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Cancer and Neglect, O to Z

November 20, 2010

The cult has its own way of looking at things:

Pierre Ethier makes the disturbing claim that the Church’s OT VIII is dangerous in its present form because it is run without being preceded by the “old” OT levels following OT III (OT IV, V, VI and VII) which clear the way for its processes. Apparently running OT VIII in this fashion can and does result in very undesirable consequences for the pre-OT, up to and including serious illness…”

As medical problems such as heart attacks and diabetes are generally neglected, both by staff and by public Scientologists, deaths from general medical causes are included in this category.

O for Steve O’Hara – died of cancer in Salt Lake City.

P for Alain Priouzeau who was hit by a car (or died in a traffic accident) right in front of the Flag land base. “I believe he fell asleep at the wheel driving home from the org to get another 2 hours of sleep, (the 6th time that week he had less than 6 hours a sleep a night)… ” (OCMB 14 September 2006.)

P for Bambi Paul, New Zealand, died of cancer circa 1984.

P for Danielle Pozzebon, who attested OT 8 but who died of cancer a few months later. Her son, an OT 4, committed suicide shortly after.

P for Daphne Parselle was in Scientology in the late 1960s, in London and Saint Hill, East Grinstead. She achieved the state of Clear in 1967 (#382). During her Clear speech, (Clears in those days gave a short speech about their “wins and gains”) in the Chapel at Saint Hill Manor, she claimed, very positively and enthusiastically, that she was cured of the cancer because of her auditing. However, she died of the cancer shortly thereafter. HEW 251.

P for Ellen Price, untreated breast cancer. Ellen was in aco – audit for FPRD – class VI, ex-staff auditor, OT IV.

P for Heribert Pfaff (31), a wealthy German who went to Flag to seek a cure for his epilepsy. For a decade after surviving a major car accident, Heribert Pfaff had suffered severe seizures that often came in the middle of the night. In 1988 he traveled from his home in Munich to Clearwater to take courses at the Church of Scientology. His brother, Georg, told the Times that Scientologists in Germany promised a cure for his seizures and took Pfaff off medication that had controlled them. The son of a wealthy German builder, Pfaff checked into Room 758 at the Fort Harrison Hotel. He had brought about $100,000 with him to finance his visit, family members say. On Aug. 28, 1988, Pfaff was found dead with head injuries in his room. An autopsy determined that death was probably due to a seizure. No anti-convulsant drugs were found in his bloodstream. The $100,000 disappeared, says his brother. The family had stopped an attempt by Heribert Pfaff to wire transfer another $150,000 from a family bank account that was requested a few days before his death. Georg Pfaff said he discovered after the death that his brother had paid $26,330 for one Scientology course and $52,000 for another. The church was only interested in his money, says Georg Pfaff. One may well believe him.

P for Leslie Platinsky– aged 49, OT4, died on 3 October 1998 at Clearwater FL, of cancer

P for Lex Povall, New Zealand – cancer circa 1980.

P for Marie Passmore was a long term Sea Org member, a Class 8 trained auditor, and on the OT levels exorcising her BTs and clusters. She developed cancer in the late 1970s or early 1980s, and then got auditing in Clearwater. She was convinced that exorcising her BTs on OT 5 would cure her. When the cancer became terminal, she was sent to Europe to die. HEW Whitfield 244.

P for Marla Panda – cancer, in 1985.

P for Misha Priv who survived a heart attack. After he left the Church and disconnected from DM, his heart condition vanished.

P for Penny Pince of Ontario died of cancer of the kidney.  She bought some last-minute auditing that she was told would help her but it didn’t.  Ex.SO (LA), late 1970s.  Wife of Brad Pinch.

P for Thom Page who died in his 40s of a heart attack.

