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Psychosis: the Background

November 13, 2010


Some notes on psychosis and mental aberration in Scientology taken from and other sources.

“Psychosis” is used in this document with its normal English sense of “a grave mental disorder”. A psychotic break is an episode of irrational conduct, sometimes violent, and possibly occurring in abrupt and identifiable episodes.

Scientology is an untested, dangerous type of psychotherapy, “quack psychotherapy”, with none of the very necessary safeguards found in licensed practice. It belongs to the second-generation of thought reform programs commonly called “coercive persuasion.” Their dangers are recognised. In United States v. Lee 455 U.S. 252, 257-258 (1982), the California Supreme Court found that “when a person is subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent… [he may] develop serious and sometimes irreversible physical and psychiatric disorders, up to and including schizophrenia, self-mutilation, and suicide.”

These disorders are common among those who in hopes of personal betterment submit to the techniques and training programs sold by the self-styled Church of Scientology. Not only do they suffer the rape of their minds; they pay, increasingly, for the privilege.

The goal of all coercive persuasion programs is to produce target compliance and control of the target’s resources by holding the target at a point of maximum psychological stress, without inducing psychosis. A psychotic is unreliable and a liability. But second-generation coercive programs often push people into psychosis. The techniques used to induce stress are more powerful and less predictable in their effects. They are grossly invasive, their margin of error is variable, trainers are improperly trained, trainees are not sufficiently monitored, there may be a lack of moral responsibility. The main attack is done through frequent and intense attempts to cause a person to reevaluate the most central aspects of their experience of self and their prior conduct in negative ways. Training is designed to destabilize and undermine the subject’s basic consciousness, reality awareness, world view, emotional control, and defense mechanisms. These tactics are engineered to induce the individual to reinterpret his or her life history and to adopt a new (often irrational) version of causality.

On Scientology’s secret OT initiations, the individual is told (while under the suggestibility of hypnotic trance and stress) that he or she is not one individual but a composite of hundreds, possibly thousands, or even tens of thousands of alien beings called “body thetans” or “BTs.” The subject matter of OT3 and OT5 is that these beings are trapped inside or attached to his or her body as the result of a galactic war that occurred 76 million years ago. Individuals undergoing these initiation techniques are told that these alien beings are fighting for control of the individual’s body and identity, that they can make them insane, that they cause physical and mental disease, that they can even kill them, and that only Scientology (in other words, more of the same lunacy) has the technology to safely remove or blow off these alien beings (that it has itself created).

Members who can afford to pay for hundreds of hours of exposure to these secret levels, talking to their various body parts, trying to get these alien beings out of their bodies. They are repeatedly told that they could go insane and die if they do anything procedurally wrong while trying to remove these other beings. Those who cannot find the money or who cannot master the technique often go mad and kill themselves.

In these secret initiation levels, to more effectively attack the person’s core concepts of self, Hubbard’s methods trick the person in trance into believing he is not who he always thought he was. To fragment the individual’s personality and integrity on order to facilitate better initiate control, Hubbard induces a hypnotic state of multiple personality similar to an artificial schizophrenia. Many observers report Scientologists switching “personalities” dramatically and abruptly. Their friends and relatives report that they are “not who they once were” – “We got Ann back but she is not the same person.”

It is no wonder people could become psychotic or suicidal when tricked into deeply believing and acting upon this alien being story when their suggestibility is at its highest and their defenses at their lowest.


Margery Wakefield became involved with Scientology when a first-year student and suffered psychosis, criminal violence and neglect during her twelve years in the cult (1968-1980). “It was solely advocated to me as being a cure for psychological illness, for which I would pay. The first time I heard Scientology referred to as a “church” was in 1971, after I had been in Scientology for three years. When I asked why Scientology was now being called a church, I was told that it was for tax purposes.” Only when she got into the secret upper levels of Scientology did she realise she was involved in demonic and satanic practices.

“I believe that in Scientology I was ritualistically hypnotized. On the first class that I did, I had to do a drill called TR-O. In this drill I had to sit facing another person and stare at them in the eyes for two hours without blinking, and if I blinked or moved in any way, the two hours had to be done over again. Some days I did this drill for twelve or more hours a day. I told told that this drill was to improve my eye contact and would make me a better auditor, or counselor. I did not know until after I got out of Scientology that I was being hypnotized. This drill was followed by thirteen other, similar drills in hypnosis and mind control.”

