s, had missions in California and Connecticut in the 1960’s and 1970’s. His wife, Julie McKee, died shortly after receiving services at Flag in 1978. My father became disillusioned and testified againgst flag in federal hearings, after disbanding his missions. He died aged 74 of renal cancer, and was active and fit and working until 3 months before his death. He was a graduate of MIT, and was a mechanical engineer.

M for Helene M. – France – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

M for Joel Morris, FCDC

M for Julie McKee, who died of untreated adenocarcinoma in October 1978. She was a high ranked auditor, and wife of Francis Brown McKee, head of the Connecticut Missions (see above). “Both of us were totally persuaded that the source of all illness,was mental, except for, say, a broken leg, and that the way of curing it is with auditing. During the summer, Julie lost more and more of her energy and had some swelling and some small chest pains and this and that and began to lose her voice. I thought, “Flag has the best auditors in the world and should be able to help her out.” So I sent her down to Clearwater in, I guess it was, October of 1978. We never thought about going to see a doctor; the Scientologist doesn’t think about that. They sent her back a week later sicker and she couldn’t speak — she couldn’t even whisper any-more. She’d write notes. We went to see a doctor, and he had her in the hospital very quickly. She was there two days when we were given the report. And what it was was adenocarcinoma, which was a cancer of the lymph glands of the lungs, and her right lung had totally collapsed, and the cancer had also infiltrated her throat and paralyzed her vocal cords. It had progressed to the point where it was totally hopeless. They didn’t even suggest chemotherapy. They sent her home, and I cared for her for ten days. And she died in my arms. And I began to think a little bit about this type of thing at that point. By following the instructions and following what we work very hard to learn, it cost my wife her life. She may have died anyway; we don’t know. If we had taken her to the doctor early, perhaps not. We can only speculate on that. But what I do know is, because of my faith in this man, Ron Hubbard, she didn’t have a chance.

M for Lisa McPherson (36), who died on 5 December 1995 in room 174 of the Fort Harrison Hotel, a Scientology facility in Clearwater Florida. She had been shut up for 17 days to follow the Introspection Rundown, Hubbard’s cure for psychosis and died of dehydration and starvation. The corner said she had likely died of a thrombo-embolism, caused by severe dehydration while lying in bed. The coroner also noted several bruises, and abrasions consistent with animal bites. The Church called her family and told them that she had died from either meningitis, or a blood-clot, while at Fort Harrison for rest and relaxation. In May of 2004, a civil suit filed by her family against the Church was settled. See The Truth Rundown

M for Maria M. – Italy – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer March 2010.

M for Mike McGee, NY Org, died c.1975 of a brain tumor.

M for Pamela Malinson (d.2006) who is the first known victim of blue asbestos contamination on Freewinds. As the finance director of IASA, she lived on Freewinds for 9 years up to 2003 when she became ill with inoperable lung cancer. Then she was sent back to the UK and died on the RPF at Saint Hill, East Grinstead. She was shipped off to UK to die because dying at Flag is a big no-no. It was an extremely cruel end for her — gets cancer on the ship, suffers with it on the RPF and gets shipped out of town to die.”

M for Paolo Meini, OT 8, who felt ill during a session, and died.

M for Paula Marquez – cancer- Clear.

M for Phillip Mitchell who died of cancer in 2002. Dr Denk didn’t find it until he only had 3 weeks left to live (after being sick for years). He was on the SOLO course at AOLA.

M for Phoebe Mauerer was a long term Sea Org member, a trained auditor, exorcising BTs and clusters on the OT levels. In her last years, she was stationed in Los Angeles and Scientology’s secret HQ at Gilman Hot Springs in the Southern California desert. Phoebe did not believe in doctors and never got regular PAP smears or mammograms. HEW 245 She died of cancer or perhaps EOC.

M for Sandra Meirsdorff, GO, died in the early 1980s of untreated breast cancer; she was in her early forties. This was glossed over as “natural causes”.

M for Scott Mayer, SO, on staff 1977-1982 who almost died of a tooth abscess. “Staff members were always ill-fed, ill-clothed. I had an abscess in my tooth and I was being audited for it. I’m ready to go to the dentist, and I was being audited for it. I spent about a week, week-and-a-half, doing . . . what they call touch assists to get rid of the pain . . . . And, finally . . . I was just delirious and — well, there wasn’t any money for medical is what it boiled down to . . . . I went to the dentist . . . he told me I’d just made it . . . if it had been another day or so, I wouldn’t be here to talk to you.”

M for Suzanne (Sue) Mueller who died of breast cancer on 4 October 2004, age 60, doing OT levels.

M for Terry McCann, blind, neglected, died June 1984. He was a diabetic (not the only one) who went blind when his retinas detached as a result of the Purification rundown.

M for Therese Murphy – a Clear who died of cancer in her late 20s.

M for Tom Madigan, who died of a heart attack.  HGC auditor, Miami.

N for Daryl Naugle who died of cancer.

N for Erl Newman, SO member at the Gold base, who died of cancer late 90s. He was OT4.

N for Malcolm Nieman of London contracted meningitis in 1966-67, but auditing was continued for many hours. He was found unconscious on the floor the same evening with severe diarrhea and vomiting and rushed to hospital. He didn’t die, but it was touch and go.

N for Mats Norryd: a very successful Swedish painter. Version (1) He went to Flag for NOT’s around 1985 and while there was found to have cancer. When he couldn’t pay for more auditing he was sent home to die. (2) This famous Swedish painter (OT3 or higher) was diagnosed with serious stomach cancer, went to Flag, gotten auditing and a vitamin treatment, and become well. (3) He did not become well, but got more sick and was sent back to Sweden to die. (4) Mats was terminally ill and knew it when he went to Flag, but got tremendous help from the staff at Flag to get him up to OT level III, which had been his long-time goal, breaking finance rules and generally working many hours overtime. “I did not agree with the money spent, but he wasn’t taking it with him.” He blamed cigarettes and the cadmium pigments which he was exposed to regularly in painting.



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