Q for Linda Quay, OTIV, who died of breast cancer early 2010

Q for Paula Quigley (or Ueckermann) who dedicated forty years of her life to Scientology in DC and NY, and died of lung cancer. She was a true believer. She was still trying to ‘recover’ an ex-member who was the only person visiting her when she died in 2007.

R for Brian Roubinek or Rubineck: US GO staff-B-1 exec who is thought to have died of cancer.

R for Captain Bill Robertson, who died in 1991 of brain cancer.

R for Cecilia Rojo, who died at Mojave Desert of cancer; she was only 17.

R for Claire Reppen, a long time CL XII auditor, who was busted by Miscavige to the RPF during the GAT evolution, and died of breast cancer in Aug 2001.

R for David Rossouw – was LRH messenger, last post in ITO died of lung cancer c.2000.

R for Eric Rubio, 36, died of starvation in Copenhagen, January 2002. When he was found, he weighed 45 kilograms for his 167 centimetres. He died in his kitchen but had eaten nothing for several days, and had suffered from malnutrition. When Erik Rubio came to Denmark in 1994, it was to join the Scientology elite: the Sea Org. He was later declared unfit and thrown out, but told he had a huge debt to pay back. At his death, he was still paying money to Scientology.  See separate article.

R for Gary Ross over 25 years in CoS, who died of alcohol abuse.

R for Helen Ralston who died of cancer,

R for Jo R. – Switzerland – Solo Nots auditor with advanced cancer. Killed himself c.2010.

R for John Roberts who became comatose and died while on the Purification rundown at East Grinstead. This is typical of extreme heat exhaustion and organ failure.

R for Judy Rosenaum-staff at Stevens Creek Org-injured her leg, went untreated by proper medical, result was a blood clot or perhaps a stroke. Either way, it appears her death could have been prevented by proper care.

R for Judy Rosenbaum – Deceased 2006 in her early 50s was Stevens Creek Staff and Delphi Staff before that. She died from a stroke in her sleep. Story of a neglected leg injury: “Judy-injured her leg, went untreated by proper medical, result was a blood clot or perhaps a stroke, either way, the result was from lack of proper care, I believe SNR C/S was comm ev’d over this.

R for Marcy Rogers – long term telex operator at External Comm FLO, died in the 90s of cancer OT.

R for Mary Lou Reilly who died on OT levels. “I believe it was cancer due to my last comm with her. She refused any treatment from docs and did natural treatments.”

R for Paul Rendall – cancer.

R for Romano Romanini who had a major stroke at age 40 six months after attesting to OT VIII. He had been a Cadillac pc all along, had never been overweight and still had a stroke at 40.

R for Rosa Rodriguez, who was Flag course supervisor in the 80s died from cancer.

R for Stan Rogers died of a heart attack in a solo NOTS session, trying to handle severe chest pain.

S for Ashlee Shaner, 16, who died on 17 May 2000, at Scientology’s Golden Era Production location in Hemet, California, when the car she was driving ran into a heavy vehicle parked on the road. There were no warning lights, flares, or construction workers on the road to guide motorists around the vehicle. There are no street lights in the area. The driver Thomas Nove “told officers he was working late the night Ashlee died to finish some work for the Church of Scientology’s Golden Era Productions.” His driving licence had expired in 1992.

S for Bob Sheckler (lung cancer), husband of Dolores Sheckler, husband and wife publics.

S for Bradlee Sweigart died of cancer c.2009. His wife Kathy, auditing on solo nots, was quite obsessive on the subject of cancer while vigorously defending Tommy and DM.

S for Brook Shackleton – Gold staff. Died of brain tumor.

S for Cam Solari – Class VI auditor, tried to handle cancer “naturally’, with auditing, died on OT 7 in 1992.

S for Carol South: cancer; worked at AMC Publishing from 1990.  She may have been out of the cult when she died.

