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Quentin Hubbard

November 13, 2010

QUENTIN HUBBARD, 6 January 1954-12 November 1976 and many other sites.

I do not like to write about the death of Quentin Hubbard, or even think about it. I believe, without any doubt, that he was killed by Scientologists – that he was abducted or kidnapped, held captive, abused, tortured, stripped of all his ID, and finally set out like human rubbish, unconscious, to die alone in his car, sealed except for the hose delivering exhaust fumes. I have not the slightest doubt that his abduction, torture, the fake suicide, and perhaps even his eventual death in hospital were the work of Scientology thugs acting on the wishes, if not the detailed instructions, of his father, and that Quentin was supposed simply to vanish, never more to annoy his father. It is a coincidence that he did not: the thugs did not do their job well enough.

It is unlikely to be a coincidence that on 6 December 1976, the church published a Policy Letter stating: “It shall be a Committee of Evidence offense… to accept for processing and process any PC (parishioner) … who is terminally ill, regardless of what the org. may have promised or asserted. Such diseases as advanced cancer are included.” When Quentin Hubbard died, no public notice of the death was published and no service was held. Church members who knew him found out about his death through newspapers and rumor.

According to a report in
“Mary Sue Hubbard hired Joe Lisa to investigate Quentin’s death. Joe Lisa called in to a radio show I was on. Joe said there was a carpet runner in the trunk of the car Quentin was found in, rolled up, and it had hairs belonging to Quentin on it, as if he had been incapacitated elsewhere, rolled up in the carpet runner, and driven in the trunk to the site on Sunset Road, where the ‘suicide’ was staged. Joe Lisa was an unindicted co-conspirator in US vs Mary Sue Hubbard in 1982. NB: Blood analysis showed that carbon monoxide (CO) was NOT the cause of death, it was the assumption made upon his delivery to the hospital, but was not indicated as a factor from blood work. IMO, this was not a suicide. I don’t think Mary Sue thought so either. What struck me also was the evidence of staph infection and multiple needle marks…”

The autopsy found no definitive cause of death but was able to confirm that Quentin had not tried to commit suicide. If suicide and natural causes must be ruled out, then nothing is left but foul play.

The shore story is that Quentin Hubbard died in hospital at Las Vegas after being found apparently suffering from CO poisoning in a sealed car. Quentin Hubbard, born 6 January 1954, was the first son of L. Ron Hubbard and his third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard. He was found naked and comatose, but still alive, in his car on 28 October 1976 and died in hospital on 12 November 1976 without recovering consciousness. When Hubbard was given the news, according to Doreen Smith (at that time one of his most trusted Messengers) he said “That stupid fucking kid! That stupid fucking kid! Look what he’s done to me!” His mother, who does not appear to have been privy to the plot, broke down and screamed for ten minutes. She later told friends that her son had died from encephalitis, but some Scientologists were told he had been murdered.

Earlier in 1976, Quentin, a highly trained Class XII auditor and OT 7, had fallen out with his father, who had for the second time reduced him from Class XII to pre-clear, the lowest rank. Quentin left California and headed east, probably intending to become a pilot but he got no further than Las Vegas. He was still alive when he was found naked in his car, on Sunset Street, near the airport. The exhaust was piped through a window into the car and gaps were stuffed with tissues. Neither he nor the vehicle carried any identification, though a registration document with the address of the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater was found eventually. No autopsy was allowed by the cult (on religious grounds) but the death certificate suggests he was an active homosexual. This seems to be a moot point; semen in the rectal canal could just as well be evidence for homosexual rape and by some accounts there was no semen.

He died on 12 November and the body was identified by Dick Weigand on 15 November: “It’s Quentin all right.”  (If DW was privy to the plot, he would not have expected Quentin to turn up alive in hospital.  That was a bit of a blow.)  LRG and MSH were informed on 17 November and there was an immediate cover-up. Sensitive documents were stolen from the coroner’s office and taken to Hubbard. Scientologists were not told about Quentin’s death, but he was well-known and popular and news got around. Those who found out he was dead were told he had been murdered. But some care had been taken to suggest a disreputable death. He was found unkempt with a beard stubble whereas normally he was ultra-meticulous in his appearance. The license plates of the car were hidden under a rock some distance away, something he could hardly have done himself and had no reason to do. His wallet was gone, also making identification difficult. There was a near-empty bottle of liquor but Quentin did not drink. There were needle marks on his arms but he did not use drugs (Scientologists very seldom do.)