She appears to have run into problems with OT 3: “I sat in my room, and did everything as I had been trained to do. What I actually believed I was doing was talking to these ‘demons’ and convincing them to go away. When doing this auditing I experienced a number of really weird things. I started getting incredible headaches. In addition, I started to have terrible nightmares, and I would wake up in the middle of the night just sweating and shaking with terror. I was getting sicker by the day. I had to call up my doctor, who was himself on 0T 3 at the time, because I was getting so sick. I really thought I was going to die. I finally begged for some help. I was sent in to see a man called the Director of Processing. He told me I needed an even higher level of auditing than OT 3 to cure my problem. This was called New Era Dianetics for 0T’s (NED for 0T’s for short). Their plan worked fairly well. For the first few weeks after I arrived in Madison, I was totally psychotic. I was in terrible mental pain for weeks. I fully believed that, not having completed NED for OT’s successfully, I would probably die or be taken over by the demons. I felt like I was, literally, fighting for my mind. I went through unendurable and indescribable agonies. I was in a complete state of shock. I could not deal with what had happened to me. My mind just wouldn’t function at all. I couldn’t understand anything that was written for a period of time. When I would listen to the television or radio, I would hear the words, but it was as if it were a foreign language. Conceptually, my mind would not interpret the sounds.”

She was trained how to break into a building and was sent to steal documents from the American Psychiatric Association in Washington, D.C. In the fall of 1977, she did volunteer work for GO, which deals in espionage and covert activities. She had to go through the confidential auditing folders of a man who had defected and mark in red anything that he had ever said involving sexual practices or criminal activities which could be used to blackmail him. At the same time, she heard two murders planned. The defector had been caught, and they had him in a motel room. The next day they were going to take him out to sea and “deep six” him – tie weights to him and dump him overboard. The other plan was to shoot Paulette Cooper, which did not happen.

In 1980 she was off-loaded and sent back to Wisconsin. “It took me eighteen months to recover from the worst effects of Scientology. Eighteen months after I was physically out of the organization, I snapped out of the hypnosis spontaneously one night. It was a dramatic experience. I felt like I just ‘woke up’ even though I had been awake. I literally came out of a trance. I knew at once that I had been hypnotized for twelve years.”


Was the fugitive perhaps Michael Meisner, GO/OSA, one of the Operation Snow White conspirators and mentioned by Margery Wakefield in another context? “Michael Meisner was one-time GO action figure and handler of Gerald “Silver” Wolfe during the IRS escapades but being held captive by the CoS for several months evidently made a dent in this loyal officer’s loyalty. Meisner turned state’s evidence and testified against his former GO colleagues. Presumed to be out of the cult but his current whereabouts are unknown.” He seems to have survived, for a while at least.

Margery Wakefield’s account makes clear that while under the influence of hypnosis and still a member of the organisation she had no scruples about breaking into government offices and stealing government property, both federal offences. Once the principle of KSW had been explained she was equally prepared to pervert the course of justice by entrapping a blameless judge and perjuring herself by making false accusations of sexual impropriety against him. She might even, she said, have been capable of taking life and she certainly had no objection to murder in principle.



These criminal activities were organised by GO/OSA and are its stock-in-trade. But the tech itself is also used as a weapon. A former high ranking C/S and long time Sea Organization member reported to F.A.C.T.Net that he or she

* had intimate knowledge of the sexually-perverted conduct of L. Ron Hubbard in Casa Bianca

* had personal knowledge of L. Ron Hubbard’s psychotic behavior at the Villa Lori (Laura) in Morocco (on the outskirts of Tangier)

* knew about the executive use of coercive force on Scientology staff members

* knew about the Truth Rundown, the Black PR Rundown, and Rollback procedures

* knew how to audit a pre OT or OT to a complete psychotic break

* knew how to induce psychotic breaks in people

* knew about the coercive tactics, fear tactics, intelligence and counter-intelligence, and espionage methods used in Scientology

* knew how Scientology uses auditing secrets for coercion, and

* knew how to use Scientology to make someone crazy without their knowing it.

He or she also knew that the following people had had psychotic breaks while on auditing. Some of them are (or were) still in the Sea Organization [names in brackets do not appear in all versions of this list].