S for Carrie Slaughterbeck, died at Clearwater on 27 March 1997 aged 23 while taking huge doses of Blue Green Algae, which a CoS front group sells as a dietary supplement. Super Blue Green Algae is popular among Scientologists in Clearwater. Sales literature promotes it for everyone — pregnant women, newborn babies and the family pet. Detractors describe it as “pond scum.” Carrie took as many as 30 algae capsules at a time. Slaughterbeck was 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 101 pounds when her body was found. Family members said she had liked being slim because she thought it would help her gain modeling jobs. She had a congenital heart problem which may have contributed.

S for Charles Sheahan, died of natural causes in 2000; noted because even so he was only 60.

S for Dan Sigal, longtime Flag public, passed away 2009 from cancer. He was in his fifties.

S for David Scott Sutter – Clear, late 40’s, died c.2008 of a cancer.

S for Gretchen Schwartz, NOTS case level, 40 year Registrar for FSO who died of a brain tumor.

S for John Robert Smith, who died of a heart attack aged 54,

S for Kirsty Schofield (2½), sister of Lauren, who died after swallowing potassium chloride – a substance used in the Purification Rundown. Mr Schofield alleges the cover-up of child abuse by Scientology and admitted being part of a campaign to cover up the facts surrounding the deaths of his two daughters.

S for Lauren Schofield (14 months), sister of Kirsty, who was in the creche at the organisation’s building in Sydney while her parents were involved in courses.  She was allowed to wander the stairs by herself and fell. She died in hospital two days later. Mr Schofield said he felt pressured by Scientology executives not to request an inquiry, and was told if he sought compensation he and his wife would be ineligible for any church services.

S for Lucy-Lorraine Smith – leukaemia.

S for Mary Stouffer, GO, (AG Sacramento at one point) died of breast cancer in the early 1980s. She was in her early 40s. She rejected effective treatment in favor of auditing.

S for Paul Schobel who died of renal failure after a prolonged illness; he routed out of S.O. and died in Sydney, Australia.

S for Peter Sparshot who was the C/S at AOSH ANZO and died of cancer when about 60 years old. He C/Sed folders of people up to OT5.

S for Ruthie Silverman, ASHO registrar for 32 years, died of lung cancer.

S for Tim Skog who died from emphysema in the fall of 2010.

S for Uwe Stuckenbrock who used to be security Chief International and was sent to the RPFPAC in 2001 even though he was suffering from MS. He died on the RPF in October 2008 aged 46. He was an OT. His wife Lurisse Stuckenbrock divorced him. She is still in a high position in the organisation.

S for Van Seffers who died on or as a consequence of the Purification Rundown in the 1980s.

T for Chuck Toftness Flag FSM, diabetic, artificial leg, died 1995.

T for Craig Tomlinson, former Sacramento Org Intern Sup mid-late 1970’s, brain cancer.

T for Dave Tomberlin, former Purif I/C, Auditor, Public, Miami: died by drowning perhaps from a seizure caused by a complication of diabetes.  One could also class his death as suicide.

T for Frank Thompson, who died of a heart attack.

T for Guissepe Tomba, 26, of Solaro, Milano, Italy, died February, 1995 of heat exhaustion and organ failure incurred during the Purification rundown. Just beginning Narconon treatment, he endured days of agony including vomiting and diarrhea. Then his heart stopped.

T for Ian Tampion, OT 5, died of lung cancer around 1996 at the age of 59. In 1973 he was president of the Church of the New Faith in Victoria, Australia.

T for Jett Travolta (16), the untreated autistic/epileptic son of John Travolta, who died alone as the consequence of an seizure, in a bathroom at the family holiday home in the Bahamas on 1 or 2 January 2009. The circumstances of his death have never been properly investigated but an alleged blackmail attempt can be linked to discrepancies between the state of the body when found and what the family claimed. It appears that Scientology intelligence was consulted several hours before local services were contacted. (WWP Wiki Timeline)

T for Susan Todd-Hunter, OT5 – died in 1992 at age 46. Wealthy public. Sister of Beverly Carter.