Monica Pignotti, who knew him, believed he killed himself, but mainly because he had attempted suicide before. “He could see no way out of the trap he was in. Having been born into Scientology, he could not envision living outside of the cult, but could not stand living in it. It is too late for Quentin. He is gone and no one can undo that the damage that was done to him.”

But the suicide was faked. The condition of his body when found is consistent with his having been kept prisoner for several days, drugged and possibly also raped, before having all his identity stripped from him, and shut in his car with the engine running and a hose-pipe venting the exhaust fumes into the car. He had just escaped from the cult and had no reason to hide his identity or to set up an elaborate suicide. There is a rumour that he died shortly after being visited in hospital by representatives of the cult who recognised him easily by his red hair and red moustache. Did his father perhaps hope that Quentin would simply vanish?

Most of what follows comes from the affidavit given by Hana Whitfield.

Hubbard had planned for Quentin to take over his technical position when he died. But Quentin’s only desire was to become a pilot. During the 1970s on board the Apollo HEW often saw him walking along the decks or passageways mimicking an airplane. Quentin went AWOL from the ship twice in 1975 while we were on board the Apollo in the Caribbean. Both times, teams of crew were sent ashore to look for him. At one of those times, I was standing on B Deck Aft with Hubbard, his wife Mary Sue, some Aides and the Ship’s Captain, about fifteen of us, waiting for Quentin’s return. It was night time, and cold. Hubbard was mad at Quentin. He muttered under his breath on and off how much trouble Quentin was causing and the time he was wasting. Several times Hubbard ordered specific penalties to be assigned to Quentin after his return. Mary Sue was distraught and worried sick about her son. When Quentin finally returned, he was quiet and looked exhausted. Late that night, I heard Hubbard shouting in his B Deck cabin. In late October or early November, 1976 in Clearwater, a GO staff member briefed us that on 28 October that year, Quentin was found unconscious in his car outside Las Vegas and was hospitalized. About two weeks later we learned he was dead. A few days after that, we heard that Mary Sue ordered three autopsies done, and the third located the cause of Quentin’s death; he was suffering from a rare disease. We weren’t told its name. I and others I knew, questioned why we were not given more information about how Quentin was found, hospitalized and how he died. Many years later, I saw the Coroner’s report and the Report of Investigation, and I read that Quentin had a possible cerebral abscess when he died, but no trace of carbon monoxide toxicity.

Kennedy was a former member of the intelligence division (B1) of Scientology. Spanky says Kennedy saw the Quentin Hubbard files. From what he saw in the files he believed that L. Ron Hubbard ordered the death of Quentin Hubbard once he reached the hospital, and was alive, after his suicide attempt. The reason he thought Hubbard had his son murdered (reading the reports from the people in Las Vegas) even though they were vetted he saw what he firmly believed was an operation to end the embarrassment of Quentin Hubbard to the Scientology Organization. This is easy to believe.

Dennis Erlich has written that he was Quentin’s auditor and that Quentin was going around telling everyone that his father was insane. This would give Hubbard a powerful incentive to “take care” of his son one way or another. If it was his idea to remove all clues to his identity this suggest that he hoped the murder would never come to light but remain an unsolved crime. His fury when Quentin died, and when the “suicide” was revealed as phony, suggests that he knew it would come back to haunt him. There is a rumor that he as murdered in his hospital room by Scientology members who illegally took him off life support.

Quentin’s girlfriend about 1976 was Sue Berstein, a CCLA Div. 6 reg. (If Quentin was gay, then he was bi-sexual or Sue was a shore story. But she was definitely in love back then, and I remember Q sending her flowers.) But Quentin seemed to fail at everything. He just loved airplanes, period. He was secretly taking drawing lessons from Larry Luck at the beach at Flag, so no one would know if he failed. Also, his former bodyguard (Scandinavian name . . . I don’t remember right now) said that it definitely was not a suicide. I have my own way of piecing together the story, and I agree that it might not have been suicide. But I don’t have anything vaguely resembling hard evidence.

Another report states that Quentin flirted with many staff members & FCCIs.  HW did not think this was a real relationship (with Sue Berstein). They weren’t allowed unless married.

As in 1971 on the Apollo, Artie Maren was the Intelligence missionaire handling the public relations around the Quentin Hubbard death in Las Vegas. During a deposition taken of Lavenda Van Schaick in her Boston case, she alleged that Artie Maren had raped her. Bruce Raymond was the B1 guy who did the dirty work on the Quentin Hubbard death situation in Las Vegas. He is the guy who knew for sure and who was the most involved in the dirtiest part of the cover-up or the actual murder.