Andy Yarrow, Phil Sphiline, Nate Jessup, Alex Siberski, Bill Franks, Bill Foster, Mike Smith, Mrs Smith, Bill Robertson, Bob Young, Jill Liz, Ausley Ian Shillintton, John Segota, Joe Vanstaden, Carl SJ Mission CC, Prefontaine (child), Harold Simms, Ron Loving, Yuko Sumoko, Gert Anderson, Hokan Yohansen, Mitch Spernse, Robin Lindsel, Blake Huffam, Jerome Bloome, [Barry Stien], John Travolta, Chris Silcock (John Travolta’s Auditor), Stephine Silcock (Pricilla Presley’s Auditor), [Leslie Epstein], Tom Ashworth, [Toni Prybilski], [Annie Tiodman Logan], Jim Logan, Chris Chaney, Jony Schlessenger, [Janadair Swanson], Toby Young, Margret George, Allan Long, Robin Roose, Hana Eltringham, Ken Urquhart, Dave Murphy, [Lola Russow], [Bert Russow], Paul Illot.


In 1970-71 an anonymous former high-level Scientology executive was ordered by Hubbard to reverse audit enemies of Scientology if there was opportunity to do so. The purpose was to induce psychosis or suicide. His mission was to capture Charles Berner (or Burner), a defector who had been a high level Scientology auditor and who in 1965 had started a group called Abilitism. According to’s source, he was ordered to capture or reverse audit or murder Charles Berner. Evidently he did not, as in June of 1968 Charles Berner initiated the Dyad process at the first Enlightenment Intensive in the high desert of Lucerne Valley California. It lasted five days and twenty-six attended. From that early experiment the Dyad process was identified and has been refined in subsequent years. (the Tabayoyon affidavit)


Extract from The Anderson Report, Chapter 23: Dangers to Mental Health.

“The demonstration session was of about thirty minutes duration. The auditor was Tampion and the preclear was a woman approaching middle age. She appeared to be nervous, excitable and enthusiastic. This woman had initially signed for 50 hours processing in June, 1962, but the director of processing, carrying out “the old routine” as directed by Hubbard, had certified that she required 300 hours before she could obtain a “stable gain”, and she had then signed up for 300 hours. By February, 1964, she had had something in excess of 60 hours’ auditing and had undergone some training. The session was conducted in a small room with only the auditor and the preclear present; the Board and others viewed proceedings in another room on closed television circuit. An E-meter was used.

“The session began with the customary strict routine of “start of session”, and the auditor then commanded the preclear to “Tell me about the right decisions you have made”. The preclear thereupon commenced talking and almost without pause talked for the whole of the session about herself, her daughter, her husband and his woman friend, her neighbours, her work and her employment. It was a somewhat pitiful performance in which the preclear seemed to he talking herself into the belief that all the problems associated with the matters she mentioned were working themselves out and that she was understanding them better. At the end of the session, she said she had made gains. Nine days after the demonstration session this preclear was admitted as a patient to the care of the Mental Health Authority.

“The Board is appalled at the realization that it witnessed this unfortunate woman being processed into insanity. At that early stage of the Inquiry the Board had not been informed of the potentially dangerous nature of this apparently simple and easy “listen style auditing”. Subsequently a psychiatrist witness who read the transcript of this woman’s demonstration session gave evidence that her behaviour in the session indicated clearly that she was in a state of mania rather than ecstasy which would have been readily apparent to a psychiatrist. Peter Williams, Ian Tampion and Annie Tampion were present at this session and the woman was obviously regarded by them as a suitable subject for auditing. Williams is a “Doctor of Scientology”, and Tampion, for his services in conducting the demonstration sessions, was subsequently awarded the “degree” of “Doctor of Scientology” by Hubbard. Neither Williams nor Tampion nor Mrs. Tampion had the slightest idea that there was anything mentally wrong with this preclear. Later, Williams unconvincingly sought to explain the need for hospitalization as being the stress of vaguely hinted at family troubles. Williams, when asked if he knew what a schizophrenic was, was constrained to answer that he knew only in the broadest terms. Tampion claimed that because of his Scientology training his ability to treat people with psychotic and neurotic conditions was superior to the ability of psychiatrists, although he did not bother to give the time to treating such people. The kind of treatment given to this unfortunate woman was the very kind which precipitated her breakdown.”


Ian Tampion was an Operating Thetan 5 (OT 5 or OT V) who is said to have died from lung cancer (or a brain tumor?) at the age of 59 c.1996. This would make him 25 at the time of the demonstration. In 1973 he was president of the Church of the New Faith in Victoria, Australia. The others involved were Peter Roger Williams, in 1963 Continental director of HASI, and Mrs Annie Tampion.



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