T for Ted Talbot died of advanced lung cancer – he just dropped dead one day, didn’t even know he had cancer. He went into Scientology to give up smoking. Twenty years later, with his family torn apart, he died. He was also, at the time, being pressured to go back into St. Hill to do services and was told “Come back to the church and we will let you see your daughter Mandy Kember”

V for Mario Villareal, an older man, who commited suicide on Solo NOTs in Acapulco, Mexico

V for Phil Valinski, died at La Quinta base in 1977, either in his sleep (the official version) or while he was being audited by Dan Koon, as some say, or as a consequence of the Purification rundown. Apparently he had a heart attack in session, and the auditor kept on auditing him, reportedly for many minutes, not doing CPR and not going for help. Dan is said to have used Hubbard’s nonsensical process to “bring him back” of telling him to think of his poor auditor.

V for Ruth Valko-Burness, aged 48, died suddenly of cancer around 1999, doing OT levels at Flag. A Big Thetan who gave them Big Bucks.

V for Ruth Valko, OT – died sudden of cancer around 1999.

W for Bo Wennberg who died of diabetes. No-one today needs to die of diabetes.

W for Dabney Taliaferro Waring, aged about 30, joined the Sea Org straight from school and lived 10-12 years in the Fort Harrison Hotel, was hospitalised and died in Tampa General Hospital overnight, of what was diagnosed as leukemia c.1994. “He was definitely trying to break with them during this period … he was scared of something he couldn’t discuss, saying “It’s too big.”

W for Jerry Whitfield of Cape Coral, Florida, did the Purification Rundown in 1997 and later discovered he had permanent liver damage.

W for Laura Wolfe, worked on Freewinds and died of cancer.

W for Lori Greene Wood, Clear, OT, SO, daughter of long term Scientologists, Peter and Doran Greene. She served aboard the “Avon River” in the Mediterranean under HEW as captain. She was at the Clearwater HQ in 1978 or 1979, receiving auditing on OTV or “NOTS”. She got ill during her auditing and was sent to the Ethics Officer. The ethics matter escalated but, a short while later, without recovering, Lori died.

W for Marjan Witte, Dutch, about 40, who died of cancer end 2003.

W for Tony Whitington – used to be CO FOLO WUS, later posted in FLO died a few years ago of stomach cancer. OT

W for Virgil Wilhite — OT VII, collector and seller of LRH autographed works, found LRH tapes all over the country, turned them over to archives. Died of leukemia 2000-2005 doing OT levels. He is said to have had tremendous debts.

Y for Beth Yamaguchi who died of cancer.

Y for Robert Vaughn Young, long time Ex, who died on 15 June 2003 from cancer of the prostate.

Y for Tracy Kathleen Yeich, 55, a teacher (keen supporter of Applied Scholastics), of Las Vegas, died 17 April 2010 of untreated cancer. Her husband contributed this insight: “Just as she was a success in this life she will go on to her next life and be successful in that one too. She loved to organize things, it was her forte. While I’m not worried about her moving on and doing well it would comfort me to know where she is. So, if you see a young girl in a couple years with all her toys lined up and very efficiently organized that very well could be Tracy. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know that you found her.”

Y for Tracy Yeich (55) died of cancer.

Z for Barbara Zizik, a Chicago dentist who did the Purification Rundown in the late 1990s and when she tried to renew her health insurance discovered she had irreversible liver damage.

Z for David Ziff, Saint Hill (pre-KSW), Snr CC/S FLB and Universe Corps, who died of cancer in 1994.

Z for Syma Zimmer, worked at Flag and died mysteriously without warning in 1999, leaving two children to be adopted by other Sea Org.  Cause of death not known.

Z for Yvonne Zentz who is rumoured to be in disagreement with “what was happening in Mexico”. The next thing we hear, she is dead from a brain aneurysm. I have also been told she died of cancer.


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