Quentin Hubbard certainly attempted suicide more than once before he died, once by a drug overdose in 1974. However Scientology has several times pushed an individual to commit suicide, or used a previous attempt as a cover for murder, or has imitated a murder but claimed it was suicide. I believe Quentin was kidnapped, abused, drugged, dumped in his car, and an attempt was made to kill him with carbon monoxide. When this failed, and his identity became known, Plan B was used.


Quentin from 1973 photoshootQuentin Hubbard returns to the Founding Church for a special event  

About four hundred people crowded the Academy and other areas of the Founding Church of Scientology on Saturday March 20th to see special guest speaker Quentin Hubbard and find out more about the new Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.
The group first watched a color video tape preview of the new facilities at the Flag Land Base. The film told more about the courses and processing available at the Land Base that make it a ‘mecca for those who seek technical perfection.’
Quentin Hubbard’s talk marked his first return to the Founding Church since 1959. He spoke to the enthusiastic crowd for nearly three hours — a new record for him. His talk centered around a capsule history of his father’s development of Dianetics and Scientology and of the expansion that has taken place up to the present time. Quentin’s listeners — ‘old hands’ and newcomers alike — heard new stories about Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard’s experiences and about the Sea Organization’s adventures during the formative years of Scientology.”

(from ‘Ability 293 Major’, Apr 76 (see also ‘Ability 294 Minor’, May 76)) 

Peculiar enough is the picture of Quentin as was published with the above article not a very recent photograph. It appears it had been taken from a photo shoot that he had together with his sister Diana at least about 2½ years earlier (late 1973). It is peculiar because photographs of Diana are about, but very few exist from Quentin. The published photograph, as it appears, had been edited from a larger picture (see complete photograph on the outer right). Quentin in 1973 Diana & Quentin (1973)

The following has been suggested to me:

“Someone considered Quentin a barrier to seizing full control of the Church so they eliminated him, then they got rid of his mother by setting her up.

Now with them out of the way. It gave them the opportunity to put their agent in place and groom him to take control of the whole organization as its unquestioned Tzar or Dictator.

Their mole was none other than David Miscavige.

Again, just another one of them ‘conspiracy theories’?


The murder of David Sandweiss in 1977 is related.

David Sandweiss, Guardian’s Office (GO) Agent, was murdered in 1977, probably by Artie Maren and Bob Harvey, after refusing to commit suicide. He had been ordered to kill himself using Process R2-45 (a bullet to the head), allegedly because he had broken into a psychiatrist’s office in the Las Vegas area in 1977 and been caught. When he refused to commit suicide, he was murdered by two other GO agents who forced him to take a gun to his own head. David’s wife Lisa Sandweiss, the sister of Lavenda Van Schaick, witnessed this murder as she was hiding in the bushes in the front of their Las Vegas home. On May 27, 1996, Lavenda Van Schaick spoke out about this murder and asked to add some additional data to the Internet. The real reason was probably his relationship with Quentin and not some botched burglary.

Lavenda disclosed that in 1977, when she was on post as Ethics Officer at the Las Vegas Org, David Sandweiss told her in an ethics cycle (not only as her brother-in-law) that he had been Quentin Hubbard’s homosexual lover. Lavenda believes that L. Ron Hubbard murdered his son Quentin, bypassing his wife Mary Sue Hubbard, who at the time was the head of the Guardian’s Office, who were responsible for the murder. Lavenda claims that L. Ron Hubbard murdered Quentin because of his homosexuality. This explains why Mary Sue spent time in prison and why she and L. Ron Hubbard were estranged for the last eight years of his life.

After David Sandweiss confided in Lavenda that he had been Quentin’s lover, Lavenda refused to give GO his name. Several days later, she was brutally raped by two GO agents named Artie Maren and Bob Harvey at the Las Vegas home of GO agents Chuck and Mattie Reese. Lavenda’s six year old daughter Sabrina was kidnapped and held by GO for three days. Lavenda herself was driven in a white Volkwagen van to an undisclosed location and brutally raped, beaten, kicked in the uterus, urinated upon, drugged with sodium pentothal, and rendered unconscious. Lavenda believes the purpose of the rape and beatings was to force her to give GO the name of Quentin’s lover.

But they apparently found it somewhere else. One week later David Sandweiss was visited by two Guardian’s Office agents who ordered David to put a gun to his head and blow his brains out. Lisa witnessed this outside their home where she was hiding in the bushes. Lisa Sandweiss was the victim of a brutal rape after her son Ricky was born. David Sandweiss’ death was ruled a suicide by the coroner. So was Quentin’s.




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